Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Chariklo is an asteroid/dwarf planet orbitig in our Solar system near Saturn, Chiron and Uranus :

In the last few days with a powerful full Moon in Pisces, a strong solar flare has been bringing powerful energies to Earth :

These have been experienced as healings, downloads and insights by many. Chariklo is one of the main transmitter of these energies, as it is the main transmitter of the Goddess energies of the Ocean of Love from the Central Sun, into our Solar system :

Chariklo is a Divine Feminine Goddess archetype, her name is derived from the Greek word Chari which means Grace, and Klo spinning, which refers to the ancient metaphor of spinning the web of fate into creation, similar to the Eastern metaphor of tantra which means weaving. Chariklo weaves the energy of Divine Grace into the fabric of creation.
All asteroid/planets including Chariklo are living conscious beings just like Gaia is.
In the ancient Greek myth, Chariklo is a magical Divine Feminine sea nymph, the wife of Chiron who as a myth symbolizes the core wounds of disconnection and separation that are being transmuted into a healer, teacher, Christ consciousness archetype. Chariklo is the feminine side, the key to that process, she holds a sacred space of support, she is shape-shifting to take the shape that best serves Love, holding the knowing of Chiron's true Light self, she brings the Grace, the waters of the Ocean of Love and Oneness, that heals the wounds and brings the Light back.

Divine Grace is a force of pouring Light, solutions, healing, from higher dimensions/planes into the lower world of forms. It transcends duality, limiting programmings of the mind that attempt to analyse and logically limit the flow of Light and Love, based on ideas of 'deserving or not'. Grace is unconditional redemption of all beings and all creation.

As such, Grace is intrinsically related to Forgiveness. I love the way that Richard Rudd describes Forgiveness in his book of the 'Gene Keys'. He describes the shadow or opposite of Forgiveness as intolerance, which is based on negative emotional reaction against something, which the mind conforms to by adopting bias, one-sided views, or even sometimes by distorting facts based on the bias.
This bias can be transmuted by first realizing that the mind, logic, is not supposed to take sides, instead it is supposed to be objective and see all sides, which is real logic without fallacy. Then we realize that the mind also can not bring any understanding ever, because in a paradoxical world where we are One and also appearing separate at the same time, logic is bound to always disprove itself. The real answers and understanding therefore can never come from the logical mind, but from Higher realms of Oneness, of the Soul.
From this understanding, intolerance is transmuted as we can see all sides, we can see causes and effects which have led to all situations. Many people tend to emphasize the circumstances which have led to their own mistakes, in order to be able to understand them, but forget to do this for others. By having an objective mind, seeing all sides, we can release this, and then focus on the important real understanding coming from the Soul, which is that we are One and we are beyond any circumstances and situations that could ever happen, we release attachment to stories and scenarios and anything in duality and in the world of forms, therefore releasing the energy of Forgiveness which progressively re-absorbs the whole lower planes, world of forms, back into Oneness, into union with the higher planes, and eventually into pure singularity of the Source.

Such Forgiveness is key to opening the door for the energy of Grace to pour into all situations and creation. This is the energy of holding the Highest Light, highest vision, of ourselves and others and all situations. Sometimes this Grace comes very differently from what the lower self may expect. Still, Grace is holding to the highest vision of all which brings unconditional redemption.

Besides contemplation and integration of these understandings, we can connect energetically with Chariklo, and the Divine Feminine beings living on that asteroid who are helping to transmit the energies, to release Divine Grace into our lives and on the planet. We can for example visualize pillars of Light from the Central Sun going through Chariklo, through our bodies to the center of the Earth. We can also use the flame of Divine Grace just like the Violet Flame, which is of pale brown-pink color. Astrologically, Chariklo can also be seen in individual and planetary event charts.
 These energies of Grace and Forgiveness are absolutely necessary for any new paradigm of Light to manifest.

✨ Wishing much Light to All ✨


  1. Hello, Im doing meditation to trigger Event on 9.9.18 would be thankfull If you joined:

  2. Wonderful to hear about dear Chariklo... i have not forgotten Her but have not thought of Her in a while. May her dear galactic goddess souls continue to transfer the Galactic Light to our dear earth so in need. Thank you to those same Goddesses for hanging in there for us. Maybe my twin soul abides there and we will meet soon in the physical... ha....Thankyou Untwine for these reminders of the Goddess, of the truth of our universe and of the divine power of forgiveness, a gift of goddess energy to all of us