Saturday, March 14, 2015

Healing with Balance - part 3

As explained previously, any problem, any disharmony, can be traced back to imbalance at its root, and therefore healed by bringing balance back.
The two polarities are masculine which is the active, individuality principle, and feminine which is the receptive, unity principle. Everything is unique and everything is one.

If you are afraid of the masculine, afraid of initiatives in such a way you do not differentiate between healthy and unhealthy ones, afraid of people reaching out to others, afraid of people expressing their fire and their truth even when it is done in a healthy constructive way, then you are not being receptive either, which means you are not being feminine either. Clearly, one polarity can not be suppressed without the other being suppressed also, and one polarity can not exist without the other.

In these times of intense energies, it is vital to understand balance if we truly want to re-create any form of goodness on this Earth. Let us understand that we can not heal anything if the polarities remain separated. To be able to call women Goddesses but not to call men Gods, or vice versa, is an example of a clear sign that one is being repressed and repressive, and it doesn't matter which polarity is being repressed because in the end both will end up in the same situation as they absolutely need each other.

This is one of the main mind control program for humanity, this habit of not seeing polarities together. People have been kept stuck switching between thinking (masculine) and feeling (feminine), between acting and receiving, between working for themselves or for others, century after century, constantly stuck in ideas of inferiority or superiority between the two, without understanding that they are simply complementary aspects of life. Thinking sees individual details and feeling sees the bigger picture. There is no contradiction between unity and individuality. Masculine and Feminine are equal halves of Source.

There is a mind control vicious cycle that has been implanted into humanity for centuries by various traumas. In this cycle, the feminine side (both collective and individual) has been forced to receive a bunch of negative things that should never have been received and tolerated, and is suffering from it. The masculine side (collective and individual) can by definition not receive anything, but it has been repressed, its expression has been unheard, its gifts and initiatives unreceived. This unreceived, ungrounded energy has nowhere to go and explodes, trying to find a way out. When it explodes, it is being received by feminine energy at some level (internal individual, or external collective), the original healthy and divine masculine gift gets distorted, and the feminine suffers from receiving distortions. As a response the feminine energy shuts down more to protect herself, and the masculine is less and less grounded, more and more distorted, etc. This cycle happens both internally and externally, as we all have both energies within us. We have to end this cycle. 

It is necessary to look within and let all the parts of ourselves talk to each other so they can resolve this conflict. Understanding that all is Divine and therefore all parts of ourselves have an original purpose. We need to hear all the parts within us which are afraid or angry. Our inner masculine needs to be able to step up, take action, and express his truth. In this process, pure feminine energy is also revived through true receptivity and acceptance of expression into unity. Then both polarities can finally relax : the inner maculine is able to reconnect with his pure healthy gifts, fulfill his role of protector (since he can not receive anything) and creator of initiatives from the Soul, while the feminine can fulfill her role of loving, understanding support unifying and harmonizing all into beauty and universal bliss.

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