Galactic Astrology Readings

I am now available to give personal Astrology chart readings for those interested. These individual private readings are not future predictions, or personal advice, or healings. All we do is to read the archetypes and energies anchored in the energy field and how they play out, to assist in understanding our mission and purpose and place in this life, and to assist in working with particular situations in our lives. How these energies manifest is always up to free will. We can also get clues about Star Seed origins, or about how two people relate to each other by comparing their charts, and also we can look at how the planets and stars influence us for a particular year or particular moments. With all of this we can also find energy techniques, archetypes, Light beings and tools that somebody can work with that will assist their journey.

For more information on the type of Astrology that I work with, you can visit this page :

I can also, if guided or by request, read your chart with the Gene Key system to bring additional insights :

The first option for a reading is to do a basic overview of the main archetypes and energies at play, with a 1h private online call, for 66 euros.

The second option is a complete chart reading with a 1,5h private online call, for 100 euros. 

This can be for individual chart, or looking at the connections between two people, or looking at the energies for a particular period of time (past, present or future. please note that this is not a prediction, it is a reading of the energies involved).

You can record the call if you wish, or make some notes.
If you are interested, please email me at . If you wish you can write a few short sentences about why you would like a reading and if there is a particular situation you would like to address, and send me your birth information, date, year, place, and exact time of birth (all are necessary). All private informations will be always kept strictly confidential and will never be used for anything else than the reading itself. Then we will set up an appointment and then I will send you payment information (by paypal or credit card)

Wishing that these readings assist in best way possible in and for alignment with IAm Presence

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