Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Invitation to Physical Gridwork

As many people know, there is a grid around the planet made of energetic currents, and meeting points of several currents are called vortexes. This is basically the acupuncture body of the Earth. These energy lines, called ley lines, provide every living being and ecosystem on Earth with the cosmic energy needed to exist. This concern should therefore be universal just like the air we all breathe, or the water we all drink.

 This is raw energy that can be used for any purpose. Whatever happens on a vortex creates an energy that will spread out onto the grid, and any energetic situation will in turn be mirrored in the physical situations, in the state of the world. We are not simply passive observers, we are the creator, and the ley lines are here for us to use. This is why we can see that all ancient cultures throughout the world placed their constructions on important points and were doing ceremonies with them, to infuse energy into the planet. Groups that seek to enslave us misuse them, and we can clearly see that they do ceremonies as well. However the true purpose of the grid is to circulate pure Source energy. The situation on this planet is mixed right now and the grid is being used both for good and bad. We have the power to help bring back the whole grid to its true purpose.

There are already several people proposing to do collective energy work on the grid by distance, which is is great, so my focus here will go on another form of work that is also very important, which is going to do gridwork by being physically present in the locations.

It is important because we want changes to manifest in the physical plane so we want to anchor energy physically.

Anybody can do this, even by yourself, although it is more effective as a group. It is good to make sure every participant understands the nature of the work to some degree. Collective remote clearing on the location before going there physically can make things easier.
When doing and preparing for this work, one must remember to protect oneself constantly, every day, several times a day. The beings who are being cleared and healed by this work can be aggressive and they can be very strategical to turn people away from the work, or against each other. Some of the most difficult locations require enough people (roughly more than 6 in my experience) in order not to be outnumbered.
It is beneficial in any type of environment. Big cities need the most work, but small villages can have important vortexes as well. Things can be done very discretely without being noticed, or not, as you wish.

There are two ways of finding out where energy lines and vortexes are. Results will be the most accurate by combining both ways.
One way is to analyse the symbols, geometry, geography, history, circumstances of locations.
Enslavers are usually aware of the grid, at least at the top level, so they place their centers on key points. Historically ancient cultures that were more connected to Source placed temples on the grid and used it for good purposes, and then when the whole planet was colonized, enslavers placed their centers on top of ancient temples. This is the case for the vatican which used to be a goddess temple, or most european churches that were built on druidic sites, dolmens, menhirs and other kinds of sites. Notre-dame (our lady) in Paris used to be an Isis temple (Paris, Par Is, Per Isis).

So the first thing is to recognize places of power, main government buildings, 'touristic' sites, financial centers, big corporations centers, etc. These are almost always placed strategically on the grid. In smaller villages, churches are often the center of energetic power, but it can also be other types of sites.
The great research 'Secrets in Plain Sight' explains much about how the grid is built, giving tools to comprehend and recognize the symbols, giving hundreds of clear plain geometrical and historical facts such as this one :

 Image Credit Secrets in Plain Sight

Google map is also a great tool to visualize the area, especially with my map where you can draw lines, measure distances, etc.
 One of the things I often do is a simple google search for the city i'm in, and obelisks, pyramids, and similar structure, for example 'new york obelisk', 'los angeles pyramid'. One might be surprised to see they are almost in every city in very strategic spots.

The other way is to use feelings, intuition, clairvoyance, to recognize spots where the energy is more intense, and even see what is happening. Everybody has their own way of achieving this.

I have been in 5 conferences with Cobra in different locations around the world and everytime we went to do gridwork on key points.
He explains something that i have also understood from my experience : this planet is being compressed now, there is a blockade imposed by the enslavers using us as hostage, preventing beings from coming in and out. Below the surface is the Agarthan network, and above the surface are many beings from the galaxy, who are aligned with Source and working to liberate the surface. They are doing everything they can but they mostly can not be present on the surface because of the hostage situation. Therefore we need people who are present here on the surface, to open a bridge and break the blockade, to create a connection with the outside.

So all these beings outside the surface of this planet desiring to infuse the grid with light, are seeking people to anchor it here, because it is here that we want the changes to happen. They are seeing us and as soon as we go and do gridwork they participate. So even just a handful of people doing gridwork in a location will open the way for many more beings to join. This happened to me and my partner very clearly recently, when we were guided to work on the Sacre-Coeur in Paris. We did a special energy movement in front of it, as a couple, a balanced entity, and as we did this my partner saw dozens of Pleiadians swirling around the building with Light, thanks to the bridge we opened. This can happen quite often, even if we don't see it, with anybody expressing an intention and anchoring it physically.

So, once a spot has been found, it is best to go with as many people as possible, and then many things can be done. Using your guidance you will make your own techniques and decisions.
Examples of this include visualizing a pillar of white light going from the central sun of the galaxy to the core of the earth, through yourself and the location you are clearing. This is good to break the blockade and open a bridge. Violet flame is also very effective for cleaning and transmuting, visualized as a double spiral, one going clockwise the other anti-clockwise. Turning, spinning around yourself or around specific buildings/locations, creates spiral movement and is also very good because this is the way energy flows. Clockwise is anchoring, feminine, and anti-clockwise is liberating, masculine. Creating sacred geometry and masculine-feminine balance is also central and very effective. For example, 6 people can place themselves as a hexagram, creating a merkabah, composed of two triangles, one feminine and one masculine. 5 people can also place themselves as a pentagram, 7 people can each channel one color and create a rainbow, etc. Use your guidance and creativity.

You can find people to do this in your area here :


Update : Click here to see an example with my process in Vancouver, and links on the right side of this blog for other cities.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Healing with Balance

I believe any problem can be traced back to imbalance, and by analyzing the mechanics of it we can heal from the root cause of the problem.

I've explained before how feminine is reception, unity, connection, compassion, acceptance, letting go. And masculine is action, individuality, uniqueness, choice, free will.
This can be observed by observing the dynamics of sexual organs, or sun and moon, and other masculine and feminine archetypes.
The moon and the yoni receive, welcome, hold, generate passively. This receptivity is what allows everything to be held in unity.
The sun and the lingam take initiatives, enter, give, generate actively. This action is what allows movement, from point A to point B, therefore creating individuality between several points : every moment, every living being is unique. 

I am talking about energies here and not genders. Every body in the universe has both polarities within, otherwise it would simply not exist. However we also play a role in the mandala of creation and physical configurations create energy, when a pentagram is drawn it creates an energy, and in the same way gender and other physical configurations create energy.

Everything on every scale in creation is a perfect balance between reception and action, individuality and unity. Everything is unique and everything is one.
If we miss one polarity anywhere in our life, we'll start to suffer and we'll stay blocked until balance is restored. This is why those who seek to enslave us have a core strategy of creating imbalance, keeping people blocked in either polarity, and creating an artificial conflict between the two polarities.

This can happen both ways. One of them is the distorted version of masculine energy, and a repression of feminine energy. This manifests when people don't consider that we are all one, connected, interdependant, and that nothing exists in isolation, when people act in selfish ways, steal, compete with each other, think some have to lose so others can win, when everybody is afraid to receive, listen and connect with each other, when people think they are more important than others, and selfishness abounds.

The other way is a distorted version of feminine energy, and a repression of masculine energy, which can be called the matrix (matrix means womb). This manifests when one doesn't consider their own individuality or those of others, thinks we are all just the product of our environment, when people don't accept that others have different tastes or ways in life, and enforce a system where everybody has to think the same, look the same etc, and where individual initiative and expression is repressed.

Both energies are intertwined, individuality (masculine) has to be accepted (feminine), and unity (feminine) has to be realized in action (masculine). One doesn't exist without the other. They are not in conflict, they are lovers. Both are equally divine and important.

Let's see an example of healing process : When someone has difficult feelings and/or thoughts, there is two approaches to that problem. The feminine side is to accept, accept yourself anyway, accept to receive and feel the feelings in you, so they don't get stuck and so they can flow and be released. This is very important, because as long as they are repressed and not admitted and received, then they can't move and they will stay there.

The masculine side is to act upon the situation, to move out of it by choosing what you want, making a decision and focus on it. This is equally important because we are the creator and things can't change unless we create, co-create, participate.

Another example is people's attitude towards changes, both in their personal lives or globally on the planet. The masculine side says that we are the only ones who can do it, that nobody will do it for us, that nobody's coming to save us. The feminine side says we should let go and trust the divine plan, recognize and accept that we need help. Often these two sides are presented as contradictory, but they are not. Both are valid and both are needed to create a harmonious change.

As long as one stays in only one of the polarities, the situation is stuck.
When both aspects are addressed equally, then the situation can heal.

This is the principle that can be applied to every situation inside and outside.

Click here for part 2

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cobra Interview 30th September 2014

Before the transcript i would like to briefly share the story of how i encountered Cobra and how it changed my life.

The first synchronized meditation he put out had me jumping around in joy, and i started sharing it everywhere i could. His first post revealing the truth about archons had me jumping around in my bedroom so much that i had to take a walk outside in the rain at 2am. To finally know and understand what i had always felt liberated so much energy in me.

Everything in my life got so much better after that. I just couldn't go on with my daily routine anymore. Things had to change, starting with my everyday life, so i quit everything and went travelling. Great synchronicities led me to Cobra's Laguna and Egypt conferences, and on the evening of 12/21/12 in Giza, i received a message that i should organize conferences with Cobra in London and Paris. So i did. Of course there was some attacks but the overall experience and results were very positive.
Pretty much every information and energy he has shared in his blog and conferences have always inspired me to be more clear, to move and act for the liberation, which has created more synchronicities in my life than i can list here. I am immensely grateful to him for his role in that.

(photo by Star Gazer)

 It is up to us, what we do with information, but i believe it is meant to have practical results and applications, to inspire us to make changes in whatever way we can. In any type of healing, be it through plants, through light, through sound, etc, what we receive is always simply information about the truth, about our blue-print. Then it is always up to us to implement changes. Yes this planet is difficult in many ways, but please don't let that immobilize you. We are all equally important, we all have a role. We all have the power to change ourselves and the world, if we only make steps towards it. We have nothing to loose but our chains.

Thanks to Cobra for taking the time to do this and giving me great quality answers. It made me very happy.

Interview Transcript :

Untwine : You explained how the cabal hijacks sacred symbols like the pentagram or the name Isis to disgust people from using the symbol and disconnect them from the energy it represents. I understand this but it also seems to me they must have other purposes in that, because they use it in secret. Like statue of liberty, the dollar symbol $, which represent Isis, it's not publicly known, so they must have their own interpretation, can you explain about that ?

Cobra : Ok, the Cabal actually had some contact with the mystery schools in the past but their knowledge is not complete. they have partial understanding of how the symbols work, and they use them to manifest their goals, because the symbol is just a magnifier of energy. So if they want to manifest their plans, they use those symbols to accelerate the process of manifestation of their plan.

U : Ok, so even feminine energy they can misuse no ?

C : Yes actually the top level of illuminati are aware of the Goddess energy, and they are misusing Goddess energy, in a way to distort it, and to further suppress the feminine principle on this planet.

U : Yeah, because i see a lot of Goddess symbols, in many temples, in Paris they're everywhere, in every big city.

C : Yes

U : So all this was built by the Cabal or by the Light as well ?

C : Both, actually, France was a very important center of the Light in the 18th century, when the Freemasonry was still part of the Light forces, and France was exactly where the infiltration happened, at the end of the 18th century by the jesuits. They infiltrated the masonic networks, and the top jesuits and the archons, italian black nobility family, used the same symbols, especially through France, after the French revolution, to further suppress human freedom.

U : I see. So does the Goddess have a special meaning for them, or is it just pure energy ?

C : Yes for some of them, Goddess has a meaning, but they don't understand completely the Goddess principle, they have their own distorted understanding of the Goddess energy, and of many other aspects of divinity as well.

U : And what does it represent for them ?

C : For them it's a source of power and control. They are actually trying to contact the Goddess energy to bring them more power.

U : Ok, like the word Matrix, it means womb, is it related ?

C : For some of them yes.

U : You explained that Rigel was the main center for darkness in the Universe, correct ?

C : Yes it's correct.

U : Was the situation there worst than here ?

C : In a way yes it was worst, because there was less lightworkers and lightwarriors present, but in a way it was easier because there was much less happening on the physical plane, it was more on the etheric and astral plane.

U : Ok. So now is it all cleared there ?

C : Yes of course it is all clear, it has been cleared I would say about 15 years ago.

U : Ok. And how was the post-liberation process, the healing process, is it finished now ?

C : Yes yes, of course.

U : Ok. You said in one post that Saturn can represent the dark forces, why is that, is it not a natural planet ?

C : It is a natural planet but it was a portal for the dark forces in the past. It was an entry point inside of the solar system for the dark forces from beyond the solar system. But of course now the planet has been cleared and is no longer a dark entry portal.

U : Ok, so it has good energy in itself, it's not bad ?

C : Yes, yes.

U : And the word, cabal, it means cube yes ?

C : No

U : Ok. So what does it mean, why do we use this word ?

C  : It is simply a word for a secret association of people who are trying to reach a certain common goal, whatever that is.

U : Ok. Does blood family still exist outside the surface of this planet or do people only organize in soul families ?

C : People in the liberated universe organize in soul families.

U : So the blood family is not really an important part of their life, is it ?

C : It is not a part of their society structure anymore. People do relate also on that level but the basis of the society is the soul family and soul connection. 

U : Ok. So the quantum potential force that generated darkness, we can call it contingency yes ?

C : Yes

U : Was blood family a result of contingency, or is it just a natural source design ?

C : It's a natural design which was manipulated by the archons.

U : So it was the archons who made blood family become an important part of society ?

C : The archons were the ones who actually disconnected people from their soul so people were not relating on a soul level anymore, but just on a personality level, on the bloodline level.

U : Ok. Yes for example the church has always put importance on the blood family, they push that concept yes ?

C : Yes. They put importance on the family, and what they do they separate one family from another, so it's one family against the other.

U : Soul families ?

C : No the personality families, the church focuses on personality families, and tends to separate one family from another.

U : Oh yeah, like competition ?

C : Yes

U : In between incarnations, do archons prevent people from leaving the planet using manipulation only, or also with violent force ?

C : They have technology, their technology of the veil is so strong that very rarely people are able to even to try to escape, if they try to escape they are caught by force, very violently.

U : Ok. And so they can also manipulate people by disguising themselves as beings of light yes ? 

C : Sometimes yes but this disguise is not very good so if you have contact with your own intuition, your own guidance, you will recognize such a being. But it's also that guides of the lightforces are manipulated by the archons on the etheric plane, and they generally want to do good but they are brainwashed, same as spiritual teachers on the physical plane, it is quite similar. 

U : Does the Universe always expand or does it expand and contract in cycles ?

C : It expands and contracts, it's like a heartbeat, it's like a natural beating of the cosmic heart. 

U : Oh like breathing ?

C : Yes

U : And so at what point are we in the cycle now ?

C : We are now exactly at the moment between the maximum expansion and beginning of the contraction again. And this is why this change is happening. 

U : Can you talk about the relationship between the number 6 and the number 5, pentagram and hexagram, what does it represent ? 

C : Actually these are sacred symbols, the pentagram is a symbol of divine will, and the hexagram is a symbol of divine love. They're actually symbols of divine masculine and divine feminine. 

U : So is the 5 the feminine ?

C : The 5 is masculine and the 6 is the feminine in a certain aspect. But in the other aspect the 5 can also be attributed to the divine feminine, because of the Venus cycle, and the hexagram can be determined as a unification of male and female, or polarities of opposites, like heaven and earth, day and night, and similar others.

U : What will happen to the land property after the event, especially all the public land and the land owned by the cabal ?

C : Public land will remain public and the land which now belongs to the cabal will be used for public purposes, healing centers, spiritual centers, for scientific projects, and similar others.

U : Ok. So for example if someone wants to settle and build a house on public land, there will be no authority anymore ?

C : There will be certain regulations but people will have much more say in what will be allowed and how things are developped. There will still need to be certain concensus among people about what to do with that land.

U : Can you explain a bit about the silver gate and the golden gate, what i talked about in my article, the points in space in the direction of the central sun, and in the opposite direction of the central sun ? What is there, is it something physical there or something else ?

C : It is actually the main axis of evolution in this sector of the galaxy, if we look towards the galactic central sun you have the Antares star which is a stargate that goes in that direction, and in the opposite direction you have the Aldebaran stargate, which goes in the other direction. On the galactic scale it's like one of the galactic highways, through which many civilisations send their lightships. And there is also a strong flow of galactic energy going along that direction, and that galactic current allows different civilisations to evolve deeper into Oneness.

U : Ok. And so for example the vatican flag is the golden key and the silver key yes ? It means that they want to lock these gates no ? 

C : No, no.

U : Why do they use these symbols ? 

C : They are not aware of these silver and golden stargates, they use the keys as a symbol for them to be the keeper, the guardian of the secrets and only they can unlock them. 

U : Ok. It can mean also feminine and masculine no ? 

C : Yes it can. Because in the current terminology, silver is a symbol of the Goddess, and gold is a symbol of the God.

U : When we use a replicator, for example with a tomato, do we always get the same tomato or does it change like in nature ?

C : Basically a replicator has a certain recording inside it, of what it will replicate, and you will get an exact replica of that recording, so it's a copy of the same object.

U : Ok, so it's always the same tomato ? 

C : Yes, unless you change the recording, it's like a photocoping machine, you need to change the original to get different copies. 

U : Ok, so it's easy to change the original ?

C : Yes, it's very easy.

U : It seems to me that the technology is always a pale copy of the technology inside us, like the telephone and the telepathy, do you think there's a risk when there's too much technology, to draw people away from their inner source ?

C : Yes there needs to be a balance between the spiritual development and the development of technology, and more advanced races always keep that balance. 

U : And do you agree that technology will ultimately all disappear, because we have it all inside ? That it's a temporary solution because we have so many problems ?

C : Yes it will disappear but we are far from that stage.

U : Are all ETs ascended ?

C : No, no, some of the races have ascended, some of the ETs have not yet ascended but they are in alignment, in harmony with the Source.

U : Do you agree that hierarchy is an artificial concept created by the dark forces ?

C : It depends on how you define hierarchy. In nature there's a natural order which is organic, this is the natural form of hierarchy, and there's the artificial hierarchy which was created by the archons, which means a controlling pyramid of power, which is a completely unnatural and artificial concept.

U : Ok. So in the natural hierarchy, nobody tells anybody what to do yes ?

C : No, simply it's a nature of things, you know what your mission is and you do your mission, you do your part, and other people do their part. And nobody is higher or lower it's simply an organic flow of energy which determines which is your best position to do a certain thing. 

U : What do you think will happen to the architecture after the event, is some of it full of dark symbols, and we shouldn't use it, or is it neutral symbols that can be used for good or bad ? 

C : Symbols are always neutral, and you can always transform a symbol with energy work. So most of the architecture will be kept and it will be slowly transformed as the planet evolves into higher vibrational frequency, and new forms of architecture will be introduced. Many of the old buildings will be slowly removed, but many of them will be kept as an example from the history of humanity.

U : Is there a risk at the time of the event with the mk ultra victims ? Is there a plan and process of the light forces about this ?

C : Yes the light forces have a certain plan, to deal with the situation, and there will be no, I would say, immediate or great danger from mk ultra victims. They might have some reactions but the situation will be dealt with.

U : So the light forces know who they are, and they can protect people ?

C : Yes, I would say there is a way to handle the situation which is still classified, but it will be taken care of.

U : So the darkness only existed in this galaxy and andromeda yes ? 

C : It existed to certain small degree in some other places but far less than here and Andromeda.

U : So there was a bit of darkness in the rest of the Universe, was there contingency there as well ?

C : The contingency can manifest in different ways, darkness is only the most extreme and drastic form of it.

U : Ok, so there's contingency everywhere in the universe ? 

C : Yes

U : And are there other Universes with different types of reality ?

C : Actually we are going through a process of convergence of all different universes into One Universe, which is part of the cosmic evolution. And most of the universes were very small and undevelopped, and this is actually one of the major manifestations.

U : Ok. So there's other universes with no contingency or different rules ? 

C : Actually all universes contain contingency simply because it's a logical opposite of the Absolute.

U : Ok. So will it disappear eventually ? 

C : Yes there will be a moment, which will be the end of time, when all creation will be absorbed back into the One. 

U : So when you use the words dark and light, positive and negative, is it litterally ? Is the night not a natural darkness, or the negative pole on the planets not natural as well ? 

C : Night is not negative, night is simply a phase of rotation of a planet when the sun is not present in the sky. When i say darkness it is the negativity, which is a result of the interaction between contingency and free will.

U : Ok. So the sleeping and night patterns are not a result of contingency, it's natural source order ? 

C : It's natural yes, day and night, sleeping and being awake, it's part of a natural cycle. 

U : And does it still exist on higher planes ?

C : To a certain degree yes, but it mostly exists on the physical plane, because the physical plane needs more of this, it's more polarized, and the physical body needs more rest than your higher energy bodies.

U : So when we sleep we actually receive cosmic energies no ?

C : Yes

U : You've explained before how archons manipulate astrology and astrological influences, can you talk a bit more about that ? Are we not meant to be stuck with a natal chart all our life, or is this natural ? 

C : Natural charts and horoscope actually show tendencies for you, but you always have free will, and you can go beyond those tendencies. And of course, what the archons do, they use their technology to strengthen the bad aspects of the chart, and they use astrological trends and progressions through rituals on certain key individuals, and certain key moments of human history, to change the outcome of the events.

U : Ok. So the whole thing of dividing energy into the different zodiac signs, it's natural as well ?

C : To a certain degree yes but there is also an artificial structure which is part of the veil which has been existing on this planet for the last 25000 years. It's an energy matrix created by scalar waves, which actually distort the energies of the zodiac signs.

U : And so they make it all negative, and they prevent flexibility so we don't have free will over it, yes ?

C : They actually limit the free will, so if you're born in a certain sun sign, they use that technology to suppress the positive aspects of that sign, and to enhance the negative aspects of that sign. It's part of the veil, part of the technology of the veil.

U : And so when this is removed, will we be able to choose any sign we want to be ? How will it work ?

C : You will still have your natal chart, your horoscope, but it will be much more flexible dealing with the energies and with the characteristics of your character.

U : Has the tarot been manipulated as well ?

C : Basically it is good but of course it has been manipulated by the archons and by many occult rituals. Actually each card of the tarot is an entry point, it's a portal into a certain frequency, into a certain energy field. And those energy fields have of course also been manipulated by the veil technology.

U : The cabal has always repressed sexuality, but since a few decades they are using it in public, broadcasting a lot of it, can you talk a bit about the dynamics and their purpose with that ?

C : Actually there are two main factions within the cabal. The jesuit faction who wants to suppress sexuality. And the illuminati factions, especially the rothshild faction, who want to openly express it in a distorted way and manipulate it in a way that further enslaves people. Because the jesuits lost a lot of power in the last few centuries, this is the reason why there was more freedom, actually one of the reasons, the other reason was of course all the liberation progress of the light forces. But as human sexuality became more liberated, the rothshild faction began to misuse that factor and manipulate the energy in a way that would further enslave humanity through their financial system and through the mass media.

U : Ok, so how does it enslave people, is it the separation from Love ?

C : Actuality it enhances the separation between Love and Sexuality, and also through the mass media people have ideas, certain cliches, how they should look like, what they should wear and how they should behave. 

U : And so it disconnects them from their true self.

C : Yes exactly.

U : Is it true that most of the famous artists and musicians since the 50s were mk ultra victims ?

C : Not most of them but many of them. For the most famous ones I could say most of them.

U : So does that mean that their creations are not good for us ?

C : You see those people still had contact with their souls, they were still creative. So their creations were a mixture of their inspiration and the programming. As you can probably see this reflects in pop music quite much.

U : Yeah it seems that it's getting worst and worst since the 50s

C : It's actually getting really worst since the mid-90s. 

U : Ok, after the invasion ?

C : Yes exactly. And you can easily see how the style of music has changed after '95 or '96.

U : Oh yes yes, a lot.
It can be difficult for some people to see the BRICS as not being another good cop bad cop scheme. Are the leaders of BRICS really awake or do they have their own agenda ?

C : I understand the position of people because there are many jesuit agents within the BRICS that want to misuse the situation and do exactly what the people are afraid of. They want to manipulate the BRICS aliance into just an alternative to the old system that creates a global new world order type government. But this will not happen for two reasons : number one is that key people inside the eastern alliance are aware of this infiltration, and number two the Light forces will not allow this to happen because at a certain moment it will end and the compression breakthrough will stop those plans of the jesuits. 

U : Ok. So it seems that these countries are still under cabal law a lot no ?

C : Yes of course before the Event every country still has a lot of cabal infiltration in its structure. But what we are seeing at the top most level, there is a lot of progress, many countries are being freed from the cabal influence to a certain degree on the top most level,  but of course all the infrastructure on a local level needs to be changed and this will only happen to a massive degree after the Event.

U : How many factions of white dragon society are there ?

C : There are many factions and many different groups, and I would say that many of them have also been infiltrated throughout history because you need to know that the infiltration of China by the jesuits began in the 16th century, very shortly after the jesuits were created as an independant organisation. And the dragon families have also been infiltrated through that long period of a few hundred years. But again the top dragons are aware of this and they have ways to counteract this infiltration. 

U : In one of your posts there was a picture of a TR3B ship, a post about the chimera, so do you mean that these ships belong to them ?

C : It was not an actual photograph it was just a symbolic representation of that ship. Chimera group used part of this technology jointly with the military industrial complex in the secret space program.

U : Do they still have it now ?

C : It is not the highest purpose to answer this question.

U : Ok. What do they use it for ?

C : That triangular craft has many purposes, and much of it has to do with maintaining the quarantine status of planet Earth. To monitor extraterrestrial activity, and to suppress that activity, and make sure that there are no cracks in the matrix. 

U : Can you talk about Anonymous ? It seems that anybody can call themselves Anonymous, but is there many factions, a core group ?

C : There might or might not be a core group.

U : Ok. So there's many factions that are active directly against the cabal ?

C : You can say that anybody can claim to be part of Anonymous, yes there are many factions, and yes many are working against the cabal.

U : Ok. Is there some negative factions as well ?

C : Of course there are also agents infiltrated inside Anonymous, it's true.

U : What is the original symbol of the trinity ?

C : You have one at the top and then you have male and female. So it's a triangle between male and female, and the source.

U : Can you talk about the purpose of Dolmens ?

C : Actually in the neolithic times they were observatories, they were actually stargates which connected the etheric body of the planet with the stars. And the priests who were building, designing those dolmens knew about the connection between the earth ley line grid system and various star systems, and they were erecting those dolmens to make this connection stronger, and to rejuvenate the planet with cosmic life streams.

U : And do they still work now, can they still be used ?

C : They work now but you see the archons have done a lot of negative energy work on the dolmens to suppress and cut their energy fields.

U : Is a lot of the police and the army aware of the plans of the event ? Because it seems the ones we interact with are very asleep.

C : I would say in the military there is more awareness than in the police forces, so there is some awareness of this, but a lot of this will increase drastically in the first hour after the event.

U : So is it expected that they will just obey orders and go along with the plan ?

C : Yes they will obey orders from on high and those orders will be coming from the Light forces at that time.

U : Was the food chain system a result of contingency ?

C : It is a result of interaction between the soul's part which has to incarnate in the physical body and as a result of that, the food chain was I would say an attempt to make the physical plane functionning.

U : Was the physical plane a result of contingency ?

C : Everything in the universe is a result of interaction between the contingency and the Source.

U : Ok. But there is more of contingency in the physical plane ? 

C : The physical plane has the most contingency because it is the lowest and densest possible plane in the universe. 

U : So that means it's the further away from the Source ?

C : Yes

U : Can you talk a bit about community of lightworkers, i've been trying to live in one but it's very difficult it seems there's a lot of interference, do you think it's important for people to start living together now, or is it normal for people to just be spread out ? 

C : Realistically speaking those types of community will only be possible when the veil is removed, because people have so many suppressed emotions and belief systems which get activated into many types of environments that they are simply not ready to do that. 

U : So is there a purpose of lightworkers being all spread out in different locations to create a grid ?

C : Yes exactly.

U : Can you talk a bit about music on other planets, do they use it like we do, have concerts like we do ?

C : Yeah there is music but it's not exactly in the same way. Music is never used for programming, it's much more harmonious and they have spontaneous gatherings, they don't do exactly like concerts but there are I would say mass gatherings also when people listen to the music.

U : So there's no like, putting people on pedestals and all that, it doesn't exist yes ?

C : It's different, it's a little bit more organic, there is more interaction between the musicians and the public, not so much separation, and usually the energy is much much nicer.

U : Oh yeah so everybody participates more

C : Yes, it's more an interaction between the musicians and the public.

U : And do people there live in houses similar to us or are they much more in nature ?

C : They have certain buildings which are more circular and have more natural curves, and they blend with nature much more. 

End of transcript.

Much Love and Courage to everyone