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Decoding the Grid : Vancouver

For those who are not familiar with this process, i'll share again a few basic notions. There are energetic currents on a planet much like acupuncture points on a human body. This is raw neutral energy that can be used for all kinds of purpose, good or bad. The universe is based on free will and archetypes, and symbols are present everywhere from micro to macro to serve as the vocal chord with which we voice and amplify our free will. We can recognize patterns throughout the universe such as planets revolving around a star, spiral motions, atomic structures, golden number/fibonacci sequence, etc. Any symbol can be used for all kinds of intentions, good or bad.

For more info, see Scott Onstott's great research, Secrets in Plain Sight. See his first documentary here for free. Many thanks to him and also to Cobra for helping me understand the world we live in and what is at play here, and for inspiring more discoveries.
See also my article about gridwork for further explanations about this process.
Many thanks also to my partner Star Gazer who did these discoveries with me.

Image credit : Secrets in Plain Sight

So the first thing i did here is to look for famous places, the 'touristic' sites, etc.
First i found that the Vancouver Lookout is situated 555 west hasting streets, that the height at which they take people to have a view of the city is 555 feet, and that its sides measure roughly 3141 inches, recalling Pi.

Then we noticed there is a very peculiar building on 1456 west 7th avenue, that has barely any windows, and no name on it. I could not find any picture of it or any reference to it. All i could see on it is 3 masonic symbols. Here is a picture from google street view :

You can quite see one masonic symbol in blue at the top right corner. The same symbol is also on both pillars on the front side. What are they doing in a building with no windows ?

 Then i checked downtown Vancouver where i always felt very intense and uncomfortable energy. This is of course where many financial and other power centers of the matrix are, especially around Burrard station. The Burrard name is all over Vancouver, coming from Harry Burrard, who was working for the english royals in late 18th/early 19th century. The burrard bridge is 216 m long (216 is part of a cosmic sequence found everywhere in the cosmos, just like 432hz which is the proper tuning for music. This sequence feels to me that it's the basis for the music of the sphere, see Scott Onstott's article about it). Vancouver is named after Burrard's colleague George Vancouver. You can see them both holding a caduceus on Burrard bridge :

A masonic lodge was named after Burrard in north Vancouver, and an obelisk was built in his honor in Walhampton UK.

 Going along Burrard bridge through Burrard street, we are back downtown. I drew a line from 666 burrard street, a major skyscraper in the heart of the downtown power center, going to the masonic building. The distance between the two points is 1.61 miles, which is Phi, the golden ratio of the fibonacci sequence found all over creation.
Just next to 666 burrard is one of the main churches of Vancouver, christ church cathedral. On the side of that church is a celtic cross (a cross with a solar disc added on to it), complete with the 4 fixed signs of the zodiac and a triskell in the middle :

The eagle on top is scorpio's enlightened state and often used to symbolize it. You have the bull (taurus) on the right, lion leo at the bottom, and aquarius on the left.

Then i drew a line from 'Science World' (a huge geodesic dome) to the masonic building. The distance between the two is also Phi, 1.61 miles.

Then i drew a line between another major building downtown called the 'sun tower' and the masonic building, the ditance between the two is 2.71km, recalling the mathematical constant e, also central in sacred geometry.
That sun tower is at an equal distance of 888m between 666 Burrard and Science World.

Then i checked the distance between the masonic building and the city hall : 1.11 miles.
The city hall architecture reminds me of the babylonian ziggurat. The MI6 building in UK and the homeland security in california are also commonly called ziggurats and have similar architecture.

 Then i drew a line from the masonic building to the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg, another major masonic center at the geometrical center of North America, the distance between the two is 1008 nautical miles, another number in the cosmic sequence.

Then i checked queen elizabeth park, a very peculiar natural park that stands out in Vancouver since it is sitting on a rock hill, the only rocky spot in Vancouver. One major olympic center was built next to it in 2010, and the main jesuit church of Vancouver is also there on 4925 Cambie street.
 The distance between the masonic building and queen elisabeth park is 3.333 km.

I realized that all these lines starting from the masonic building were at equal distance of each other. So i kept drawing them to have a complete circle :

It creates a circle divided in 36 lines. Many of those lines go to strong energetic points : 666 Burrard, the Vancouver Lookout, the Sun tower, Science World, queen elisabeth park, Manitoba legislative building, a skyscraper in Coquitlam (eastern Vancouver suburb) called the Obelisk, a celtic cross in Stanley Park, the lion statues at the entrance of Lion's gate bridge (modeled after the golden gate bridge in San Franciso), St Patrick's Parish church (where a very high neon celtic cross that can be seen from miles away was recently built), the City Hall front garden, an Inukchuk in the west end (native neolithic type structure built for the 2010 olympics) :

A circle is divided into 360 degrees, and as Scott Onstott pointed out in this article : "The ancient Egyptians recognized 36 constellations. They divided the year into 36 decans, or 10 day weeks, plus a festival of 5 or 6 days at the end of the year, recalling 6/5. The French tried to bring back this method of reckoning time with the French Republican Calendar but it didn’t survive when the political pendulum swung back the other way." The reason why this calendar was proposed in France after the 1789 revolution is because freemasonry was started there earlier in that century by Saint-Germain and they were trying to spread positivity and truth in society. They were later infiltrated by ill-intentionned groups, and most lower degrees freemasons have no idea what is really going on on this planet. They are brainwashed like the rest of the population to not question things even though most aspects of our lives are obviously cheated and polluted on purpose : the financial system, our food system, etc.

Here is an ancient Egyptian zodiac from Dendera. You have the 36 constellations along the inner circle, and 4 goddesses and 4 pairs of gods holding it. It seems to me the goddesses are the fixed zodiac constellations/signs (feminine is receptive, stillness), and the gods the mutable ones (masculine is action, change). These 8 pillars of the zodiac are also the 8 holy days in the Celtic calendar.

 One of the 36 zodiac lines in Vancouver goes exactly to H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, which has a big crab statue at its entrance : 

Why would a crab symbolize a space centre ?
The crab is the symbol of the cancer constellation/sign, so here we have a confirmation of the zodiac wheel around Vancouver.

If cancer is there, then Taurus is at the Sun tower. There is an obelisk just in front of that building in victory square, with the symbol of Taurus on it :

One of these lines on the ground goes exactly to the masonic building.

Sagittarius, which represent the travels, is where the airport is. Scorpio, water sign, the end and new beginning, is on Iona island, which shape evokes the Scorpio constellation and piercing aspect, and is where the used waters are treated and released back into the ocean.

 In Capricorn, the career, there's a neighborhood called the Crescent, where many of the richest people in Vancouver live. Although pretty much all of Vancouver is built in squares, this neighborhood doesn't fit the pattern, as you can see :

It's like they placed themselves on a hill out of the prison bars of the rest of the street grid. These two parks on both ends of Angus drive, both with 5 streets shooting out of them in the same pattern, could ressemble goat heads, symbol of Capricorn.
Capricorn is the complementary sign of Cancer, the moon. Complementary signs can be seen as a yin yang symbol, where there is a bit of each in the other. The crescent could be seen as a moon reference, and the shape of the two parks as phases of the moon cycle. The distance between the Sun tower and the crescent park on the right is 3.33km. Additionally two of the 36 zodiac lines touch both ends of that park, both at a distance of 1.08 km from the masonic building.

The Vancouver Lookout is also at an equal distance of 333 m from both the obelisk in victory square and the Vancouver club, a masonic lodge situated around the corner from 666 Burrard.
The distance between 666 burrard and queen elisabeth park is 3.14 miles, recalling Pi. A straight line between those two points goes through the city hall. The distance between the city hall and 666 burrard is 2.71 km, recalling e. The distance between the city hall and queen elisabeth park is 1.44 miles, a number in the fibonacci sequence and often referenced as the number of souls in a soul family.
The distance between the Obelisk in Coquitlam and the Obelisk in victory square is 14.4 miles.

So that masonic building seems to be at the center of the Vancouver energetic grid, and also pretty much at the geometric center of greater Vancouver. What are they doing in a building with no windows ?

**Update : I've discovered a few other alignments :
The distance from the masonic building to the lion statues at the entrance of the lion's gate bridge is 3.333 miles. From the masonic building to Iona island : 4.32 miles. From Burrard masonic lodge in north Vancouver to queen elisabeth park : 8.88 km. From the masonic building to Triumf, a particle accelerator linked up to CERN (as part of the Tier 1 grid) : 4.32 miles. From the masonic building to the Inukshuk in the west end : 2.22 km. From the masonic building to saint patrick's parish : 2.71 km, which is e.
There's a marina with pretty interesting geometric shape next to granville island called spruce harbor marina (most other marinas don't have such distinct geometric shapes). One of the 36 zodiac lines goes exactly to the middle of it, and the distance from the masonic building to that middle point is 777 m :

The distance from the burrard lodge to the eastern entry of burrard bridge is 6.66 km. From burrard lodge to 666 burrard : 2.71 nautical miles, e. From the burrard lodge to science world : 5.55 km. From burrard lodge to the city hall : 4.444 miles.

In east Vancouver there is a famous big neon cross with East Van written on it.
 The distance from the east van cross to the celtic cross in stanley park is 3.033 miles, to the vancouver lookout 3.33 km, to science world 1.11 nautical miles, to MacMillan space centre 2.71 NM, which is e, to the masonic building 2.71 miles, e again, to triumf 11.1 km, to the city hall 2.71 km, e again, (the city hall triumf and the east van cross are in a straight line), to the center of the crescent park 4.32 km, to saint patrick's parish 1.000 NM, to queen elisabeth park 2.22 miles, to the obelisk in victory square 3.033 km.

There's a big sports stadium in the downtown area called BC place. Football, soccer and other kinds of competition sport fields and materials are based on sacred geometry, and all these competition sports are basically males fighting to place their seeds in holes, as many of them as they can, more of them than other people, and preventing others from doing so. It's a total hijacking and pollution of sexual energy and this is why there's often massive satanic rituals like the superbowl around it.
The distance from BC place to the entrance of burrard bridge is 1.61 km, phi, to the city hall 1.61 km also, to st patrick's parish 1.111 NM, to science world 0.432 miles, to the obelisk in victory square 0.432 miles also, to the east van cross 2.71 km, e, to the burrard masonic lodge in north vancouver 5.55 km, to the vancouver club 1.11 km, to 666 burrard 1.11 km also, to the masonic building 2.22 km.

I also noticed that the city hall walls are covered with a particular symbol :

This seemed to me to confirm the babylonian/sumerian influence. So i searched and found this babylonian pot from 2000 BC :

The same symbol can be found on the right side of the god on the left. This symbol represents one point that divides itself into 4 branches. This feels to me to be a hand, which can be seen as a pentagram, and the 5 points of the pentagram can be seen as earth water air fire and the source. On a hand, the thumb is the source and the other fingers the 4 elements.

So now we can see that Harry Burrard and George Vancouver holding a caduceus on burrard bridge is an imitation of that babylonian symbol, where they placed themselves in the position of the babylonian gods. They put that same image on the entrance of the city hall :

It is also interesting to note that this article came out two days apart from an article by Kevin Annett about the vancouver club :

After i put out this article, a prepare fore change group was gathered here and we started going to do gridwork in the city. A few days later a significant victory happened here in which Keven Annett was involved :

I would strongly encourage everybody to do similar process in their own cities**

**Update 2 : More positive results happened. We connected with many lightworkers there, went to do gridwork on all the points and this created many synchronicities and openings for us.
Another strong sign happened :
Canada is very tied to the english royals. All government officials and police officers swear an oath to the queen when they start their job, the queen is on the 20$ bill and the name of the royals is all over streets and parks names. Just this fact is an occult spell to get people to give their energy to the royals, so it's always good to make free will declarations that we do not consent to this.
Some of us went to work on the burrard masonic lodge, and at the same time some others went to work in Victoria, a nearby town on Vancouver Island with a lot of masonic activity and where the British Columbia (local canadian state) parliament is.
Later that day, as the new Victoria mayor was getting into office, she and half of her staff refused to swear an oath to the queen. Instead she cited her duty towards the natives of this land and the people in general.

We expect more and more results to show as more and more people join us and we continue bringing light to the grid, until the enslavers system crumbles and all poisons and cheating in the financial system, in our food water air and energy supplies, in the media and all other aspects of our lives finally end.**

I'm sure there is more to be found here, but this already shows how cities are really built. Vancouver, although it looks pretty plain, not full of symbols in appearance, is no exception.
 It's in our hands to become aware of the world we live in, and to use that awareness to take action to bring a more harmonious energy in this planet's grid.


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  2. Interesting :-)
    Also notice that the point of highest elevation in the city, QE park, is in line with 33rd Ave. The provincial legislature building in Victoria is angled to directly face this point.

    1. Yes QE park is a very interesting point and when we did gridwork there a few days ago we saw there's a geodesic half dome there and also a fountain with a peculiar shape (can be seen in google maps with satellite view) and a symbolic chair on one end of it, that feels to me like it's a throne.

      Victoria is also very important for the grid and from what i'm seeing the main axis of that building goes close to QE park but not quite, but it goes exactly to the burrard masonic lodge and the distance between the two is 55.5 nautical miles.

      Thank you !

    2. I was working on a video for YouTube about QE Park and happened across this article at the time. I included your measurement of 3333m between the Vancouver Masonic Centre and Queen Elizabeth Park, To be precise, the measurement is exact between dead centre of the large building on the West 8th Avenue property and the all-seeing eye I located at the Centennial Rose Garden. Please have a look at my video and let me know what you think. Thanks for your work on this.

    3. Oops, here's the link ...

    4. WOW! You are right on the truth there. I live this Blog and I will read it all and contact you personally. Thanks for all this work!

  3. Thank you! Holy shit that's so.. I have no words. Hiding in plain view. I'm going to hijack the grid with light!

  4. I live in a comdemed city. You should come here!

  5. Focus the light on the city of Taunton Mass,

  6. Some friendly grid workers have followed your lead:
    Thank You!!!

    1. Thank you so much for connecting us !! So many things aligning !!
      I also got your comment on the silver gate golden gate article. Interesting thank you. I have not yet synthesized this though so i need to look into it more.
      You are welcome to contact me by e-mail to speak more about all this

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this. I recently joined the Prepare for change circle members. For now concentrating global grid work Event for Aleppo every morning (here is Japan will be 4 am).
    Sometimes, I felt I’d like to hear more remarkable good change around Syria though,when I read this article, you showed us a good result after grid work (meditation using our raw energy ), I felt so release and thankful as knowing we can do,
    Thank you!
    Recently, I hear a news, a conflict about MinamiTorishima Island, near Japan in Pacific ocean.
    Is there a grid near there? I wonder, can we do for this?
    I’ll keep in touch. Thank you so much for your contribution to our Earth.

  8. I was looking up ley lines and found this article. Very trippy stuff. The reason is because I astral travel and I get dragged to these points frequently. Most of the time its near the East Van Cross going down to powell and along hastings. Other times I have gotten dragged in projections to Stanley Park. These are the only places I get to project to in Vancouver. Trying to figure out why. What astrological signs are these areas related to?

  9. Hello there! I commented on this post a couple of years ago to let you now about my research into Queen Elizabeth Park, which I have scientifically identified as Vancouver's axis mundi. After surveying the literature, I found nine qualities common to the axis mundi, across time and geography, that all for identification. Some will have many, others perhaps only half, at least at first glance, but QE Park has all nine. Today, 03/30, I uploaded a 51 minute/51 second YouTube magnus opus, lol, about the park and much of what I discovered about it. I've shown it to a few friends before posting. Eyes popped, jaws dropped, lots of "are you kidding me?" and "holy [expletive]!" reactions. I hope you'll visit my channel and check it out. Full screen/1080p HD required since I make ample use of Google Earth.

    PS: And you've probably already made the connection but, in case not, the slope angle of the Great Pyramid is 51 degrees/51 minutes. ;-)

  10. I also just noticed I live right on one of the lines, the one going to the Manitoba legislature, to be specific. Is there anything I should know about the energy of such lines? Can it affect me in a positive or negative way, and if the latter, what can one do about it other than move? Can the energy be harnessed psychically for good intentions? Healing? Thanks!

  11. I just keep coming back to this article! In the map of Vancouver one of the spokes goes out of frame, headed towards Coquitlam cenotaph. It's hard to tell because it's chopped off, but would it have also gone through the SFU site? I don't know if you're old enough to remember, but back in the day they had built a pipe structure mimicking the dimensions of the Great Pyramid on the campus. It was there for several years but I don't think it is anymore.

    I just wanted to clarify what I think I was my misunderstanding – the spokes are not so much energy lines, as they are, say, "directional" and/or "distance" lines?

    And of course the spokes themselves are astounding in their layout. I was asking in my previous post about these being energy lines, but I am assuming now that they are just connecting points A and B (?)