Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Spirit over Matter

When we look at the big picture spiritually, the Universe, all of creation, everything we are and we see and experience, is actually made of one thing, one substance, and that is the Light of Source, the Light of the One, the energy of Oneness that streams forth into creation and densifies into various dimensions.
Different dimensions and states of matter are actually the same thing. Higher dimensions are higher states of matter. These higher dimensions are what we call spirit, Higher Self, etc, and because they are higher states of matter, matter and spirit are one and the same thing. Matter is densified spirit, spirit is rarefied matter.

Creation is intended as a mirror of the Source, created by interaction between Source and its logical quantum opposite potential, that can be called contingency. Source is the deepest state of our being, it  is the state where everything and everyone is pure absolute Oneness in all regards, no time and space, no here and there, no then and now, no you and me, only One. Because of this, contingency or as it's also sometimes called, anomaly, is necessary as an opposite to pure Oneness, in order to create the Universe.
As the energy of the Source, of Oneness, streams into the Universe, creating it and giving it life, it densifies through dimensions/states of matter, thus becoming particles, which are actually waves popping out of the quantum field. The first particles created are tachyons :

Many other particles are then created as spirit-matter densifies. All of the particles are actually carriers of various proportions of the spectrum of Light, which is the energy of Source densified and split up by the contingency. We are Light, we are sitting on Light, we are eating Light, etc.

Living here on this planet, there has often been the illusion that the physical world is the most real thing, while our decisions, imagination, visualizations, thoughts, emotions, feelings, etc, are less real, or even not factual at all. This is opposite to the truth. All of the non-physical experiences are actually real factual 'objects' which exist in higher states of matter, higher dimensions, in the plasma, etheric, astral, mental, budhic, atmic, monadic and adi planes. We may become conscious of them in our physical body but they exist in higher bodies. And spirit-matter particles are always flowing between planes. Because the physical is the densest plane of spirit-matter, it is the most split up by contingency, therefore we could say that it is actually the less real. The physical world could be more accurately considered to be the dream while the higher bodies are more real, not the opposite, and the Higher Self is the real self.

It is important to understand that building a momentum is very important to manifest anything in the physical world, because of its heavy density, especially on this planet. Absolutely everything in creation has to come from highest plane first, and flow down through all planes/states of matter one by one, in order to reach the physical. The lower planes have no power of their own, they only receive from the higher, and then may re-qualify what they receive. The more we turn to our Soul/Higher Self/IAm Presence, the more we establish a link, the more we build a momentum of energy streaming from it into the lower bodies. If we are not aligned in our behavior with the Higher Self's Divine Plan magnetized by Cosmic Love, it will not stream forth as much energy. The intention and attention and obedience to the Higher Self is the key.
If we have built a habit, a momentum of a certain paradigm for many years, it is not going to change instantly unless we build a momentum of energy which is according to the change desired. No creation is ever automatic, it is always consciously intended somehow by somebody at some point, and it only appears faster sometimes because a momentum has been built by disciplined work. There are no miracles, only application of natural principles. What appears as a miracle is only the application of a principle not yet understood. The main key principle here is that everything always comes from higher planes.

Therefore, physical circumstances are always reflection of the higher planes, of the energy, of the alignment with Higher Self. It doesn't matter what the circumstance is, what the technology is, what the paradigm is, it can always be changed by Light energy work. It may take persistence to build a momentum, which requires us to not destroy the momentum while it is building and nothing has appeared physically yet. Still, Light energy work can always change anything if we make it so, because higher planes/states of matter always have power over the ones below. Our Higher Self is the highest plane for us to tune into, so that's where our biggest attention should be, not at the lower, mental emotional physical etc.
This is why mass meditation works to change the world :

And this is why we can turn our reality and this planet and all of Creation into an experience of pure Light and Love, anytime and anywhere we choose to.

Much Light 🌟

Monday, July 23, 2018

Metatron's Cube Technique

Here is an energy technique to help clear the aura, balance and integrate our inner aspects and activate our Soul Presence more strongly in our bodies.

First connect with your Higher Self, I Am Presence, and then connect with Archangel Metatron and Goddess White Tara to create 13 spheres which are composed of the White Fire of AN, together with the pearly rainbowy White Light of Divine Harmony (it looks like white opal or mother-of-pearl) from White Tara, both mixed together.
These 13 spheres are in you, in the shape of a Metatron Cube. The central sphere is in your heart chakra, and there is one in the brain/third eye chakra, one at the sexual organs, one at the Soul Star chakra, one at the Earth Star chakra, and the rest around you to create the Metatron Cube shape, something like this :

Then visualize another of these spheres in front of your heart chakra, and another in the back of your heart chakra, equally distanced like the 13 others.

Then visualize rays of White Fire of AN mixed together with the pearly White Light, connecting all the spheres together with each other in a grid. Visualize and feel this Light grid in your energy field for some time, anchoring this Light presence in your whole aura.

Enjoy 💖✨

Sunday, July 15, 2018

July 27 Eclipse - Healing the Masculine - Peace and Twin Flame Meditation

We will have a complete Lunar Eclipse on July 27th. There are powerful astrological alignments happening throughout this month and especially at the Eclipse about healing the Divine Masculine energy on the planet.

Most of the masculine planets in our solar system are retrograde, meaning this is time for review, looking inwards and clearing. Especially the planet Mars, the planet of masculine action and assertion, is retrograde and will be exactly cunjunct (in the same place in our sky) with the Moon during the Eclipse. Mars appears to be moving backwards slowly in our sky, and as it does so, it is going towards cunjunction with Lilith the Cosmic Womb, symbolizing that the Masculine is reviewing itself, releasing, clearing, and going back to connection with the Divine Mother. We also have Chiron the transmuter healer planet who just entered the sign of Mars Aries, making an aspect to Mars, so the theme is very clear.

As I've mentioned before, at the level of Source and IAm Presence and Higher Self, masculine and feminine are One, so even here in lower planes they are truly two sides of the same coin always.
The Feminine has been most suppressed on this planet and this has been discussed a lot. At the same time, it seems that most people have not really reflected on what Masculine energy truly is. Where is the Divine Masculine embodied on this planet ? Is it only out in space with Ashtar and Archangel Michael ? What is the Masculine energy anyway ?

Masculine energy is the creative impulse of Divine Will. It is not here only to protect against bad things. It is the peaceful embodiement of the impulse to create and manifest Divine Purpose.

If we want to really align with the Light and with Higher Self we have to make the Sacred Union because this is how the energies are in origin, One in the Soul. If we want to make the Sacred Union, we can't project it all outside on a partner and outside sources, truly the only way it can happen is if we integrate both inside first.

As I mentioned in my recent posts, we can not manifest something that we are not Being within. It is very important for males on this planet to not expect connection wih the Goddess to be provided from human women only.  Women help of course, but it can only happen properly if males have inner connection with the Divine Mother, if they integrate and embody their energy of compassion and care and act with that.

Mars and Masculine energy is about how we assert who we are in the world, both males and females. This often becomes shadowy and distorted, competitive and insecure.
The key here as always, is to truly know and integrate within us that we are a Presence of Eternal Light, the same Presence that is in everybody and everything, we are the One Source, so we should never question if we are good enough or bad, as Beings. When we are grounded in this way into Oneness, we release the insecurity, the need to prove ourselves. Then we can be humble, face our mistakes and need for adjustment of our actions, work on ourselves and move on. We can release the competition, of who assert themself the best, who has the biggest energetic penis. We can come back to Trust of the Source and Light. Knowing that we are One, we can have the mighty power of the One Light working through us. We can have trust and Grace and be welcoming with each other, and still assert who we are and what is our Divine Plan in the world.

For females, a very similar thing as for males can be said, about the need to integrate their inner Masculine and not project, not expect only from human males. Here you can watch this video from Lalita Karoli about her perspective and insights on this, as well as more information about the astrological alignments of this Eclipse season (gratitude 💖) :

Of course an aspect of Mars on this planet is the distortion of its energy into war making, and this coming Eclipse and alignments is a great time to 'take the war out of the masculine' inside all of us, release the aggression and the traumas, to release all past experiences when we couldn't or didn't stand up for ourselves, release the suppressed energy. Learn to speak up for ourselves peacefully, respecting each other's Free Will, still in union with the Divine Mother's Grace and Care for each other.

So I can suggest two meditations for this eclipse, one to anchor balance and Peace energies into the grid, and the other to assist with Inner Marriage.

You can do this meditation on July 27 at 20:21pm UTC at the time of maximum Eclipse.

1) Settle comfortably and relax yourself for a few moments, connect with you IAm Presence, Higher Self.

2) Connect with Light and Ascended beings to join in this meditation and connect with you with a ray of Light to your Soul Star chakra

3) Visualize a pillar of brilliant White Light coming down from the Central Sun, through our Sun, Eclipsed Moon, Planet Mars and Jupiter and Chariklo, down through your body to the center of the Earth. And another pillar of Light from the center of the Earth, back up through your body, through the planets back to the Central Sun

4) Connect with Divine Masculine beings, Ashtar, Archangel Michael, El Morya, etc, and visualize their Blue Flame embracing your whole being, giving you the strength and Divine Purpose from your IAm Presence. Allow this Blue Flame to transmute all negative energies and associations with the masculine in you, and anchor the true Presence of Divine Masculine from your IAm Presence.

Visualize this Blue flame spreading around the planetary grid, inspiring men and women to release the war and traumas and agression, to reconnect with their true Loving self and their real Divine Purpose.

5) Connect with the Divine Mother, Goddesses, and visualize their soft pink Light spreading around your energy field and into the planetary grid, reconnecting and welcoming you and men and women around the planet, back to the energy of Care, Compassion, assisting in healing and in allowing us to feel the Divine Love from the IAm Presence, bringing Peace on Earth.

You can also do this meditation for Inner Marriage :

1) Relax for a few moments and connect with your IAm Presence, Higher Self

2) Visualize a God and a Goddess Presence above your head. Visualize them entering into your body, the God on the right side and the Goddess on the left side.

Visualize them hugging each other and the center of their hug, the point of union between them is your Central Channel going down along your spine from Soul star to Earth star chakra. Visualize this Central Channel becoming filled with brilliant White Light.

3) Visualize from your Soul Star chakra, a projection of brilliant White Light of the Presence of your twin flame, transmitted from your IAm Presence, standing in front of you.
Visualize a ray of brilliant White Light going from both of your hearts, third eye chakra, and sexual organs to each other.
Then visualize and feel him or her hugging with you, your chakras become one and your inner male and female Presence completely balanced, integrated and unified. 
Then visualize the White Fire of AN together with the pearly White Light from Goddess White Tara, embracing both of you and dissolving boundaries between you, fully anchoring the Presence of your twin flame in your energy field.

This meditation can help to integrate inner male and female so that we can hold our more complete Presence of our Higher Self.

"Therefore all things arise from Tao.
By Virtue they are nourished,
Developed, cared for,
Sheltered, comforted,
Grown, and protected.

Creating without claiming,
Doing without taking credit,
Guiding without interfering,
This is Primal Virtue."
Lao Tzu

💖 Wishing Light to Everyone 💖

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Call to Brotherhood for Justice on Friday 13th July

I am putting a call out for Friday 13th July for the Divine Masculine to stand up and bring Justice to Earth. As mentioned before, Friday 13th is connected to Templar timeline of Return of Light. It's also a day of celebration and return of the Goddess.

So I call especially men, brothers, and also women, to call and connect with the Divine Masculine energy on Friday 13th July at 2:37am UDT, which is 10 minutes before the exact New Moon time, and also at the beginning or included in your Sacred Union ceremony on this same day. And then you can continue with the Goddess meditations and Sacred Union ceremonies as was mentioned in my previous post :

To connect wih Divine Masculine, connect with Archangel Michael and his Angels, and visualize his Blue Flame of Divine Will, and also connect with Ashtar and the Ashtar command and the Jupiter command and the energy of Mjolnir, electric blue Light of Divine Will. Visualize this Blue Flame and Blue Light fully embracing your energy field, surrounding you, giving you strength and purpose to continue your mission and manifest your dreams. Visualize this Blue Flame and Blue Light and Archangel Michael and Ashtar and their teams, spreading around the Earth, around the whole planetary energy grid and Cintamani grid around Earth and the Solar System, clearing all darkness and interference, bringing Divine Galactic Justice, creating a safe space for all sentient beings to live freely and express their Soul Purpose.

Regarding the connection with Goddess energy and Sacred Union, I would like to put out a call again to men, brothers, to remember to establish and maintain their own inner connection with the Divine Mother, the Goddess, and through that to make a connection with women. Human women can not replace the inner connection with the Goddess for males. Trying to get something only externally, only brings distortions. It is important for males on this planet to keep that inner connection with both God and Goddess. The external connection and balance that we want to create and experience between masculine and feminine, has to be a reflection of inner marriage, inner balance.

Liberation Now 💖

Monday, July 9, 2018

Grace and Trust

The fall of Atlantis and beginning of quarantine/prison status here on this planet about 25920 years ago was a traumatic experience for all the beings involved, and since then, strong implantation has created amnesia, which, together with difficult conditions on this planet most of the time, has created perpetuation and recreation of the traumas in a frequency loop.

The seed of trauma is caused by apparent disconnection from the Source. This creates an experience and feeling of abandonment, confusion of wondering how could this happen, pushing us to doubt everything, and to lose all trust, trust in the Source, trust in the Universe, trust in ourselves, trust in the Light, trust in each other. Trust is a very important point on this planet now.

This deep feeling of abandonment and not really trusting the Light is stuck in the energy fields of almost everybody on this planet to various degrees, and this is the entry point that keeps recreating the traumatic situations. When something is in the energy field then this is a free will decision to create something, when something is in the energy field it will manifest until it is removed.

Many awakened people on this planet keep creating and mirroring this in their lives in various ways. The stuck feelings about apparent disconnection from Source take various forms at different times, sometimes people feel angry at the Source and the Light for being abandoned, sometimes they feel sad for being abandoned, sometimes they feel apathetic about it, etc. Sometimes it is conscious, often it is in the subconscious. No matter what form it takes, this feeling keeps recreating the experience of disconnection from Source.

What happens then is that people project this on each other. Everybody sees that life here is not fair, everybody is born into this planet in pain and sadness, in fact that is the very first thing we do when we are born, we cry, because we are implanted, because the energy field here is distorted especially compared to higher dimensions where we come from. There is not one single being on this planet now who came here in a really fair way and who had a fair life of connection with Source and who they really are. This is unfortunately how things have been here.

Most people tend to be stuck in a childish approach to this. When a child feels like he/she needs something, he/she will turn the whole house upside down to get what he/she wants, completely unaware that others are going through their own experience as well, the child tends to act as if they are the only one going through something. But the truth is that we all have attenuating circumstances, we all have limitations and struggle and things to figure out. Many people tend to think that they are the only ones suffering, or that they are the ones who have the worst situations. And so they just expect others to be there for them, to correct the wrongs that have been done to them. This is a very big thing on this planet, that motivates many actions of people. Everybody sees that life has been unfair to them and so everybody wants others to take care of them in some way, physically or emotionally especially.

The problem is that because most people are in that state, they also don't want to take care of others because they feel that since they have the only or the worst problematic situation, they are the ones who deserve to be taken care of, they wonder why should they help ? Almost everybody on this planet thinks that, consciously or subconsciously, and so this creates a vicious loop. Most dynamics between people has been about getting something from the other, 'I will do something if it can get me what I want'. Throwing a tantrum or making a mess, arguing with each other, getting in the way of mission and Divine Purpose, when what is wanted is not coming, when others are not giving us what we demand.
This is the consciousness of a wounded child and not the consciousness of knowing that we are the Source, that We Are/IAm Presence of Eternal Light and I can create what I need and I have to Be whatever it is I want to experience.

If we want life or other people or the Light to give us something, it is time that we realize that We Are the Source, and the only way something can be in our reality is through our I Am Presence, which means that we have to Be aligned with what we want.
This is the meaning of the saying, 'Thou shall have no god before me', 'Thou shall have no god before IAm', meaning no god before our own IAm Presence. Our IAm Presence is One with Source and the Light, and it is only through it that we can experience reality properly. We can not turn first to outside gods, to the Universe, to the Light forces, to other people, to the Event, or anything else. We have to turn first to our IAm Presence in every single situation, no matter how big or how small the situation is, and then through it we can connect with reality. There is no other way. IAm Presence is the only way. And IAm Presence truly has the power to resolve anything, it is the Light that cannot fail, that always aligns everything perfectly, if we only keep turning to it.

This is what Grace means. Grace is true and deep forgiveness of all circumstances, and being the forgiveness in action. Being, embodying whatever is needed even if nobody else in the Universe is doing it. Why should we help ? Because we can. Because we are Source, because we need a better reality. In truth, there are always Light beings providing what is needed, but it can only reach us if we are resonating with it, if we are aligned with it, if we are it. Sometimes it may appear that nobody else around us is doing it, and then to be able to be the Love, the Grace, whatever is needed, anyway, this is the real mastery. Grace also has to be driven by Divine Purpose, it's not about being a doormat and not creating what we want, it's about doing whatever is needed to create our dreams and serve Divine Purpose of Liberation of all sentient beings. The only other option is to drive head first into a wall by expecting something to come from outside that we are not willing to be, and that is not a good road to go on. Many have tried and failed. It is time to remember and be the Grace. And as we do that we embody the Source again, we bring the Source back to this planet, and we heal the trauma of separation from Source that has been happening since the fall of Atlantis. We bring back reality of Light in all of creation.

For many years I used to think and say that my first superpower I would like to have is to be able to teleport. I could go anywhere and see whoever I want, get anything I want, anywhere on this planet and in other planets. Now I have realized that the first superpower I want is to be the Grace in every single situation. I could teleport and still carry my inner issues everywhere I go. Or I could be the Grace and create from my IAm Presence the reality I want, here and now, anywhere I Am, because I Am Presence and Source are everywhere. To be the Grace is the biggest treasure. And I can do that right now, I already have that power. We all have it. (but teleportation is still nice as a second superpower)

I Am the Grace
I Am the Grace
I Am the Grace

Wishing Love and Courage to all 💖

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Friday 13th July New Moon - Sirius Isis Alignment - Return of the Goddess and Sacred Union

The next New Moon will be a very powerful alignment and portal for Goddess and Sacred Union energies. It will happen on Friday the 13th, which is originally a day to celebrate the Goddess (Freya/Venus day), and number 13 has many resonances, 13 Venusian years, 13 mon cycles, etc. The original Light Templars were celebrating that day as they were carrying mystery school heritage passed on by Magdalene, and were guardians of the sacred Temples. So Friday 13th is also related to Templar timeline for the final and complete Return of the Light on Earth.

On top of that, during this New Moon, both the Sun and Moon and the asteroid Isis will be cunjunct in our sky with the star Sirius, which is Isis and Ashtar's origin and main anchor. The moon will also be at that time near its closest point to Earth (Supermoon), and there will be a partial solar eclipse.

We suggest to do the Goddess meditations at the time of this New Moon at 2:47am UTC, Friday 13th July :

We also suggest that you gather together with your local group, create a ceremony, and include Sacred Union between masculine and feminine, male and female, tantric energies, in any way you feel guided.
You can learn more about all this including the astrology involved during this period, and get some inspiration, in this great video by Lalita Karoli and Lindsy (gratitude to them 💖) :

You can also use this powerful decree for Kundalini activation by Demetra (gratitude to her 💖) :

You can also listen to this new 432hz Pythagorean music I recorded, anchoring Sirian dolphin energies (gratitude to them 💖) :

💖 Much Love 💖

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sexuality Is Energy Work

Sacred sexuality has been brought back to the forefront of consciousness by the Light forces recently :

And so it has become a more common subject of reflection and discussion among Lightworkers and there are many questions most people have, as this subject has been one of the most distorted and suppressed by darkness. This is because sexuality is one of the most potent energies that exist, it involves and moves huge amount of energy, as anybody who experience it on any level can feel. This is why it is always energy work. And this really highlights the importance of treating it with respect and discipline and care. If I was learning to drive a big powerful spaceship, I would be very careful how I handle it, and the same applies to sexual energy.

So first we need to understand what it is originally, spiritually, and what is its purpose.
We are all originating from One Source, we are all expressions, fractals, incarnations of it. This Source is not external, it is the principle, the state of Absolute Oneness in all regards. As creation appears, as the Universe unfolds, everything separate into polarities. We have many layers, successive aspects, we are like Russian dolls. We are Source, we are divine archetypes, we are one being as a Soul family, we are one being as a couple of twin flames, and we are an incarnated personality.
Love is the magnetic attraction of our Oneness. Goddess energy, the Divine mother, is the expression of this Love. Although on one level, the Goddess, the Divine mother, can appear as an external being and consciousness, this is a superficial understanding in comparaison with the deeper truth, that we are One, we are everything, and everything is us, the Goddess and Divine mother are the Oneness of everything, and we are the Goddess and the Divine mother.
Sexuality is simply a manifested expression of this magnetic attraction of our Oneness, of this Love.
A dear friend has expressed this to me beautifully recently :

'- Substitute Goddess energy/Divine mother for Unconditional Love
- Substitute Unconditional Love for the energy of Care
- Substitute the energy of Care for Caress, Loving touch
- Substitute Caress and Loving touch for Sensuality
- Substitute Sensuality for Sexuality'

We can easily see that they are all expressions of the same Love.

The expression and manifestation of this Love is a very powerful energy which merges everything back into Oneness : male and female, masculine feminine, personality and Soul/Higher self. All of this is interconnected and as such, it is Ascension work. The Divine Love magnetically pulls the energy of Will, the impulse to create, the power of strength, the divine masculine energy, the Divine father, and together Love and Will, feminine and masculine, connect each other with Oneness, with the Source.

Divine Father

Now that we understand the theory, the original version and purpose of sexuality, we also need to be aware of distortions which were created by darkness.

When sexual energy is activated, it opens a dimensional portal on the physical plane. It is then up to our free will to decide what kind of energy we use this for. The key here, as always, is to see whether we are connecting with our Soul/Higher self, or not. As I mentioned before, the nature of any activity is defined by what kind of consciousness we bring into it, which is defined by how we identify ourselves, by what we associate with our I Am. When we identify with the personality (physical/etheric, astral/emotional, mental), we are not including Soul/Higher self, which is by definition darkness, and therefore we bring this into our actions. When we identify with the Soul/Higher self, and bring this to take control of personality actions, we bring this into everything we do, including sexuality.

So if people use sexuality based on satisfaction of physical/etheric, emotional, mental, then this is feeding darkness, because a portal is opened and the Soul presence is absent from it, this gets hijacked, whether people are aware of it or not, and even if the couple love each other.

So the most important is to have inner connection with the Soul/Higher self, and to use it with conscious intentions for the use of sexual energy. Whatever it takes, we need to always look for that connection, keep searching and keep connecting to it, find whatever works, because this is the key for everything.
And then we need to treat sexuality like the enegy work that it truly is. Most of the time on this planet, no conscious intention and creations are put into it, people like or appreciate each other and then just go 'let's do it', and so again, a portal is opened with no higher Light presence clearly anchored into it.

Instead, clear intentions of what we want to manifest from it should be expressed, and clear sacred space should be made, all aspects of ourselves should be consciously involved, a clear male-female energy and archetype should be present as a reflection of the masculine-feminine balance which the Soul is composed of, and then there are many spiritual practices and possibilities that can be explored. Then it becomes a very powerful anchor of Light. It is a vast and rich realm with very high aspects to it that relate to Ascension. As it opens multi-dimensional portals, it can assist to merge personality with Soul. And this can also be radiated into the planetary grid to help to merge the planetary kundalini/incarnated presence, with the planetary Soul presence.

Knowledge about how to use all this is central to the Goddess mysteries which were taught in mystery schools and guarded by Ascended masters. The reason why it has been secret most of the time is because as I described, there needs to be clear consciousness anchored into it, as it is very potent energy and everything we involve into it gets amplified, which affects the collective consciousness and the planetary grid.
Although much of it has been suppressed or distorted, certain tantra practices can give a glimpse into the essence and possibilities of all this :

When properly used for positive purpose, sexuality has the power to propel ourselves on our Ascension, re-anchor Goddess and God on the planet, and shift the planet back into the Light.

Victory of the Light

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Timeline Work - June 14 and July 13 Alignments

As I mentioned in this previous post :

The flow of time on Earth can be used for good or bad intentions, the dark use it to create loops and limitations, the Light uses it for what it truly is, cycles of evolution, of dance between polarities until they merge back together, thus evolving back towards Source. Involution is the outbreath of Source, of separation of polarities, and then evolution is the inbreath of Source which reabsorbs polarities into Oneness, into itself. Time is the flow of that whole process.

As we go about our lives, different days bring different energies. The dark has programmed society and the mainstream calendars to be disconnected from true meaning of these flows of energies, and the deepest reason for this is that the energies which come at particular days, are, to some degree, open to be coloured, directed in various directions, by our free will. For example, the energies of a particular day may feel like a hammer, and it is up to us whether we use it to destroy or to build.
So the matrix has created this paradigm where the energies of astrological influences and the energy fields of historical timelines are ignored and forgotten by the masses, the majority do not make any conscious decisions about how they want to direct the energies of natural cycles into a constructive evolution. Meanwhile, the dark are always busy making rituals on all key dates, using them to keep their system in place. We need Lightworkers to be more conscious about the flow of time, important astrological alignments, natural Earth cycles (8 cardinal points of the celtic calendar), historical key dates which hold strong energy fields in the collective consciousness (for example Friday 13th, may 25th, june 5/6th, etc), and then use these energies for positive constructive purpose, which will help to evolve the timeline of Earth liberation to a better and faster one. As we want changes to happen in our space-time continuum and not just in higher dimensions, we need our energy work to be anchored and synchronized in our space-time continuum.

Soon will be two examples of powerful alignments, on June 14 and July 13.

On June 14th will be the new moon, which means that the Sun and Moon are in the same position in our sky. New Moon are moments of new beginnings, of setting intentions, of connecting with highest ideals and potentials coming from the energy of Oneness (as Sun and Moon are cunjunct, they are one). On this particular New Moon on June 14th the Sun and Moon will be cunjunct in our sky also with the AN stargate (central star of Orion belt), which represents the merging of all polarities into One, transmutation of duality and darkness, and integration and return to a reality of Oneness. This is the main anchor for Archangel Metatron, the AN conversion, White fire of AN, and the main doorway for starseeds to go in and out of 3D/4D universe.

So this will be a great day to set intentions for the end of duality and return to Oneness, to connect with Metatron and White fire of AN to transmute our personality and re-activate Soul codes into our energy field.

On July 13 will be another New Moon, and this time the Sun and Moon will be cunjunct in our sky with Sirius, which is the main transmitter for energies from the Central Sun to our solar system, as well as one of main anchors of the Light forces and Ascended masters. On top of that, this will also be Friday the 13th, which is originally a day for Goddess energy (Friday is Venus day, 13 is the Moon cycles and the Oneness of the 13 rays), which is very connected with Templar groups as they were originally celebrating the Goddess on every Friday the 13th. Templars originally are of the Light and were guardians of the temple of Goddess and God, they (like the Cathars) started thanks to Magdalene leaving them the clues to find Isis mysteries (and gold) in Solomon temple.

So this will be a powerful day for declaring and anchoring intentions for the Galactic return, connecting with the wave of Goddess Love and Divine Balance and Union coming from the Central Sun transmitted via Sirius. Sirius also anchors energies of joy and connection with dolphins and whales.

Let us be the bridges of Light, the mission we came here for, to be anchoring the best potential timeline from Source Divine Plan for Liberation of Earth, through our energy field into the planetary grid.

Victory of the Light

Monday, May 7, 2018

Goddess Durga -- Unity and the Divine Mother

Goddess Durga is a very powerful Light being who is assisting the liberation of this planet. In her traditional myth, an evil being conquered the whole Earth and then started to conquer the heavens also. The Gods and Goddesses were not strong enough to stop him and so they had a meeting to find a solution, during which the voice of the Divine Mother of the Universe came through from deep space, and told them that they should all unify their power, and she will incarnate through their unified energy and restore the peace. So all Gods and Goddesses merge as one being of Light, and Goddess Durga is born, she destroys all evil and brings back peace and freedom to the Universe.

The myth symbolizes the tantric truth that our unified power is necessary to bring back the Light to this planet, how Lightworkers need to work together for a common purpose, and also how all inner aspects of ourselves need to activate and balance and connect together.
A good friend told me the same truth recently, using different words : 'None of us have the complete picture. We are all, with our Lightwork, creating one bead, or one pearl, one crystal, and in the end they are all put together to make a necklace for the Divine Mother'
Goddess Durga's energy is a powerful help to achieve this inner and outer unity, to bring back the Light, and she is also a powerful protector and healer that we can call for personal and planetary situations.

'Indra bowed to the Gods and told them of their problems. When Indra finished, the entire place resounded with a voice, a strong and melodious voice, the voice of Mahadevi, the great Goddess, the Divine Mother. "Children, use all your powers together to create a great power. The three Goddesses should come together. I will incarnate there in the form of a great Goddess. Gift her with all your powers, she will solve all your problems."
Hearing this, the three Goddesses - Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kali, smiled. They were all incarnations of the great Goddess. Now their mother wanted to create another power strong enough to destroy all evil. The three of them merged together. 
When they came together, Brahma Vishnu and Shiva gave out a powerful white light, which fused with the merged bodies of the three Goddesses. The light was so fierce that it could not even be seen by Devas with their eyes.
From this light emerged a woman with a thousand hands. The Goddess looked ferocious and beautiful at the same time.
The Goddess introduced herself in the same melodious and strong voice of Mahadevi, "I am Durga [Durga in Sanskrit means "the invincible"]. I am the incarnation of the Divine Mother and I have come here to destroy all evil."
The Gods and Goddesses all stared at Durga and bowed to her. Each came forward to offer her their individual power, and now armed with them, Goddess Durga sat on a lion majestically and let out a chilling roar. The roar was so loud that the three worlds trembled. Ocean waves crashed up the skies and the earth shook. It was time for the return of the Light.'

Monday, April 30, 2018

Solutions for Lightworker Harmony

As spiritual movements have often focused in recent years on outer information (the cabal, the dark forces, the Event, the Light forces), many people have missed the actual purpose of these informations and have forgotten the importance of their inner work. Our purpose in learning about outer information is to find the active role we have in the story, not to become stuck as spectators, or victims, or judges. We are still and always will be creators of our reality.

As people learn about the dark state of this planet, the matrix occupation of Earth energy field, people realize the negativity in the average reality on Earth, and may experience attacks, interference, personal negative situations. To react to this negativity by simply blaming the dark or others, and leave it at that, is not helpful and not a complete accurate picture of what is happening. This dark occupation has been able to take over Earth because it has been invited and allowed since Atlantean times. And even right now, it is able to go on only because it is still invited and allowed by Earth population. Even on an individual level, we have individual free will to create our own individual reality based on what we hold in our energy field, and negative situations can only enter our reality via negative entry points in our personal energy field. Free will is the basic law, basic foundation of reality and no being in the universe can trespass it.

Let us see an example which is very common for many Star Seeds, who have experienced much healthier realities in liberated planets in the past, and therefore usually have inner feeling that there is something wrong with this reality. Some of them may remember and see this consciously. This helps them to be awake and to have the desire to create something else, something Light. However, many also have difficulty to accept being here, which means that their free will decision about what they want to create is not clear and stable, as a part of them wants to escape somewhere else, and a part of them wants to be here to anchor the Light. The matrix creates an unforgiving mirror of our inner state, often with the negative parts amplified, but still it is only a mirror of our inner state. If we do not accept that we are here at least for now (which doesn't mean that we accept the matrix), then we are not welcoming ourselves into this here and now, and we open the way for unwelcoming situations to be entering our reality. This is how the matrix works, as an unforgiving mirror. Those beings in the past who were dedicated enough to clear themselves despite the darkness and insanity they may have faced in their time, have either ascended, or moved to Agartha or other planets (Mayans, Hopis..), as they could no longer be magnetically tied down to the matrix. Situations can only enter our lives by being magnetically attracted to our lives by holding alike energies in our energy field, which are created by our will, and our will densified into our personality as thoughts, emotions, etheric plasma and physical energies.
In healthy realities, if there is an inner issue it is met with forgiveness and mercy, with healing and guidance, all of which are created by Ascended Beings. But this can not happen within implanted and programmed human contexts inside the matrix. Only people who are deprogramming themselves, doing their inner work, and anchoring their IAm Presence here and now, can manifest cracks in the matrix, healthy reality here and now.
When we created and participated in realities of Light in Pleiades or other star systems in the past, we manifested it from Source, from IAm Presence. Source and IAm Presence are everywhere in the Universe in just the same way, and we can create a home reality of Light right here and now on Earth if we accept to be here for now and to fully ground our Soul Presence here and now in the physical, then we will create our own reality of Light. The Soul presence holds within it the blueprint of reality of Light, of New Atlantis and Golden Age, and this is our original mission as Star Seeds, to bring Home Reality of Light anywhere and everywhere.

In order to clear negative entry points in our energy field, we need to be able to interact harmoniously with people, as other people mirror our inner state, and together we are meant to put all our different talents, pieces of the puzzle, all our different Soul codes completing each other, creating a Soul family mandala which is the energetic blueprint and trigger for New Atlantis.

There is a simple basic principle that if we really stick to it, can allow to release all issues and connect together harmoniously. This is to understand that free will is law and can never be disrespected for any small thing, and that criticism is the simplest disrespect of free will which is usually the doorway through which conflicts and disharmony come in. We were never assigned with the job or the power or the need to go and pressure other people to change their ways, or do more, or do less, by criticizing them. Criticism is based on the false idea that people have a right to change others by force, even if that force is only verbal, or even only silent and energetic. The only time when free will can be stopped is when free will interferes with another free will, and/or openly causes direct harm to another sentient being, which is the basis for the Galactic Codex :

This means that for example if we walk outside and see somebody beating another sentient being, we can intervene. 
This does not mean that we can attack and criticize other Lightworkers based on opinions, interpretations, personal perceptions, various speculations and indirect factors relating to personal choices. People change and progress only thanks to constructive and respectful invitations and suggestions. As we are sticking to always have zero criticism and zero disrespect of free will, it forces things to be resolved in harmonious ways. Instead of criticism, we can ask questions, explain our personal situations, make respectful suggestions (when they are welcome), show by example, etc.

We also need to not bottle up our personal issues and make the effort to express things with the people concerned, without any criticism ever, for things to be able to shift and transmute. As we mirror each other, we can take full responsibility for what we create in our reality, have forgiveness for ourselves and the others and make a definite stand for manifesting the pure Light and Love which is our IAm Presence of Eternal Light, our Higher Self. We are the doorways, the bridges of Light, who can magnetically attract via our energy fields, all the positive events, healing of this planet, First Contact, the Event, Ascension, New Atlantis - Home Reality of Light, right here, in any context everywhere.

Victory of the Light

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Triangulation, Transmutation, Evolution

The Universe originates from pure Absolute Oneness in all regards (the Source), which means no here and there, no you and me, no then and now, only pure Oneness of all and everything.
Interaction between the Source and anomaly creates the Universe, in a process of separating the energy of Oneness into opposite polarities, and then progressively various fractions of energy of Oneness into opposite polarities as the Universe expands.

Evolution is the journey back home towards Oneness, which happens by transmuting opposite polarities back into One in a triangulation process. During this process the Universe contracts as it merges and then disappears, re-absorbed into the Source. Then another Universe is created and it keeps going in cycles of expansion and contraction, division and merging, which is called the Great Breath.

We are now at the moment between maximum division and beginning of merging again, the little pause between out and in breath.
This Universe, this expansion cycle, is about 14000 million years old and as we have been approaching the end of expansion and beginning of contraction the Source created a huge triangulation vortex with the purpose of transmuting anomaly, merging opposite polarities together.

There are two opposite poles, attraction and repulsion, called the dipole repeller and shapley attractor, creating this gigantic Universal battery of evolution. Our galaxy is situated exactly in the middle between the two opposite poles, the third point in the triangle where opposite polarities unite and evolve back towards Oneness.

This is the reason why darkness happened here in this part of the Universe, the fall of the angels who tried to transmute anomaly 8 million years ago, as anomaly is being played out and resolved here :

Orion constellation is especially an achor for this process. The central star of Orion belt, called the AN stargate, is situated in the middle geometrically between various sets of two opposite stars of the Orion constellation, which shape mirrors the torus field shape of the Shapley attractor-Dipole repeller vortex. It is also in middle between Sirius and Aldebaran. This is why many ancient civilizations built structures mirroring the Orion belt stars.

This process has many applications in our lives, as Pythagoras taught, every problem can be solved by understanding and embracing its triangular aspect.

The first key aspect is about the Soul splitting into two people of opposite polarities (twin souls) as it incarnates. This creates a triangle of masculine-feminine-one which is mirrored in our bodies, kundalini (shushumna-ida-pingala), pineal-pituitary, etc. Inner merging of male and female energies makes the lower bodies able to receive the presence of the Soul (which contains both polarities united), and healthy outer interactions between male and female can help trigger this process :

This process also applies to other aspects of our lives, where we seek solutions, evolution, we can always find two opposite principles, and the key is to not polarize the situation in either direction, but to understand and embrace the purpose which is inherent in both sides.

This applies to transmuting darkness and negative situations. Many people tend to polarize situations, either denying and ignoring it wishing it will go away by itself without directing energy to it, or be too absorbed and focused in the problem and getting lost and hopeless within the limitations of the problem. The key is the 'Middle Way', to not deny the problem, and at the same time to not accept its negativity and limitations. To stand strong in our IAM power in face of it and decree, command, invoke the Light, the solution, to govern and resolve the situation.

Following this principle we can resolve planetary and personal situations and evolve higher and higher in the ascension process.

Victory of the Light

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Workshop Update - Los Angeles

Workshops in Greece and Switzerland were successful, thanks to all who participated for the Light.

I will give other workshops in other countries later this year, in the meantime there is still some room left for the workshop in Los Angeles on the 15th of April for those who are interested :

If you have questions about this, or would like to organize a workshop in your area, you can email me at

Victory of the Light

Sunday, March 18, 2018


Much of the mystery school practices of Ascension have to do with rebirth. This is a spiritual rebirth, not a new cycle of death and reincarnation, but a rebirthing of the Soul directly into the same body. Birth, essentially, is a radiation, a ray of Light sent from the Soul which densifies and manifests the bodies of the personality (mental, astral, etheric, physical). In reincarnation cycles on Earth, as this ray of Light is sent from the Soul and the body is born, there is much interference and programming and coloring of this ray of Light, by the surrounding circumstances, the patterns of the parents and surrounding culture, etc. All this has nothing to do with the true nature of the Soul, as it filters, programs and conditions the personality.
So, mystery schools have practices of rebirthing the Soul, bringing down the Light of the Soul in a purer environment, birhing it directly from the Goddess divine mother, free from negative and programming patterns, creating a space for the pure presence of the Soul to be anchored.

For this reason, the initiates were calles 'twice born'.

In advanced societies on liberated planets in the Universe, most races have integrated this to a degree where it is as natural to them as having running water in our homes. They have spiritual technology to manifest bodies which they can model however they like and anytime they like very easily. Death and reincarnation do not exist for them, they live an existance in accordance with the truth that they are an eternal Soul, that really never is born, and never dies. Bodies are only the clothes they wear, the vehicles they are driving to navigate the lower planes (physical astral etc).

These rebirth ceremonies are attuned with nature and are found encoded in much of the ancient myths especially in ancient cultures of the eastern meditteranean area, so much so that they have shaped much of modern indo-european language, phonetics, and symbolism. Similar process is also found in other cultures. I will give some examples of this below to give an idea of it. Remember that words and phonetics are sounds, and sound is a natural manifestation of frequency. The universe is frequency, and sounds have original archetypal meanings, beyond what may be the distorted mental association built around them in modern cultures. This is important to remember when we study phonetics. Also remember that symbolism is everywhere inside and outside of us, the Universe is essentially symbolic and fractal, and the purest symbols are both theoretical and practical. Also please remember that ancient myths, symbols, and the mystery practices behind them, were very cleverly built and had several paralel layers of meaning, I am only giving examples of meaning and interpretation, not a complete decoding of all aspects involved.

Let's start with the name of an ancient Goddess, Har. Harlots were originally priestesses of Har, and the Harems were their temples. These priestesses gave rebirth ceremonies to the higher initiates. Bitch was also a name referring to them and had originally a positive meaning.
Phonetically bitch is almost identical to the beach and this is not random. Remember that the Goddess names Aphrodite and Morgan both mean 'born from the sea' :

Born from the sea
Born from the see
Born from the eye
Born from the I
Born from the I Am - the Soul

At the beach, we also find the harbor, phonetically derived from Har. Also derived from Har, we have the words harmony, hearing :

Both vocal chords and the eye have vesica pisces shape, like a yoni (also like a fish as we will see below).
Harmony is also the 4th divine ray of Light which we can invoke like the Violet Flame or the White Fire of AN. The ray of Harmony has a pearly white color, with soft rainbow hues like mother-of-pearl, or white jade or opal. The pearl is the offspring of the oyster, and phonetically the oyster is Ishtar because of its yoni shape, so the pearl is symbolizing the Soul rebirthed.

And also the word harvest comes from Har, harvesting the seeds, which can be in this context the semen (sea men from the harbor). This will make more sense when we look at the Eleusian mysteries below.

Now let us move to the famous myth of Isis and Osiris. To sum it up, Osiris was killed by Set, cut into 14 pieces which were spread around the land. Isis gathered all the pieces, but she could only find 13, the 14th piece was Osiris's phallus which was thrown in the river and swallowed by a fish. So Isis made a new phallus made of Gold, and put all the pieces back together, and she sang a magic song which revived Osiris.
This is not a litteral story, but an allegory of rebirth. One of the main key to understand ancient myths in any culture is that they are allegories and such deities represent aspects of the Soul, or aspects of the Universe for example a plane of creation. Of course the Gods and Goddesses are also real beings, and this expresses profound truth : aspects of the Universe are conscious entities, they are cells of the the Universe which is a living organism, and such ascended beings are One with the archetypes and divine qualities and Universal consciousness. As a mystery unfolds in our life (mystery is my-story), the deities/divine qualities manifest through us, as we too are part of the One, the living organism of the Universe. Only when we remember such truths, then we stop oversimplifying and misunderstanding the myths, and we can see some truth in it.

So, one way of understanding this myth, is that Osiris is the Soul, incarnating as a personality. As it incarnates in the personality planes, it gets fragmented by anomaly, here symbolized by Set killing him. So Isis, here symbolizing at the same time, the Divine Mother, Universal feminine aspect, and the Goddess and the priestess doing the ritual, is putting all aspects of the fragmented Soul presence back together, by rebirthing it. The phallus was 'swallowed by a fish' :

And she sings a magical song which revives Osiris. We have seen above the Goddess associations with hearing, harmony, the vocal chords. In some versions of the myths, the sun God Ra is then born also from this act, so the sun is the son of Isis. Phonetically, all these words are very similar : Solar, Sol, Soul, Sun, Son, Song. This is also not random, this is because in the myth they are equivalent. They all symbolize the offspring of the Divine Mother, the rebirth of the Soul directly by the Goddess achieved by the ritual. Also the new phallus was made of gold, and gold is a classic symbol of the Soul, the golden color is like the Sun/Sol/Soul, and practically gold has crystal-like properties which help connect with the Soul (phonetically : gold, god, good).
In the myth, the outcome is that Osiris remains in the underworld (here symbolizing the non-physical planes), and Ra reigns in the visible (physical) world. Osiris and Ra are two aspects of the same Soul, Osiris is the Soul which remains in the non-physical planes, Ra is the radiation of the Soul which has been birthed into the physical world.

Now let us move on to the ancient Greek Eleusian mysteries. They are based on the myth of Goddesses Persephone and Demeter, which were celebrated during festivals occuring in the Eleusis temple in Greece during the equinoxes. To summarize the myth, at the Spring equinox, Persephone is captured by Hades the God of the underworld. At the Autumn equinox, Demeter, the mother of Persephone, looks for her daughter, and finds her again at the Eleusis temple. They agree to a compromise where Persephone will live half of the year in the underworld with Hades and half of the year in the upper world with Demeter.

Again, this is not litteral, it is an allegory of the journey of the Soul. As I wrote in my last posts, the Spring equinox is the birth of life into the visible physical world. In the myth, Hades, the underworld,  symbolizes the lower planes, and Persephone represents the personality (etymologically the word personality comes from Persephone), in other words she symbolizes the ray of Light from the Soul incarnating in the lower planes, so at Spring equinox Persephone incarnates. Demeter symbolizes, at the same time, the Universal feminine mother aspect, the priestess doing the rebirth, and the Soul that has remained in the higher planes. In the beginning, she can not find Persephone, symbolizing that the personality and the Soul are disconnected. At the Autumn equinox, as I wrote before, life is raised back from the physical to the non-physical planes. So, Demeter finds Persephone again during that time, meaning that the personality and the Soul are reconnected together, in this myth this is the rebirth. This is also why Autumn is called the Har-vest. Initiates in the Eleusian mysteries would enter the sacred cave near the Eleusis temple, practice the rebirth ceremony inside, and come out with freshly cut branches of barley in their hands, symbolizing that the har-vesting had been done.
The outcome in the myth is that Persephone will now live half of the year in the underworld with Hades,  and half in the upperworld with Demeter, which symbolizes that the initiate who has been reborn is now linking both worlds, Soul and personality, he becomes a channel between the two. A symbol for this channel is the snake, the cobra, the kundalini, the snake is the channel which is connecting polarities together.

The name Demeter, means Dea-meter, Dea is Goddess, meter is measure/counting, the word count phonetically is also the cunt (which is the yoni, same etymology as country from where plant life is born, as Demeter is also Goddess of agriculture), meter is also matter which etymologically means mother, because matter is not dead and unconscious, matter and spirit are the same thing, they are the One living universal organism, matter-spirit is our real mother-father with whom, as eternal Souls, we are One. And meter, to count, is also geometry and mathematics, which means that sacred geometry and mathematics are the essence of spirit-matter, as the initiated Pythagoras was teaching.

I will finish with a quote by the Count of Cagliostro (who was fully initiated into these mysteries) :

"I am not of any time or place. Outside of time and space my spiritual being lives its eternal existence, and if I plunge into my thoughts by going up the course of the ages, extend my spirit towards a way of life far from what you perceive, I become the one I desire. Participating in the Absolute Being, I regulate my action according to the environment around me. My name is that of my function and I choose it, as well as my function, because I am free. My country is the one where I momentarily fix my steps.
 Date yourself from yesterday, if you wish, by raising yourself up with years lived by ancestors who were strangers to you; or of tomorrow, by the illusory pride of a greatness which will perhaps never be yours; I am the one who is. Like the southerly wind, like the brilliant light of noon, I come towards the north, toward the mist and the cold, abandoning everywhere in my path some parcels of myself, dismembering myself, diminishing myself at each station, but leaving you a little clarity, a little warmth, a little strength, until I am finally stopped and fixed definitively, at the end of my career, at the hour when the rose will flower on the cross."

Victory of the Light