Thursday, October 11, 2018

What is Kundalini, the Central Channel of the body, Shakti, and how to work with it

Metaphorically we can see the Higher Self, the Soul, as a Sun, and the lower self (composed of the physical etheric astral and mental bodies), as a ray of Light emanating from that Sun.

This ray of Light is like a vertical pillar of Light, which flows down through all dimensions, through all the bodies, down to the physical. This is the Central Channel of the body, which goes along the spine of the physical body. In fact, the spine is the physical manifestation of the Central Channel. This Central Channel is the presence of our Soul incarnated as the lower self, it exists in all bodies simultaneously, it is what creates all our bodies, and it is what connects our bodies with each other and with our Soul. This is why the main chakras are located along this Central Channel :

This is traditionally called the shushumna channel. The two intertwining serpents, masculine and feminine, ida and pingala, are born from the shushumna, from the Central Channel.

Energy is constantly flowing along the Central Channel, both downwards (from Soul to the lower self) and upwards (from lower self to the Soul). This is what makes us alive, and in a way it is the wire that the Soul uses to connect to the body and drive the body.

In truth, all the Souls are One, so the Sun is One, and the Central Channels of all beings all come from the same Source. Soul and body are two parts of One whole, spirit and matter are two parts of One whole, everything in creation is part of One whole, parts of One organism which is life itself :  Life is One whole, Source or God/Goddess is Life as a whole, there is nothing outside the One.

So another metaphor to describe this, is that the Souls and all life is all one ocean, and our bodies and everything we see are just waves in that ocean. The waves appear to stand out but they are still just parts of the ocean. It is all One.

Kundalini, is energy coming into the Central Channel which is not expressed, and therefore lies asleep, dormant, at the base of the spine. The reason the energy is not expressed is because of amnesia, of forgetting who we truly are, and also because of suppression of expression in society.

We are usually born with amnesia of who we are as Souls and who we are as the One ocean. Therefore we tend to not express fully our true nature. This is reinforced by suppression of expression in society, from youngest age we are usually pressured one way or another to behave a certain way, to speak a certain way, to think and feel a certain way, etc.

For example it is suppressed to dance or move the body in unusual ways in public, to sing in public, to fully express how we truly feel, to hug for too long time, etc, we are supposed to stay in line and just say 'I'm ok'. Fully honest sexual expression is especially suppressed. And people usually do not fully process their emotions, we may feel sad or angry and because it is not usually allowed to fully feel it with others, because people around are usually suppressing and rejecting the expressions of others one way or another, the energy is rarely fully flowing, fully released. Even expressions of joy are often suppressed and condemned for no valid reason. Therefore many people can not really cry or laugh or dance or express themselves anymore, they can put a very convincing mask if they want, they can mentally force themselves to smile and laugh and dance, but usually the expression is shallow, forced, it does not involve the whole being. Because the more we accumulate energy within which has not been expressed, the more difficult it becomes to genuinely express in new situations, and so people give a fake smile when they are unhappy, and can not fully laugh when they are really happy.

For this reason, most of the energies, emotions, thoughts of most people is subconscious : most people do not really know what goes on within them. And if they see glimpses of it, usually they push it back to the subconscious, pretend it is not there.

All this non expressed energy accumulates as years lived in suppression go by, creating more misery, dullness, apathy, disease, discomfort, hypocrisy, lack of vitality, etc. It is easy to feel like Buddha alone in our bedroom, but in company of others all the repressed energy becomes appearant.

Breathing creates an extra current in the Central Channel : down as the breath goes in, up as the breath goes out. The general habit of not breathing fully and not connecting with our breath is both a symptom and a contributing cause to the suppression of energy, lying dormant at the base of the spine :

What is commonly called Shakti energy, is our life force flowing in the Central Channel, which manifests as impulses of expression of ourself, to dance, sing, hug, express ourselves in anyway. We are alive to express, to feel the joy of being alive. As the waves rise from the ocean of life, into our Central Channel, they trigger our expression, just like they trigger the flowers to bloom and the birds to sing. This expression pulls all life together into an experience of Oneness, weaves life together into a whole.

When we live in full awareness, when we express ourselves totally in our lives, there is no dormant kundalini, all the energy is fully flowing in our energy field.

So what to do about it ?

The energy that we haven't expressed in our lives needs to be expressed. It is not enough to just have a mental understanding and discussion about it, about what happened in our past. The mental understanding can help but it usually will not fully release the energy.

There are a few ways that the energy can release. Either we consciously do something to release it, or it will create external chaotic situations in our lives which are mirrors of our inner stuck energy, in which case we can either accept the realization and release brought by the situation, or play the victim and suppress the energy even more.

Active meditation techniques in which we allow ourselves to express and move the body without conscious control, without mentally managing how we move or talk, can be very helpful. Because suppressed energy is not conscious, it is not about doing a conscious body exercise, the point is to release what is stuck subconsciously, without mentally planning what we are expressing.
It is not usually necessary to mentally remember everything we did not express in our past, what matters really is to release the energy. For example, just like many wild animals let their whole body shake to release stress, we can also shake :

Safe and nurturing human contact is also usually important. The problem is that often, people suppress their stuck energy and then project it on the other. The other problem is that people often don't allow the other to express fully.
So it is needed that all people involved hold a safe space for the other, which means that they all :
- Fully take responsibility for the experience happening
- Hold a neutral loving presence which allows the other to express any old feelings that may need to come out. Only when something is felt, expressed, then it can release and shift. This means to not try and fix the other, or not to reject the other, while the release is happening. This also means to see the Light in the other even in the moments when they are releasing their shadows. This also means that all involved do their best to embody their Light even if the other is releasing shadows. All this can only be done if all involved take full responsibility for the experience, and have forgiveness. This is what Grace is.

Aggressive energy is only possible when a lot of energy has not been expressed. Human nature is not aggressive otherwise. Therefore the only way it can resolve is to find harmonious ways to express.

A big part of the suppressed energy is usually sexual. The impulse of sexuality is simply a Shakti impulse of realizing Oneness in all our bodies. Orgasms open a portal in the Central Channel. If unconscious negative energy is infused in the orgasm process, then the energy stays even more repressed. If conscious positive energy is infused into it, then a lot of Kundalini energy can be released, and Soul and body can connect together.

Full release of Kundalini means that the Soul and lower self are now experienced as One. To only have the mental understanding that all existence is One is not enough to consciously experience it, there needs to be the full experience which comes with the full expression of our presence.

Therefore, all the healing techniques and technologies in the universe can never fully heal anybody, because they can never replace the fact that we are here to express, the Soul incarnates because it wants to experience beautiful and joyful creations. 
What healing modalities can do is simply to help to open the door, to clean things up, to open the meridians in the body, to give us an opportunity to express more easily.

This is one powerful healing technique which helps to re-open the Central Channel :

Once the Soul presence in the body is fully expressed, fully flowing, then all beings, humans and others, weave life together in a joyful wholeness. Then comes the full awareness of the unity of spirit and matter, of the whole existence. This awareness becomes enlightenment and ascension, which happens for some individuals earlier than others, but eventually it is the destiny of all life.

💖 Much Love 💖

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Planetary Alignments October 2018 - The Breath of Venus

The energies of planet Venus are clearly at the center and forefront of this coming months of October and November. From December onwards will start a period of 2 years of very powerful and unusual planetary alignments which will potentially bring many changes in our lives. This month of October especially is a period focused more on inner work, inner changes, shadow work, recalibration, etc, which is in a way a preparation for the coming years.

The energy of planet Venus is leading this inner work as she is about to go retrograde on October 5th, which will last for 40 days until November 16th. This is a powerful time of rebirth, which starts a new Venus cycle of 19 months, known as the Venus synodic cycle.

This Venus cycle of 19 months is corresponding to the Moon cycle of New Moons and Full Moons. For Venus, the middle point of Venus retrograde corresponds to the New Moon, this is basically the New Venus, which happens only once every 19 months, and this time it will happen on October 26th, at 2:16pm UTC. At this time, Sun Earth and Venus align, and Venus is at her closest point to Earth.

To understand this process a bit better, let's widen our point of view a little. Everything in creation is breathing. Breathing is basically a flow of energy in and out, and the main breathing of the Universe is usually called the Great Breath, this is the breath of Source, it is a cycle of many trillions of years, which starts with the creation (breathing out) of the Universe out of Source (Source is our state of pure Oneness, pure singularity, no time and space), and then the Universe is breathing back in to Source.

From this Great Breath of Source, everything in creation follows, and breathes too.
Our process of breathing is basically a flow of energy between the lower dimensions including the physical, and the higher Soul spiritual dimensions. Energy appears into the physical by flowing down from the world of Soul, and then ascends away from physical going back to Soul.

When we breathe in, we breathe in energy from Soul into our body. When we breathe out, we breathe out energy from our body back to Soul.
The seasons of Earth are the breathing of Earth. Spring and summer are the breathing in, autumn and winter are the breathing out.
The Moon cycle is the breathing of the Moon, from New Moon to Full Moon is breathing in, from Full Moon to New Moon is breathing out.

So the Breath of Venus lasts for 19 months. Venus is the lover, beauty, harmony, sensual archetype of the Divine Feminine.
At the mid-point of her retrograde phase, Earth Sun and Venus align, Venus is at its closest point to Earth, this is called the inferior conjunction, this is the New Venus. At this time Venus is invisible in our sky. One week later, Venus reappears in our sky, and starts her Morning Star phase which lasts for 9 months, this is the time when Venus is visible in our sky in the morning before sunrise, which is the breathing in, the pouring of Venus energies from Soul to physical. 
Then she is invisible for 2 weeks, and the mid-point of this 2 weeks period is when Venus is aligned with the Sun and Earth, behind the Sun, this is called the superior conjunction, this is the Full Venus. One week after the Full Venus, she reappears in our sky in her Evening Star phase for 9 months, which is the time when Venus is visible in our sky after sunset, this is the time of breathing out, of rising of Venus energies from physical back to Soul.

The New Venus is, like a New Moon, a time of new beginnings, of setting intentions for the next Venus cycle of 19 months. Then as the Morning star phase (inbreath) starts and Venus turns direct again, this is a time of outpouring and renewal of Venus energies of beauty love and sensuality in our lives, which lasts for 9 months. At the end of this comes the Full Venus which is a culmination of the manifestation of Venus energies in our life. Then comes the Evening star phase (out breath) which is a time of letting go, clearing, inner self love, releasing the old, and raising our consciousness regarding our connection to the Venus energies, which lasts for 9 months and ends with a new Venus retrograde which starts a new cycle, a new Venus Breath.

The 19 months of Breath of Venus resonates with the flower of life, as there are 19 circles in a flower of life : 1 in the center and 18 around it. Venus is invisible for 1 month and visible for 18 months during her cycle.

This Venus cycle is the meaning behind the ancient myth of Inana :

The 40 days and 40 nights length of the Venus retrograde is alluded to in many other ancient myths, from Jesus to Buddha.

Friday is Venus day (Freya's day), and Venus will turn retrograde on October 5th (7:04pm UTC) on a Friday. The New Venus on October 26th (2:16pm UTC) is on a Friday, the Morning star phase starts on November 2nd sunrise on a Friday, and she will turn direct on November 16th (10:51am UTC) on a Friday.

The first 20 days of Venus Retrograde from October 5-26 is especially dedicated to inner work, shadow work, release, let go of the old, finding love within and universally. The October 26th New Venus is the turning point, the actual beginning of the new cycle, the best time to make ceremony to set intentions for the next cycle.

During these first 20 days, will be the New Moon on October 9th (3:46am UTC). This will occur in Libra which is one of the zodiac signs of Venus. It will be making a square aspect to planet Pluto which is the planet of death and rebirth, alchemical transformation. This is especially a good day for shadow and inner work, for retreating from the external world, and going far and deep within, into the universal Ocean of Love, where all can be released and renewed.

Around this time of October 9-10, Mars also enters new territory, he finally moves forward, out of the territory he was covering during his last retrograde phase. Also Mars makes a square aspect to Venus around the same time. This is significant and shows that we are moving into new territory although we are working more inwards. The masculine energy review is completing and Mars is 'back to work'. The aspect between Mars and Venus invites us to work more on conciling masculine and feminine energies in our lives.

Around the same time Mercury and Moon enter Scorpio together, and make an opposition to Uranus and asteroid Magdalena (which is signifying downloads of energy and insights especially assisted by the Magdalene archetype), this is amplifying the energy of transformation, deep inner work and rebirth. This period of time around the October 9 New Moon is very much about going inwards, taking responsibility for everything in our life, avoiding external tension and projections, and working more within. This inner work will then reflect in our external life.

A few days before the October 26th New Venus, is the Full Moon on October 24th (4:45pm UTC). This is a Full Moon in Taurus, which is the other zodiac of Venus, this in itself is a powerful coincidence. Additionally, the alignments at this time are significant, as the Sun is conjunct Venus and the Moon is conjunct Uranus. This is a day of more downloads of energy and insights, to especially assist the ending of the old Venus cycle and the beginning of the new.

After the October 26th New Venus, will come the last 20 days of Venus retrograde, during which the Morning star phase begins on November 2nd. This is a time of entering into the new Venus cycle, of preparing and visualizing the new.

As we enter into November we will have more alignments for this whole process which I will post about then.

Until then, I am still available for private readings :

💖 Wishing the best potential manifestation for this shift into a new Divine Feminine cycle to all 💖

"You'll be given love
You'll be taken care of
You'll be given love
You have to trust it

Maybe not from the sources
You have poured yours
Maybe not from the directions
You are staring at

Twist your head around
It's all around you
All is full of love
All around you
All is full of love"