Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Symbolism Everywhere

Symbolism is what creation is made of. If we are not conscious of it, it can drive our lives without us having a say in it.

Since the universe is based on masculine/feminine balance and interaction, most of the symbolism can be boiled down to this polarity.

I have explained before that feminine is reception and unity, and masculine is action and individuality. The sun, masculine, generates light actively. The moon, feminine, generates light passively. Everything is one and everything is unique.

Curvy shapes are feminine, because it is what allows reception. If you want to hold something in your hand, you will curve them. Straight lines are masculine, it is what allows distinction, individuality. If you want to cut something into distinct parts you need a straight object.
If you observe our bodies, you'll see that female bodies generally have more curves and males have more straight lines.
The idea of things being separated and distinct has been given a bad image in the new age movement. But if we observe life we see that it is needed, we need to be able to make a distinction between the tree, the pond, the human, the sun, the moon, etc. They are distinct, and at the same time, they are one.
The enslavers routine is to suppress one polarity after the other, creating, as my partner calls Star Gazer it, a hypnotical pendulum that confuses people, much like in the bipartisan political party. To the left, then to the right, and start again. Sometimes they'll promote fake individuality that becomes selfishness, sometimes they'll promote fake unity that becomes conformity. And people become lost.

The color red, color of the root chakra, is associated with the element earth and our connection with the planet. Earth is a femine element that allows beings to be held in or on it, connects them altogether and recycles dead matter back into unity.
The lips of a woman are often seen sensually, because they are shaped like a vesica pisces (the sacred geometry at the root of the flower of life), like her vagina. This is a curvy shape and a hole, receptive elements, feminine symbols. On top of that, lips are often painted red. On the other side, men's lips are often less prominent, with more straight lines.
As i explained in my Healing with balance article, i am not promoting conformity and both males and females are made of both masculine and feminine energies and symbolism.
To be able to curve and receive, things need to be soft, so we sleep on soft beds, to relax.
To be able to create distinction, things need to be hard, like the walls of a house.
To be able to act, our muscles get tensed, becoming hard. To be able to receive new energy and nutrients, they relax, becoming soft.
Tensions in the body that do not relax is a lack of feminine. Lack of strength in the body is a lack of masculine.

As i mentioned in the gridwork article, spinning and spiral movements also have polarity. Clock-wise is feminine, it anchors. When you screw something in, you place it inside a whole/hole, place it in unity with it. Counter-clockwise is masculine, it liberates. When you unscrew, you take it out to be by itself, making it an individual element.
The left side of the body is feminine, the right side is masculine, if you turn clockwise you start from your left and counter-clockwise you start from your right. On the left is the stomach, receiving food, on the right is the liver, acting on it.
It's inverted for the hemispheres of the brain, left is masculine and right is feminine, because of the kundalini spiral movement.

Our languages are full of traps. You are not right (masculine), you are correct. Things are not hard (masculine), they are difficult.
A female is called a woman, which means womb man. A male used to be and should still be called a werman (werewolf = wolf man), wer is from the same root as verge, which is a straight line, a penis. The word man should be neutral, like humanity.
To call a male a man is a trap, it implies that the word woman is a subproduct of the word man, meaning the man is the original, and the woman is a subproduct, like in the crazy bible stories where the woman is made from the rib of a man. The word female has also been made to look like it's a subproduct of the word male, but they don't have the same root, male comes from masculine and female from feminine.
 Another trap is the word war, associated with wer, the male, like mars is wrongly accociated with war. War, conflict of individualities, is an extreme form of distorted masculine but not masculine nature.
You can see symbolism in the bipartisan puppet political system, where the leftwing parties (left side feminine) use the color red and promote conformity (communism), and the rightwing parties (right side masculine) use the color blue and promote selfishness (capitalism).

In society in general, blue very often symbolizes men, and red/pink women. The 12 zodiacs signs correspond to parts of the body. Aries is the head, taurus the neck, gemini the arms, cancer the chest, leo the heart, virgo the digestive system, libra the hips, scorpio the sex organs, sagittarius the thighs, capricorn the knees, aquarius the legs, pisces the feet. In my silver gate golden gate article, i've shown that there's actually 14 zodiac signs and constellations. Orion/Osiris is just after taurus, therefore located in the throat chakra, blue. Ophiucus/Isis is just after scorpio, in the root chakra, red.  Taurus is also Isis and scorpio Osiris, always a bit of yin in the yang and vice versa.
 The green heart chakra geometry is a merkabah, one masculine triangle and one feminine triangle, and is situated at equal distance from root and throat chakras. Trees, who always keep equal amount of roots (red) and branches (in the blue sky), are green. The branch of a structure is an individual part, to branch out is to go your own way.
Interestingly enough, these are the three light (additive) primary colors, red green and blue, the three colors our eyes and computer screens perceive to deduce all the others. All three together make white. The holy trinity, masculine/feminine/source, i guess ?

Click here for some good basic info about color vision

As an additional synchronicity, additive colours are usually represented as a tri vesica pisces, just like in the first picture of this article, and in my 432hz article. I didn't make this happen consciously.
 Now i understand this celtic symbol :

Additionally, red in the matrix is the color of all things forbidden, don't go at the red lights, etc. This is part of a program of not wanting anybody to be grounded and secure.

Water is a feminine element, it absorbs things from its environment and integrates them in unity. It stays still, receives energy, reacts to outside forces like gravity, and takes the shape of what you put it in.
Air, the wind, is masculine, it generates movement and change. Fire is masculine, it is a burst of energy that transports things from a state to another, from a dimension to the other, also generating movement.

The magic wand, the verge, is a straight line, masculine symbol. It is a line with two ends, creating a distinction between point A and point B. It symbolizes fire in the tarot.
  The cup, the chalice, is receiving, feminine symbol. It symbolizes water in the tarot.
 The element earth in the tarot is symbolized by the pentacle/pentagram. The venus cycle also draws a pentagram in the sky, so the pentagram and number 5 can symbolize the divine feminine. They are widespread in the plant world, for example in apples if you cut them in half from their equator. This is why the apple symbolizes feminine knowledge, like in the distorted bible stories of the garden of eden.

These are just a few examples of how our whole reality is constructed based on this polarity.
Imbalance is at the root of all disharmony. By observing and facing dynamics in every aspect of our lives honestly, we can become conscious and correct things, both internally and externally. Are we only caring about our own vision, wanting to take credit for things too much (distorted masculine) ? Or only living through other people's visions, passively waiting without making any initiative (distorted feminine) ? We all need to balance putting forth our own vision, and listening and supporting other people. Both energies can only exist together, in Love for each other. Feminine can't exist if it has no action to receive, and masculine can't exist if it has no reception for its actions. To distort one is to distort both. To Love one is to Love both. Balance is key to heal this world.

Art by John Duncan.


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