Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Healing with Balance

I believe any problem can be traced back to imbalance, and by analyzing the mechanics of it we can heal from the root cause of the problem.

I've explained before how feminine is reception, unity, connection, compassion, acceptance, letting go. And masculine is action, individuality, uniqueness, choice, free will.
This can be observed by observing the dynamics of sexual organs, or sun and moon, and other masculine and feminine archetypes.
The moon and the yoni receive, welcome, hold, generate passively. This receptivity is what allows everything to be held in unity.
The sun and the lingam take initiatives, enter, give, generate actively. This action is what allows movement, from point A to point B, therefore creating individuality between several points : every moment, every living being is unique. 

I am talking about energies here and not genders. Every body in the universe has both polarities within, otherwise it would simply not exist. However we also play a role in the mandala of creation and physical configurations create energy, when a pentagram is drawn it creates an energy, and in the same way gender and other physical configurations create energy.

Everything on every scale in creation is a perfect balance between reception and action, individuality and unity. Everything is unique and everything is one.
If we miss one polarity anywhere in our life, we'll start to suffer and we'll stay blocked until balance is restored. This is why those who seek to enslave us have a core strategy of creating imbalance, keeping people blocked in either polarity, and creating an artificial conflict between the two polarities.

This can happen both ways. One of them is the distorted version of masculine energy, and a repression of feminine energy. This manifests when people don't consider that we are all one, connected, interdependant, and that nothing exists in isolation, when people act in selfish ways, steal, compete with each other, think some have to lose so others can win, when everybody is afraid to receive, listen and connect with each other, when people think they are more important than others, and selfishness abounds.

The other way is a distorted version of feminine energy, and a repression of masculine energy, which can be called the matrix (matrix means womb). This manifests when one doesn't consider their own individuality or those of others, thinks we are all just the product of our environment, when people don't accept that others have different tastes or ways in life, and enforce a system where everybody has to think the same, look the same etc, and where individual initiative and expression is repressed.

Both energies are intertwined, individuality (masculine) has to be accepted (feminine), and unity (feminine) has to be realized in action (masculine). One doesn't exist without the other. They are not in conflict, they are lovers. Both are equally divine and important.

Let's see an example of healing process : When someone has difficult feelings and/or thoughts, there is two approaches to that problem. The feminine side is to accept, accept yourself anyway, accept to receive and feel the feelings in you, so they don't get stuck and so they can flow and be released. This is very important, because as long as they are repressed and not admitted and received, then they can't move and they will stay there.

The masculine side is to act upon the situation, to move out of it by choosing what you want, making a decision and focus on it. This is equally important because we are the creator and things can't change unless we create, co-create, participate.

Another example is people's attitude towards changes, both in their personal lives or globally on the planet. The masculine side says that we are the only ones who can do it, that nobody will do it for us, that nobody's coming to save us. The feminine side says we should let go and trust the divine plan, recognize and accept that we need help. Often these two sides are presented as contradictory, but they are not. Both are valid and both are needed to create a harmonious change.

As long as one stays in only one of the polarities, the situation is stuck.
When both aspects are addressed equally, then the situation can heal.

This is the principle that can be applied to every situation inside and outside.

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