Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Planetary Alignments September 2018

This is the first of a new project of summarizing the key planetary and star alignments for every coming month. I am not making any prediction of what is going to happen, as that is always up to free will, I am just reading some of the energies coming to us from the sky. The purpose is to assist people to navigate the energy flow of the days, and for people to be able to time their energy work and projects to the planetary alignments.
Of course I can not address all aspects and all energies of the month so I am focusing on the most significant moments as I see them.

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This summer has seen a lot of retrograde planets, bringing a lot of focus on inner work, review, re-evaluation, shadow work, etc. Since the end of august and as we go through september, planets turn direct again and we are entering a new phase with new projects, more action and covering new territory as we integrate the lessons of this fading retrograde season.

Tomorrow, on september 5/6th, a grand trine involving Mercury and Athena in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus will activate as Mercury and Athena enter Virgo. This grand trine will be further activated as Saturn who has been retrograde, stations and turns direct again, on the same day.

This is a powerful energy which will be active and will build up for several days and will culminate at the powerful new moon on 9/9. It is a grounding stabilizing energy (Earth trine), to assist us to bring Light in our lives and in our minds, to separate the wheat from the chaff, to get new downloads and insights in order to move forward and ground, stabilize and manifest our new projects.

The new moon in Virgo on 9/9 has many interesting and powerful planetary alignments. Venus in particular is in focus, as she enters Scorpio just a few hours before the new moon. Venus is now at its closest to Earth so her energy is stronger and she is also about to turn retrograde in early october. She is now covering the territory which she will revisit again twice as she goes retrograde and turns direct again, so the questions and aspects of our lives that will be worked on during retrograde are being brought to our consciousness through september. This whole process is happening through the end of 2018 and is a major theme for the energies of these next few months.

When Venus does this retrograde phase at its closest point to Earth, she goes back and forth creating this loop pattern in the sky, which is actually one of the points of the pentagram of the famous Venus rose pattern :

Venus is the energy of the Goddess, lover, and beauty archetypes in all of us. When she goes through the retrograde period, this is a period of facing and reviewing how we relate to this within us. The main question is what inner aspects of us that relate to these Venus energies are we externalizing and attracting outside in our circumstances ? We will talk more about this process over the next few months as she turns retrograde in october.

Venus is doing this whole process in the signs of Libra and Scorpio, which is very significant. Libra is her home sign so she is stronger there, it's the energies of partnerships, justice and balance. Scorpio follows Libra, bringing the results of that partnership : merging, transformation, alchemical death and rebirth, alchemical marriage, etc.
These are important themes for Venus and is it very significant that she will cross from Libra to Scorpio on the day of the new moon, just 8 hours prior.
It is even more significant that as she does so, she activates two powerful aspects called a grand square and a kite :

The kite is a completion of the Earth grand trine we mentioned earlier. The energy of the grand trine will be channeled into the rebirth of Venus energies as she enters Scorpio.
Uranus is especially important here as he is in opposition to Venus and will be involved in all the aspects. Uranus is the energies of inter-dimensional communication, downloads and insights, that in this case will assist the rebirth of Venus Goddess energies during the new moon.
The grand square involves Lilith south node, and Varuna north node, which will bring the energies of our cosmic origins (Varuna) and the cosmic womb (Lilith) in this process.

This new moon is in the sign of Virgo, which is one of the archetype of ancient temple priestess, the energy of creating order and birthing Soul energies through the physical body. Neptune in Pisces in opposition to the new moon brings energies of Oneness into the picture. The sextiles between the new moon, Jupiter, Pluto and Neptune, all in feminine signs, bring an energy of ease to surrender into the unconditional Goddess presence. This will also last for a few days after the new moon. There are other powerful aspects at this new moon but covering it all would be too long.

The energies until this new moon are stabilizing and softer, and the energies that will come after this new moon are more about going forward and making things real.

On september 11, Mars enters Aquarius. He is covering the same territory that he did during his retrograde phase and so this is bringing conclusion, putting the lessons into practice, for this process.
As Mars enters Aquarius this activates a double square between Venus Uranus and Mars.

This very much amplifies the energies and connects together Mars and Venus and the retrograde process of inner review they are both going through this year, so this aspect is very much about conciling masculine feminine and male female and opposite polarities. Uranus brings an energy of unexpected events and actions, release of pent up energies, and downloads and insights. This will start on september 11 and last over the next few days and it will be a time to be careful about tensions, to stay calm and use situations constructively, to avoid polarizing situations too much, to concile polarities involved in the situation within us and to look at the higher purpose behind the situations.

On september 17 around 5am UTC, the moon aligns in the direction of the Central Sun together with Vesta. Vesta is a priestess archetype who is keeper of the sacred flame of the Goddess, the fire representing the manifested Light presence of the Goddess on Earth and the kundalini energies. She has been aligned with the Central Sun direction for a few months and this is the last few days of this alignment.

This energy aligning with the Moon will last for a few hours before and after 5am UTC and is a very good time to do energy work, in particular to bring Central Sun and Goddess energies on Earth, with sacred sexuality/kundalini work and/or other practices. This can help to bring resolution and release to the intense energies of this period.

Then will come the september equinox on the 23rd. At the equinox the Sun enters Libra, bringing energies of Justice, Balance, reconciling opposites. The Sun will be opposing Chiron and asteroid Hygeia in Aries, while Vesta together with Saturn in Capricorn form a double square with Sun and Chiron.

Chiron and Hygeia in Aries represent the healing of our core wounds. As they oppose Libra this is the energy of inner understanding that can bring reconciliation and forgiveness within. Saturn and Vesta together joining in this process is about facing reality, seeing the effects of causes and transmuting them into Light with the sacred fire of the Vesta Goddess.
Mars and south node together in Aquarius will be trine to the Sun and sextile Chiron and Hygeia, assisting us to take action, trying new different approach and insights to address our past accumulated energies and assist the healing process.
Two days later the full moon comes and the Moon will be aligned with Chiron and Hygeia at this time, bringing more energy and Light into this same process.

So this is a powerful period of time to do shadow work, healing work, addressing the core wounds of relationships to others and of human society as a whole, transmuting them into the sacred Kundalini fire of the Goddess presence.

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Wishing all the best, manifestation of highest Light potential for all and for this planet during this coming month 💖✨

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Galactic Astrology

The Universe is created as a fractal pattern, in which the Light of Source is divided into rays, which are frequencies of the spectrum of Light anchored first at highest dimensions/planes of existence. These rays/archetypes are the foundation for all that exist, from Stars to planets, to humans plants animals and stones. They flow down the dimensions and also organize in space in sacred geometrical way in a fractal pattern.

Picture from 'Little book of coincidences in our Solar system'

Thus we can see within our body, a grid pattern of meridians and chakras, corresponding to various organs and parts of the physical body, each chakra and part of the body anchoring different rays/archetypes. 
The next fractal of this is at the level of Soul family, where a group of Souls are arranged in a sacred geometry grid pattern and each Soul anchor a different ray/archetype, together forming a full spectrum.
At the next fractal, we see the planetary grid, with ley lines and vortex corresponding to the meridians and chakras, each of them anchoring various rays/archetypes.
At the next fractal we see the same grid pattern in the Solar system with all the planets and asteroids which are the chakras/vortex of the Solar System, all of them anchoring various rays/archetypes, all of them connected together in a grid with energy lines, just like ley lines or meridians.
And then we see the same pattern at the next fractal, within the galaxy, with all the Stars being the vortex/chakras of the galaxy, all Stars anchoring various rays/archetypes, all connected in a grid. And the same fractal pattern can be seen again at the universal level, with all the galaxies being the chakras of the universe, anchoring various rays and being all connected together in a grid.

As above, so below.

So, the Light of Source is transmitted into our galaxy through the Central Sun, anchored as all the frequency rays through all the stars and constellations, then coming to our solar system through our Sun and all the planets in the Solar system, then coming to Earth through the vortex and ley lines of the planetary grid, and finally coming to us through our heart chakra and anchored in all our meridians and chakras. This fractal system is like the antennas of the Universe receiving and transmitting the Light through all of creation.
So our energy fields, our archetypes as individuals, are magnetized into being via the stars and planets, as a mirror of them. This is why we can read a lot regarding individual lives and planetary situations by reading the positions of stars and planets, if we know how to read them properly.

A well-known example of this is the pattern of Venus in the sky which resonates with Golden proportions and creates a rose pattern, which is actually the source or the transmitter for the design of roses on Earth :

All planets and asteroids and stars transmit their own frequencies into the galactic grid in this way. They are all living conscious beings just like planet Gaia/Earth is.

This is the basis of how and why astrology works. This is why all ancient cultures, no matter how technologically developped they were, from ancient Greece and Egypt to ancient native Americans and Australians and ancient Chinese, virtually all ancient cultures, were always looking at the stars as a compass for their lives. They were reading the signs, they were seeing similar symbols in the constellations, using the stars in correspondence with herbs and medicine, and they were aligning their sacred sites with Star alignments. This is the essence and original purpose of Astrology which I want to contribute to bringing back.

The foundation of so-called western astrology is a universal design, which was anchored on Earth in Atlantean times, and then passed down through generations through mystery schools especially in the Eastern mediterranean.

Denderah Zodiac from ancient Egypt

This basic design of 12 constellations is the 12-pointed star (with 13th point in the center) which resonates with flower of life geometry which is the basic design for the whole universal fractal system of rays.

Astrology, or astro-logos, the language of the stars, influences and affects all of creation whether we are conscious of it and believe it or not. But the way we relate to it and our level of consciousness changes how these astrological influences affect us. This is very well understood by many people when looking at influences of the new moon and full moon. All other astrological influences work exactly in the same way in that regard.

A very clear example of how Astrology affects situations is how in 1455, during a Uranus-Pluto conjunction, Gutemberg invented the printing press. A few decades later, Uranus-Neptune conjunction in 1479, the white nobility Medici family in Italy uses the printing press to distribute books and informations which had been suppressed, assisting in triggering the Renaissance.
The same pattern repeated in 20th century, with the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in 1965, the first models of computers were invented. A few decades later at the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in 1993, computers are mass produced and connected with the internet, so that informations which had been suppressed could reach the masses, eventually leading to a New Renaissance.

There are countless examples like this, both in individual lives and planetary events.

Here it is important to understand that the modern mainstream version of astrology has been very distorted and mis-used over centuries.

First, astrology is not meant to make exact preditctions. It is not the pre-written book of the destiny of our lives. Astrology can read archetypal energies which are at play in a situation, but the way this will manifest is up to free will. Astrology is like saying, we have a purple and an orange pencil, or yellow and blue, but what we draw with the pencils is up to us. It is like reading an energetic weather forecast, what we do on the day is still up to us.
So the way we experience a planet or a sign is influenced by the way we choose to read it and the way our consciousness resonates, consciously via our choices and/or subconsciously via the collective consciousness and planetary grid.
Astrology was mis-used by overemphasizing on distortions and negative versions of the archetypes of zodiac signs and planets, and then by giving mostly negative and skewed predictions to people. This became a self-fulfilling prophecy, when people heard the predictions, they tended to believe it at least subconsciously, and therefore tended to manifest these negative interpretations. On a planetary level this whole process anchored distorted meanings of the planets and signs into the collective consciousness and planetary grid, which negatively affected even more the way people experienced the influence of planets and stars. For example once the idea was spread that Saturn or Lilith are bad, then they tended to be experienced in that way even if people don't realize it consciously, because that was the main archetype anchored in the planetary grid. So part of our work now is to re-anchor positive original meanings of planets and constellations into the grid and collective consciousness.

Another way that astrology was distorted is that many feminine planets and asteroids have not been counted, leaving most of the focus on masculine planets. Additionally the Sun was given a purely male symbolism, while in truth the Sun like the Central Sun and all stars and our heart chakra, hold both masculine and feminine polarities.

Here are some of the main feminine planets which are usually not being used in modern astrology :

- Chariklo. Even though almost all modern astrologers use Chiron, very few of them even mention Chariklo, even though the asteroid Chariklo is bigger than Chiron. Chariklo is the wife of Chiron in the myth, she represents the archeype of Divine Grace, healing energies of cosmic Love, return of the Divine Feminine, water shape-shifting archetype of feminine Love.

- Eris. Even though Eris is bigger than planet Pluto it is also mostly ignored. Eris is an archetype of fierce warrior Goddess who ends frequency loops to bring the return of Divine Feminine.

- Ceres. Even though Ceres is quite known in modern astrology, it is rarely used despite the fact that it is a dwarf planet which is bigger than Pluto. Ceres is the archetype of Goddess Mother birthing the Soul energies, relating to the Eleusian mysteries and virgo/virgin priestess archetype. These priestesses were originally not about chastity but simply meant that they were not married, they held the Goddess presence on Earth in the Goddess temples, anchored and birthed through their bodies.

- Pallas Athena. Again, although this asteroid is well known it is not often used. Athena is a warrior Goddess, amazon archetype, the Goddess of wisdom who puts Love into practical action and brings Light in the dark (as her symbol is the owl). As an ascended being, Athena works with the motherships of Ashtar command. One of her main anchor on Earth is the city of Athena in Greece.

- Lilith. Even though this is often used in modern astrology it has been very distorted. Lilith is an empty point in space near Earth which holds very strong magnetic pull which can be detected on radar. As such it represents the magnetic primordial emptiness of the void, the cosmic womb energy.

There are many more Goddess and God archetypes in asteroids and planets in our solar system, such as Isis, Juno, Magdalene, Medusa, Vesta, etc.

Another aspect of astrology which has been removed from the mainstream is all the stars and their real meanings. When reading a chart we are able to see the positions of the Central Sun, AN stargate, Pleiades, Sirius, Dubhe the star of DouMu, Antares, Aldebaran, Vega, Arcturus, Beteigeuse, Tau Ceti, etc. This can give very clear and powerful meaning for reading charts of individuals especially of Star Seeds, as we can get clues to our origins and energies we are bringing from beyond this Solar system. It is also significant for planetary events and portals, mass meditations, etc.

As was always known in ancient times, various stars and planets have correspondences with different parts of the body, herbs and plants, crystals, metals, Ascended Beings and Archangels, etc, because all of creation is built from the same rays/archetypes coming from the highest dimensions.
Understanding these correspondences has many applications, to assist in individual healing, to assist in our energy work individually and collectively, so we can time our energy work with particular alignments and use specific herbs, crystals, colors of Light, connection with Light beings, etc.

Because of all this I will start to talk more about astrology and all its ramifications, and also I am now available to give personal chart readings for those interested. These individual private readings are not future predictions, or personal advice, or healings. All we do is reading the archetypes and energies anchored in the energy field and how they play out, to assist in understanding our mission and purpose and place in this life, and to assist in working with particular situations in our lives. How these energies manifest is always up to free will. We can also get clues about Star Seed origins, or about how two people relate to each other by comparing their charts, and also look at how the planets and stars influence us for a particular year or particular moments. With all of this we can also find energy techniques, Light beings and tools that somebody can work with that will assist their journey.

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In this video she also shows an example of how we can use Astrology with crystals to assist in harmonizing and stabilizing planetary alignments :

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