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Connections and Magic Eye Therapy

The magic eye pictures consist of a 3D image encoded within a 2D picture. This is actually a very good exercise to balance and connect the left (masculine) and right (feminine) hemispheres of the brain, and both polarities within us in general, since the 3D image can only be seen when using both hemispheres and polarities together : the masculine side sees details, individual parts, and the feminine side sees the big picture.

It's a beautiful reflection of life in general, which can only be understood when respecting and considering both polarities equally, and connecting them together. The feminine side is about reception, acceptance, support, listening, stillness, compassion, unity. The masculine side is about action, initiative, assertion, diversity, movement, change, giving, uniqueness. Health, harmony and connection can only happen with both in balance. Everything is one and everything is unique.

Many ancient symbols are pointing exactly at this, here are some of them:

The ancient egyptian Ankh is a vesica pisces (vagina) on top of a tau (penis) :

You can see it on this representation of Ardhanari, the merging of Shiva (masculine) and Shakti (feminine) as one being :

The Om symbol is also a representation of a yoni (vagina) and a lingam (penis) as you can see in these older representations :

The kundalini (little snakes) represent masculine and feminine energy channels traveling through the body, meeting in each of our main chakras and uniting in the crown chakra.

The symbol of the crown is Om :

Blue is often associated with masculine because of the throat chakra active expression, and red with feminine because of the the root chakra connection with the earth receptive element.
Mixing a ray of blue light and a ray of red light will create a ray of purple light, evoking the purple crown :

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In india the yoni and lingam is a very sacred symbol :

Baphomet was worshipped by the light templars in the middle ages as a reintroduction of Cernunnos, ancient celtic deity. Both symbolize the merging of polarities within one being, this is why baphomet has one hand up and one hand down and Cernunnos is holding a ring and a snake. Like many symbols, there are several layers of association coexisting within the snake and the ring, but both can symbolize the union of polarities. The snake, for example in the kundalini, is an animal that can be both curved (feminine) and straight (masculine) (which is why there is often a snake on the crown of egyptian, indian and other deities), and the ring can correspond to the toroidal field which is the completion of both polarities together.
The zodiac sign capricorn and its corresponding planet Saturn correspond to realization, putting things into practice, manifesting, structuring. This process requires both polarities : receiving and acting. A symbol of capricorn is the mountain, symbol of realization which can be also be seen as a pyramid which is a triangle with three points : masculine feminine and the source/unification of both. This is why the most commonly used symbol for capricorn is the goat, that climbs on mountains, capri means goat in italian. The capricorn constellation is even seen as a mermaid goat, which is another symbol of both polarities merged within one being. Cernunnos and Baphomet are associated with Capricorn/Saturn. Satanic groups later hijacked these symbol and gave them the meaning of the devil, but this is not based in truth. It can be seen in how the 15th card of the tarot has been called the devil, but its true correspondence is widely known to be capricorn, as can be seen in ancient alchemical representations :

The common magic wand is made of a pentagram that represents the feminine because of the venus cycle, and a straight line which is a masculine phallic symbol that creates change, distinction and individuality of the two ends of the wand.

And of course the merkabah is one feminine triangle and one masculine triangle put together, as shown in this ancient alchemical representation found in the ruins of Pompei :

The four zodiac signs represent the four elements, which again is based on masculine feminine balance, earth and water are feminine and air and fire are masculine.

This is an interesting video about our 7 days week, why it is organized as it is, and how again, it symbolizes balance :

Another symbol of balance is the square and the circle, symbolizing, the linear and the curved, the active and the receptive, masculine and feminine. A square and circle of equal circumference encodes altogether a pythagorean triangle with sides of 3-4-5, the true proportions of the Earth and the Moon, and the great pyramid of Giza in this beautiful relationship :

Image : Secrets in plain sight

Our main chakras do not exist on the front of our body only, they also exist on the back. The back heart chakra is a very important center, and is where wings sprout, which is what the heart symbol means :

The two wings can also be seen as right and left side, the two polarities. The color of the heart center is green. Trees always keep an equal amount of roots (feminine) and branches (masculine) and are green also (see this article for more info). The heart can be seen as the masculine mental and the feminine intuition uniting in the middle, which is why its symbol is the merkabah.

The day can be divided into zodiac signs : the aries sign is when the sun arises, and its complementary sign, libra, corresponds to sunset. Libra's symbol is the scales, which again symbolizes the two polarities in balance. At sunset, we have a balance of day (action) and night (reception, stillness). Because of the atmosphere filtering rays of light, the sun becomes more red as it is setting, and there is a flash of green color that can be seen at the exact moment of the sunset with proper conditions. This green color at the moment of balance evokes the green of the balance in the heart.

As i've explain in this previous article, the ecliptic is the axis of rotation of the earth around the sun. There are 14 constellations aligned with this axis, 12 of them corresponding to our 12 zodiac signs. Among these 12 signs there are 3 per element, fire earth air and water, which again encodes balance. The 2 remaining constellations correspond to Isis and Osiris, which is again balance.
The five fingers in our hands can be seen as a pentagram. The five points in a pentagram can be seen as the four elements plus the source. The index points at directions like a wind vane and corresponds to air. The middle finger corresponds to earth, and giving somebody the middle finger is usually seen as a curse because it means blocking somebody in the material plane only, but it could also be seen as a call for material abundance with a different intention being set. The fourth finger corresponds to fire, where rings are usually placed : the ring of fire is a famous symbol with many associations. Rings are also said to be placed there because there is supposedly an energy line going from that finger straight to the heart, and on some level the heart is linked to the sun, which is a ring of fire. The fifth finger corresponds to water which is intuition, and in french there's a famous saying that if you know something intuitively, it's because your little finger told you. The thumb is the source, which is needed to be connected with other fingers in order to do something.

The number of phalanx in the hand is a perfect reflection of the constellations on the ecliptic, 3 phalanx/signs per element, plus two, Isis and Osiris, in the thumb/source.

Here's a selection of magic eye pictures to practice

To see the 3D image, stare into the picture and relax your eyes, and do as if you were seeing beyond it. You can also squint a bit to help. Depending on individuals it may take more or less time during which both polarities communicate and connect in order to see the picture.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

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