Tuesday, September 16, 2014


This new blog is dedicated to bringing balance back between feminine and masculine polarities, in our microcosm and macrocosm.
This focus can integrate and apply to basically any aspect of our lives.
We all refer to these words regularly, masculine and feminine, but have we cared to comprehend what they mean ? I have searched for the answer for years and i can finally feel i am on the path.

By observing nature, we can see that the feminine side is receptive, and the masculine is active.

Reception is what holds everything together, it is what unites and connects, therefore qualities like compassion, acceptance, belong to the feminine. I will sum this up as Unity. It has been well documented that everything in creation is connected and held in Unity.

On the other hand, we have action, movement. Movement is what gets us from one point to another, therefore creating a differentiation. In Unity there is no differentiation, and as much as this is true in our reality, we are also all autonomous entities with free will, everything is unique and has its own way, every human, every leaf on a tree, every moment, etc. This force is what allows us to choose. Therefore qualities of individuality, uniqueness, free will, initiative, belong to the masculine which i sum up as Individuality.

Everything in creation is based on perfect balance between Unity and Individuality. From the cellular to the universal level. All suffering originates and can be traced back to imbalance, as individuality not respecting unity (selfishness in all its variations), or unity not respecting individuality (forcing everybody to think the same, wear the same, do the same, etc).

Suffering can not exist where there is Balance, every aspect of our lives can be healed by bringing Balance back. I will explore this on this page.

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  1. Dear Untwine, I enjoyed your recent Cobra interview. Interesting questions, interesting answers. Questions for you:
    1. Will you do another interview, do you think?
    2. I was also wondering what synchronicities you experienced after getting involved with "Cobra stuff."
    3. Are you in the US?
    Thank you!