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Cobra Interview 11th February 2016

Before the interview I would like to say something about this video that was posted a few days ago about the Event :

None of us are claiming that the Reset, Disclosure and Event will happen for sure in the next few days, weeks or months. It may or may not. The main purpose of this video is to have all the core information easily available in a concise way, to be shared at the moment of the Event to the unawakened population. By publishing it now, it can circulate and we can make sure everybody has it ready for when the time comes. This also allows for more people to be aware and ready before the time comes. Of course we are all sick of delays, including Light forces not on the surface of this planet who go and confront very dark things regularly. Yet, to put things into perspective, after many thousands of years of slavery on this planet, even the span of a few years of transition is still 'imminent'.

I think it should be very clear for everybody by now that we can not predict the date for the Event. All we can do is make efforts to help any way we can day after day, to create a transition that will be as beautiful, fast and smooth as possible for a full liberation of all creation, because there is simply no other viable choice.

Let our Liberation come !


Now here's the interview, many thanks once again to Cobra for the time, energy and great answers given !

Interview Transcript

Untwine : Do we have a fixed number of soul mates ?

Cobra : The number is not actually fixed, but it doesn’t change much. Basically the number is based on beings that emerged together as a soul family from the galactic central sun millions of years ago, but there are certain factors which could change the number of soulmates.

U : Ok so if there are strong new compatibilities or incompatibilities, somebody could be a new soulmate or not be a soulmate anymore ?

C : It is possible in some rare circumstances that somebody who has been a soulmate is not anymore, and the other way around.

U : Can you say how many we have roughly, on average ?

C : I would say 1 or 2 dozens, 12 or 24 is a good symbolic number.

U : What is the true ascended archetype of Goddess Bastet ?

C : Her true ascended archetype is a being full of power and stability.

U : The ancient deities that are often represented with animal heads, like Ganesha or Sekhmet, is this a literal or a symbolic representation ?

C : It is both a symbolic representation and an ancient memory from the time of Atlantis when many beings like this were actually present on the surface of the planet. So they don’t have the appearance of an animal head anymore but there were many beings in the time of Atlantis that did look like that.

U : What is the ascended archetype of Planet X and what role does it play in our astrology ?

C : Planet X is the planet which symbolizes liberation. Planet X in astrology, in our personal astrological chart, is actually our doorway, our exit point from quarantine Earth.

U : Is it possible to see where it is in our astrological chart ?

C : Not at the moment because the ephemerides of Planet X have not been revealed to the surface population yet.

U : What is the true ascended archetype of Pluto ?

C : Pluto is an energy of transformation, Pluto triggers everything that has been suppressed, and dissolves traps, all boundaries, isolation, all suppression, so it’s a very strong force of evolution.

U : So it plays an important role in the liberation of this planet yes ?

C : Yes as well.

U : What is the ascended archetype of Neptune ?

C : The energy of Neptune is the energy of mystical connection with the Source, and mystical connection with our own higher self, our own soul.

U : Has Mohammed ascended ?

C : The being that was known with that name is now an ascended master yes.

U : What is his true archetype ?

C : He is one of the wise men and now his mission is to correct the imbalances in the muslim islamic religion.

U : You said before that the story of Buddha was different than the other ascended masters of Earth, can you explain in what way ?

C : He was actually the first who has achieved ascension after the fall of Atlantis, and has actually opened the doorway towards ascension for humanity.

U : And what’s his true archetype ?

C : His true archetype is spiritual wisdom.

U : Do people incarnate one particular archetype before ascension or is it fixed after ?

C : That inner archetype is actually a summary of all experiences, all wisdom and all energies inside of a certain being.

U : Ok, so it exists before a being is ascended.

C : Yes it grows and develops.

U : Do these archetypes exist above the higher mental plane ?

C : Yes exactly

U : Have Viviane, Morgaine, Arthur and Merlin all ascended ?

C : Yes

U : Do they play a role in the liberation of the planet right now ?

C : Most of them yes

U : In what way ?

C : They have different roles, some of them are assisting humanity, some of them are working behind the scenes, some of them are working inside of the solar system, and some of them are working in other star systems, but they are all, one way or the other, involved in the process of planetary liberation because this is a cosmic situation actually.

U : So there are also happenings in other star systems that are tied to what’s happening here ?

C : Yes because planet Earth is, I would say the focal point of the cosmic transformation and what is happening here is influencing the whole galaxy and the whole universe, it’s part of the same process.

U : Can you give an example of happenings in other star systems that are tied to what’s happening here ?

C : So as we are getting closer to the final liberation, there are strong waves of energy coming from the galactic center, and they are influencing this planet, and also other star systems. And each time we have a certain breakthrough here on this planet, this allows stronger and stronger energies to flow through from the Galactic Center and throughout the galaxy and this does influence all star systems in this galaxy at least.

U : And those waves from the Galactic Center, they travel faster than light ?

C : Yes some of them travel faster than Light, depends on which aspect you are referring to.

U : Ok so when they are sent from the Galactic Center they can arrive here almost instantly ?

C : Yes those who are, I would say the Tachyon waves, and other aspects which are not tied to the physical plane, they arrive here immediately.

U : Ok. And for some of them it can take time for them to arrive ?

C : On the physical plane what we are experiencing is actually a result from the past galactic superwave because the distance between this planet and the Galactic Center is roughly 25000 light years and this is approximately the same as the time for one Galactic cycle, so what we are experiencing on the physical plane is the previous galactic superwave, and what we are experiencing on the higher planes is this current galactic superwave.

U : Ah ok that’s why we are 25000 light years away from the Central Sun.

C : Yeah it’s not a coincidence.

U :  Ok. And those physical particles from the Central Sun, what are they and what do they do ?

C : They are protons, electrons, all those particles that physicists know about, and what they do usually when the galactic superwave comes, they increase the activity of all the suns, all the stars which come on the shockwave front of the galactic superwave, and when those suns get more active they of course influence the climate of the planets in solar systems connected with those stars. So every 25000 years we have a quite strong shift, planetary shifts and other disruptions on the planet.

U : When did the Resistance Movement agents start to be infiltrated on the surface ?

C : Actually there were a certain small number of agents infiltrated in the late 1970s, it was not Resistance Movement it was its predecessor the so-called Organization, but real infiltration started to happen around 1998.

U : And are they infiltrated in political and corporate networks ?

C : They are infiltrated everywhere, politics, banking, technology, development, secret service, military, everywhere.

U : And is their number progressively increasing ?

C : The number is changing, not progressively increasing but is changing regarding the planetary situation and the need of the day, so it’s not a constant number.

U : Are faeries all female or are there some males also ?

C : There are both females and males.

U : What was the big bang exactly ?

C : The big bang was the beginning of this cosmic cycle when the universe emerged from the singularity as a part of the out breath, a result of the dynamic interaction between the Source and contingency.

U : Ok so it was the beginning of this expansion cycle or the beginning of this universe ?

C : It’s the same.

U : Was the Earth really created like mainstream science explain ?

C : Yes quite much.

U : The archangels that disconnected from the Source 8 million years ago, where did that happen ?

C : This happened in the Orion star system.

U : In which star exactly, around Rigel ?

C : The whole Orion system was involved in the process.

U : You said there are two currents of evolution, one coming from matter and the other one coming from spirit. In the one coming from matter, did humans really evolve out of monkeys ?

C : Not exactly. There were a lot of DNA and genetic engineering by various extraterrestrial races, so the current theory of evolution is not exactly correct.

U : So is there a link at all with monkeys or none ?

C : There is a link but not as science tries to portray.

U : So the humanoid archetype can happen in different ways, sometimes from spirit sometimes in other ways, but it’s a common result from various directions yes ?

C : Yes exactly, the human archetype is just a body archetype and the soul inhabiting that body can be different, it can come from different streams of evolution.

U : The ET hostages that were released from Syria, have they gone off planet ?

C : Mostly yes.

U : Ok, and those who haven’t do they remain with Spetnaz or what happens to them ?

C : No of course not they were transported into the Resistance and some of them are assisting with the liberation process.

U : How long ago were the cabal implants connected with the light workers implants ?

C : They were always connected but this connection was reinforced in 1996.

U : And this is for all star seeds or just some of them ?

C : All of them.

U : Ok. But the non star seed humans don’t have this.

C : It is not necessary because they are controlled anyway easily, so there was no need for the dark forces to implant them to such a degree.

U : Is there a limited amount of water on Earth or is there new water being created by nature ?

C : There is always some new water being created, and the total amount of existing water is circulating.

U : Do all animals have one soul each, or does it happen that several animals share one soul ?

C : Usually there is a group soul, many animals have one group soul which then tends to incarnate in many bodies.

U : And it’s the same for plants.

C : Yes exactly.

U : Can you talk about the history and role of the Betelgeuse star system ?

C : That star system was always a very important stronghold of the Light forces and was one of the major forces of attempting to heal the darkness of Orion, so it has a very important role in trying to resolve the problem of darkness in this universe.

U : And so there’s the opposite on the other side, the Rigel star system which was the dark forces stronghold, and the AN stargate in the middle yes ?

C : Yes exactly.

U : And the AN is making the transmutation of the two.

C : Yes exactly.

U : And can you talk about the role of the North Star system ?

C : You mean the Polaris North Star [U : Yes]. This is one of the stargate that has a role in the transformation, or healing, of the Draco archetype.

U : So did they originate from this area ?

C : Somewhere close to it but the particular Polaris star was always connecting with the Light forces and the beings from that star system were always trying to heal the draco situation.

U : So the dracos, did they come from the draco constellation ?

C : Yes exactly.

U : Can you talk about the role of the Antares star system ?

C : The purpose of this star system is to transform reality into Oneness.

U : When did the Order of the Star first arrive on this planet ?

C : It was actually beings that were arriving for millions of years, and the last wave of them came 25000 years ago, but the actual Order of the Star was formed on Atlantis, I would say about 15000 years ago.

U : So during the quarantine.

C : Yes

U : So this is at that time that they built the Sphinx ?

C : Yes exactly.

U : Can you talk about the role and history of the country of Tartaria ?

C : What would be the specific question about Tartaria ?

U : It seems that they were erased from history books, did they play a role for the Light, were there survivors from Atlantis there, or things like that ?

C : Not survivors from Atlantis but there were very strong positive occult groups that were working against the khazarians.

U : Can you comment on the story about the cabal trying to shoot a Sphere Lightship in december 2014 just before the Spheres established a barrier around the solar system ?

C : I would say most of that story is true, the cabal always have a tendency to shoot at extraterrestrial crafts and extraterrestrial objects, and of course this backfired, you probably know the story, Corey Goode has described this in details and most of that is correct.

U : When did the Antarctica continent freeze ?

C : Actually there were phases and periods when it was frozen and when it was unfrozen, and it has been under ice for quite many hundreds of thousands of years.

U : And are there still some parts which are inhabitable now, or is it all frozen ?

C : Most of it is frozen, not all of it but most of it is under the ice.

U : And the cabal has a strong presence there yes ?

C : I would say certain factions of the cabal have a certain presence there but much much less than in the past.

U : Do the Lightforces also have a presence there ?

C : Oh yes.

U : Agartha, ET bases, both ?

C : Both and other things also. There is a strong presence of the Light which is not yet to be revealed.

U : Does yaldabaoth interfere directly with the surface population ?

C : In a way yes because all the plasma plane here is part of its body, and it’s moving its body to, I would say, strangle humanity.

U : Does it target specific individuals sometimes or is it just attacking the general population as a whole ?

C : Basically attacking the whole population, and it’s using its minions to target specific individuals.

U : Who made the crop circle response to the Arecibo message ?

C : I don’t have that information.

U : You know what the Arecibo message is yes ?

C : Yes I know but I have to check that particular crop circle to find the answer.

U : What is according to you the best proof of ET life publicly available so far ?

C : There is no proof available in the public because it has been suppressed, but the best possible argument in the favor of ET presence is that we have approximately 100 billion galaxies and each of them has 100 billion stars and of course many of them have inhabitable planets and it would be absolutely almost impossible that sentient life would not be discovered there, or would not be evolving there. So I would say it is extremely unlikely from a scientific point of view that life did not evolve elsewhere in the universe. But for the proof we will have to wait a little bit longer until the cabal doesn’t have as much control as it has right now.

U : Throughout the world there are many ancient constructions with stones that are too big for humans to carry, or cut so precisely that our present tools can not do it, how were they done and by who ?

C : There were many races in Atlantean and post Atlantean periods that were building those, some of them were part of the surface or sub-surface populations, and some of them were part of the extraterrestrial forces that were interfering with the surface of the planet.

U : The vatican owns several space observatories throughout the world, what’s behind this what are they doing with it ?

C : The jesuits want to assist in maintaining the quarantine state of planet Earth, and they’re using those observatories to just keep themselves in the loop.

U : China has announced recently that they’re building a big radio telescope and they’re saying that it’s to look for ET life, what’s behind this ?

C : They would like to push towards Disclosure, there are dragon forces inside China that would like to have full Disclosure as soon as possible.

U : Can you talk about Alexander the Great’s role in history ?

C : He was an agent of the Light forces, and wanted to expand the civilization and actually because of his presence there, I would say, the evolution of Europe and western Asia, when he conquered the land, has been accelerated quite much.

U : When you say he was an agent of the Light forces, was he a star seed or was there a more direct connection ?

C : He was a star seed yes.

U : I heard stories that he had some connections with the inner Earth is that true ?

C : That is true, and he was also part of various secret societies of the Light forces.

U : So he had direct contact with Agarthans ?

C : I would say he had indirect contact with the Agarthans.

U : How far can the financial system crash before the strangelet bombs are removed ?

C : We are now in the stages when this crash is accelerated slowly, and the crash will continue accelerating until the final collapse and the reset.

U : And is the financial crash being slowed down or postponed because the strangelet bombs aren’t removed yet, so it could trigger some retaliations from the cabal if it crashes too much ?

C : I would say that the speed of the crash is determined by the best optimal way for humanity to go through the transition as harmoniously as possible, with as little pain as possible, so there are many factors involved and the Light forces are guiding this crash in a way that would allow humanity to go through the process as harmoniously as possible and the strangelet bombs are one part of the equation but that’s not the only part.

U : Will ascended masters be able to be present on the surface immediately after the Event or will it take some time ?

C : It will take some time.

U : Do the process of merging together as one being with the soul family begin before ascension or after ?

C : It begins before the ascension and a certain phase is completed at the moment of the ascension.

U : And then it goes on further after.

C : Yes


End of transcript

Much Love and Courage to Everyone
Victory of the Light !


  1. Great interview as always, thank you!

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  4. Great interview! Many thanks to you two! Does somebody have the link to the Corey Goode interview where he talks about that sphere Lightship of december 2014?

    1. Goode states that a secret space program alliance is making efforts to end slavery and restore peace to the planet and elsewhere. The alliance defected away from the cabal run secret space program as early as the mid-1990's, but more overtly after 2012. The SSP alliance is also working with the Sphere Being alliance, which made contact with the secret space program defector group, forming a greater alliance sometime in 2012.

      The Sphere Being alliance brought thousands of extremely large sphere's into the solar system and surrounding areas in an effort to dampen what Goode calls 'tsunami waves of galactic energy' which are currently changing the solar system and all life in it. These spheres will provide humanity more time to prepare for a grand energetic shift set to occur at some point in the future.

      Goode disclosed last year, that an attack which occurred in late December 2014 on one of these massive spheres. Apparently at a facility in Pine Gap Australia, a particle beam weapon was fired from the secret government facility. The sphere glowed red hot for a short time and was captured on cameras close to the International Space Station. The sphere reflected the energy beam back down to the facility, destroying it and all personnel there.

      According to Goode, immediately after this attack occurred, an energy barrier went up around the entire solar system, preventing ingress or egress. Apparently this barrier trapped very high-level Cabal operatives of an extraterrestrial origin in the solar system. The white royal Draco, as they are known, are essentially the top of the cabal pyramid of power.

      Shortly after this barrier went up, a large meeting took place with the secret space program alliance, the still cabal controlled secret space program, the white royal Draco, and the secret Earth government and their syndicates. In an unprecedented event, the white royal Draco, which normally stay well hidden behind proxy agents, offered to turn over all of their cabal underlings to the secret space program alliance in exchange for safe passage out of the solar system. This offer was made in the presence of these same underlings.

      Since this event, the cabal pyramid of power has been in complete disarray. The once somewhat united syndicate groups, such as the Western and Eastern power centers, are now in a type of stealth cold war, battling for control of the financial system and other items.

      Negotiations have been ongoing since this event, with various power players in the secret Earth governments offering partial disclosure of history and technology. The Chinese, according to Goode, have made offers to release free energy technology, limited disclosure, and their turn at 100 years of power, in contrast to the western group centered in the U.S. and Europe, who has maintained a superior position for hundreds of years.


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