Thursday, September 27, 2018

Play of Mirrors Part 2 - Life is a Paradox

Existence is always based on a seeming paradox, that we are One and also appearing separate. Our analytical mental logical capacity is based on having knowledge of facts, which can only be done by isolating things from a certain point of view, to look at an object or a situation or a being as its own individual thing rather than a part of a whole. At the same time, existence, the whole of creation, is One, one organism, one body. We are cells in the One creation just like the cells and organs in a human body. Therefore logic in itself, if genuinely pursued all the way, always ends up in contradiction, the contradiction of Oneness and seeming separation. We can not come in touch with life by mentally understanding its parts. The seeking for a logical answer, for an analytical meaning and understanding of life, is always vain and can never be satisfied.

This is related to my previous post 'Play of Mirrors', in which I was mentioning that from the highest point of view, our Higher Self is One organism, one and the same for all beings and all creation, and symbolically it can be viewed like a Sun, and we as lower selves are all sunrays emanating from it. In truth, the Sun and its rays of Light are One. Another way to symbolically describe this is that the lower self is a reflection of the Higher Self seen in a mirror.

"Everywhere we look around in the physical, emotional and mental worlds, we see only reflections, as all other people, places, objects, also are only reflections of their own higher selves.
As mere reflections who have forgotten the real self, there has often been this feeling of being incomplete, that our identity is not validated, which is coming from losing sight of the real/higher self. And in this forgetfulness, there has been a widespread tendency to look for that sense of completion in the world of reflections. So people hope to be completed and validate their identity by looking for positive opinions of other people, by hoping that positive experiences and achievements will finally validate their identity, and finally the reflection will not be blur anymore. But this is 
absolutely vain, as completion can never come from the world of reflections, but only from reconnection with one's own higher, real self.
Seeking completion in the world of reflections is like placing two mirrors in front of each other, the reflections reflect each other endlessly. This world where the higher self has been forgotten is a maze of opposing mirrors where it is not possible to understand what is real.

Therefore, for real spiritual breaktroughs to occur, one must unconditionally renounce all hope for validation and completion in the opinions of other people, in one's own achievements, or in any other circumstance from this world of reflections in these lower planes"

The Higher Self, the field and embrace of Oneness, the Light of Source, the One organism which all of existence is, all of these are different words to describe the same thing, and this is who and what we really are. We are cells in this One organism, ripples in the Ocean of life. This presence is eternal and unconditional, it can never be affected, lowered, changed. It is beyond conditions. Therefore it is not something to seek out there, it is not something to achieve, to work towards in a future, it is always there and has always been there and we can never be truly disconnected from it because there is nothing outside of the One, it is only the individual awareness which may forget temporarily, which may then experience the illusion of being disconnected, while the One presence is always there, and truly all there is to do is to relax into it.

To relax into it means that we see this Highest Light as ourselves and as all others and as all situations, always, unconditionally, no matter what is happening in the conditions. To truly see it, automatically we will bring it into the situation, and we will experience it.

To create attachments and investments in scenarios, in expecting or believing that things should be a certain way, automatically hooks the energy in the conditions in the lower self, brings identification with the lower self, because it is an expectation that the lower appearance could complete us, and actually the One Presence that we truly are is always there, everywhere, in every moment, always complete.

And at the same time, the lower self often has accumulated a lot of programs, distortions, all of which are based on the illusion of feeling separate, dislocated. This creates an experience of various pains, especially physically and emotionally, which are always illusions no matter how real they may seem. An enlightened being could stand in an explosion unharmed, get shot by a firearm and just let the bullet go back out of the body unharmed, simply because he or she firmly knows that conditions are always illusions, a play of mirrors, and the One unconditional Presence is always here, always complete to provide unconditional health and wholeness.

At the same time, it can be a journey to regain this full awareness, this full enlightenment, and this has to be acknowledged too. In full enlightenment, there is absolutely no need of anything whatsoever, because our Higher Self presence is always complete and pure Oneness Light and Love, it can not be affected by any of the lower conditions, and in truth the Higher and lower self are One, so the lower self has the destiny to fully embody the Higher and all of its unconditional qualities, and therefore to not be affected by circumstances and always be pure Light.
When this full awareness has not been regained yet, the lower self has many needs, or in other words many addictions, it needs/is addicted to drinking water, breathing air, sunlight, eating food, having meaningful human connections, etc. And here is the paradox, that from a certain perspective and at certain stages of evolution we truly need all of this, and at the same time as the One unconditional presence we truly don't need them.

The journey is to resolve this paradox by addressing all needs and desires, and there is no generic straightforward answer for this. Either they have to be renounced or they have to be experienced and played out, until the lower self is in full awareness of its unconditional Presence of the One, and the Soul has completed its journey in incarnation and has no desire or reason to incarnate anymore. This is dependant on the Divine Plan of the One : certain desires are distorted, for example we don't really need junk food and this can usually be renounced easily. If we believe that we need something then we will experience that need. For example we have genes to make vitamin C, but they are usually turned off because we believe we need to eat it, but they can be turned back on by our awareness that we can make our own vitamin C.

However some desires are reflections of Divine Plan for unfolding of creation, and our Soul may not renounce them for some time but instead it will send the impulse to create that experience in the best way possible, for example the desire to experience Soul family reunion. Here it is important to remember that the Divine Plan is fluid, it changes, it is not something we can tune into with mental planning and beliefs, so we have to release attachments to a specific scenario. We can only tune into Divine Plan in the moment, by living and expressing each moment one by one fully, then the journey unfolds, life is able to build upon each previous moment only if it was lived fully which means that we see the One Presence of Highest Light in each moment, no matter what is happening. These desires, this inner guidance moment by moment, is the fabric that weaves all life into a field of Oneness.
As this journey unfolds, we progressively regain full awareness of our unconditional Presence of the One, and the paradox is reconciled, as Oneness is realized all the way into all degrees of density and separation, then all beings, all cells of the One organism, are fully embraced together in the awareness of Oneness, and life remains a mystery to be experienced, not as something to be attained because there is nothing outside of life itself, but as the expression of the joy of simply existing. This is something which is always there for us to access at any time anywhere, in fact it can only be accessed when we relax into the present moment.

๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ’– Love to All ๐Ÿฌ๐ŸŒŸ

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