Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Breaking Through

Many of us have felt it, things are speeding up recently.
The Light is peeking through the horizon.

It can not be denied or doubted anymore. The nightmares are running around in panic, they're crumbling. 
It's been a long sleepless night and we're finally starting to see what's around us. We might be deeply tired, but there's this sudden new vitality coming through. It came in quickly and quietly. The fog is lifting thanks to to the sun's warmth. The Light is surrounding us, envelopping us; supporting us and carrying us gently. It's making us safe again. We can start to be creators again. Finally.

And suddenly we know again, what to do. It's obvious.
We're in Love. It's the grace of dawn.

We've been living under wartime. We've had to compromise, ourselves, everything. We did so so we could hide, so we could be safe.
Some of us have had to keep all their muscles tight, constantly, to not feel the pain.
Some of us have had to wear shoes too big or too small for their feet, with holes in them.
Some of us haven't had a shower in months.
Some of us haven't felt a carress in years.
Some of us convinced ourselves there was no other way.
Some of us convinced ourselves it was ok.
Some of us have pretended, a lot.

Look around though. It's not keeping us safe.
Most of us know now that we can't keep compromising if we want to experience the truth.
We don't want to hide anymore. We want to come out in the sunlight, feel the warmth.

We can shift anything, if we just really decide to do it.

We can be soft and hug each other. Look in each other's eyes. Breathe. Watch the sun come up. Take all the time we want.

And never go back.
We have a big beautiful journey ahead of us.

The Light will keep us safer than any compromise ever could.

It's safe to Love each other.
Not just on internet.

We can stay vigilant, take a stand, and we will watch it all fall into place in harmony, now.

Let's all express our heart in our own way, make it real now.
Let's all express our sexuality in our own way, make it real now.

So many people have settled for half truths, half love, families and jobs which are not who they really are.
It's not keeping you safe. It's keeping the machine going. The machine would never work if people didn't settle for it, and the machine is the opposite of safety.

How about we all come out and show our true self, come out and hug each other.

Image : Matthew Silver

How about we tell each other what we really want, now.
How about we stop trying to make an impression.
How about we let our body, our face, express and move the way we want, anytime we want.
How about we observe all the energies in our body, all our thoughts and emotions, and choose to keep only the ones which are good for us and others.
How about we know we can do it all now, because we're in charge, we're the creator. 

If you were fully free, if things were the best you could imagine, in all aspects, what would it look like ? What would you be doing ? Take your time and imagine it, think about it, feel it.

What's blocking this reality ? You can choose to remove the blocks, now, whatever they are. You're the creator, so you just have to decide. To stay balanced means to let it go and let it come, and take actions.

It is possible to not compromise, in a soft way.
What fruits are you bearing, day after day ?

Let's question everything. Let's see everything with no belief whatsoever and no previous experiences whatsoever filtering our vision.

We were all created with unique gifts, with a unique place in the mandala of creation. This will always be the truth.

If we let go of everything that hurts us, we will see, there's a place for all of us.

How about we go where we have always wanted to go.

And do everything we can, every day, every step of the way, to get there.


  1. Thank you for these words. Your last line reminded me of something my 4-year-old told me today out of the blue: "Oh, Mom, I forgot to tell you something. I love you! And thank you for always doing the best that you can". It was an emotional day today and I was going to bed feeling exhausted and still feeling unbalanced. Your words and the memory they triggered helped me to centre back into my heart. I know I am going to sleep well. Thank you!

  2. Sighs. This is very uplifting. Thank you very much for a beautiful, positive message. I think we all need to hear this.

  3. Thank you for your words untwine, they evoke great feelings. :)