Monday, December 8, 2014

Decoding the Grid : Toronto

After very positive results from the Vancouver grid article, i decided to start the same process of decoding the grid in this other major city.

For those who are not familiar with this process, i'll share again a few basic notions. There are energetic currents on a planet much like acupuncture points on a human body. This is raw neutral energy that can be used for all kinds of purpose, good or bad. The universe is based on free will and archetypes, and symbols are present everywhere from micro to macro to serve as the vocal chord with which we voice and amplify our free will. We can recognize patterns throughout the universe such as planets revolving around a star, spiral motions, atomic structures, golden number/fibonacci sequence, etc. Any symbol can be used for all kinds of intentions, good or bad.
For more info, see Scott Onstott's great research, Secrets in Plain Sight. See his first documentary here for free. Many thanks to him and also to Cobra for helping me understand the world we live in and what is at play here, and for inspiring more discoveries.
See also my article about gridwork and my Vancouver article for further explanations about this process.

Image credit : Secrets in Plain Sight

Toronto is the main financial district in Canada. The richest neighborhoods of Canada are located there. The first thing that catches the attention is the CN tower, named after the canadian national railway because they used the company employee's pensions to build it. It is 553.33m high and the tallest man-made structure in north america :

So then i started looking for other famous sites :
There is Casa Loma, a big castle built in 1914, unusual for north america and one of the main touristic site. It was built as a big businessman's dream, and is called "Toronto's own camelot" on their official website.

Here is the old city hall, a feast of symbolism. Tri vesica pisces, triple square, 6 pointed stars, masonic compass and square, 8 pointed star, templar cross, vesica pisces.. It's all there :

There is also on the left on the picture below : the roof with a hegagram and a pentagram, 5 and 6 can symbolize masculine and feminine, and an angry sun at the top symbolizing enslavement.
In the center of the picture : the war memorial obelisk near the entrance.
On the right of the picture : gargoyles on the clock tower, highest point of the building, again representating enslavement.

There is an obelisk in the intersection of queen street and university avenue, it's another war memorial and it is part of the block where the old and new city hall are. The osgoode hall is also there, in which there is the court of appeal for ontario, the superior court of justice and the law society of upper canada.

 Here is another obelisk situated in the intersection of grenville and bay street, at the entrance of the 'police museum' :

Obelisks are divine masculine phallic symbols. Masculine energy corresponds to action and individuality, and feminine to reception and unity.
We can see here that obelisks are being associated with war, just like mars is commonly associated with war. War is a distortion of masculine energy but not true masculine nature. True masculine nature is about healthy initiative, action, uniqueness, diversity, creative ways of giving.

There is a very important power spot in David Pecaut square with an eternal flame in the center and a geodesic 'tube' on one side of it :

The metro hall is on the other side, a complex of 4 towers with a pyramid within a pyramid on top of each of them :

Other strong energetic points include : Fort York, a national historic site where a war between england and the usa happened in 1812, Ontario place's geodesic dome, the very formal hockey national hall of fame, ontario science centre, and the dominion centre, canada's largest shopping mall.

So then i checked the locations of the masonic temples in the area and started connecting the dots.

The distance from the CN tower to casa loma is 4.44 km. To a masonic lodge on 1100 millwood road in east york 4.44 miles. To the grenville obelisk 1.11 nautical miles (NM is the unit used by boats and airplanes). To the Pecaut eternal flame 432m (a number in the cosmic sequence, see Scott Onstott's article about it). To the dominion centre 666m. To ontario place geodesic dome 1.61 NM, which is phi the golden number. To osgoode hall 1.08km (another number in the cosmic sequence). To the city hall 0.666 NM. To the old city hall 1.11km.

The distance from Casa Loma to the grenville obelisk is 1.61 miles, the golden number. To a masonic lodge on 151 annette street 3.033 miles. To the science center 4.44 miles. To the masonic lodge on 1100 millwood 3.33 miles. To the city hall 3.33km. To the hockey hall 2.71 miles, which is the mathematical constant e, very important in sacred geometry. To fort york 4.44km. To ontario place geodesic dome 5.55km.

The distance from 1100 millwood masonic temple to osgoode hall is 3.33 miles. To the dominion centre 6.66km. To the science center 1.11 miles. 
The distance from the science centre to fort york is 9.99km. To the hockey hall 4.44 NM.
The distance from the 151 annette street masonic lodge to ontario place geodesic dome is 5.55km. To another masonic lodge on 2040 weston road 3.333 miles. To the city hall 6.66 km. To fort york 3.14 NM, which is the mathematical constant pi.

Toronto is built on the shore of one of the great lakes, ontario lake. It is not very far from the famous niagara falls, so i had a look. Here is a map of the falls location :

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

The Niagara falls are actually two falls, the horseshoe falls and the bridal veil falls.
There is a replica of the CN tower nearby the falls called the skylon tower. The distance between the CN and the skylon tower is 66.6 km.
At the foot of the skylon tower is a pyramid, the imax theatre.

The names of the falls are very clear symbols. The horseshoe is commonly seen a a lucky charm. The celtic druids saw it as a symbol of the moon crescent, which is also the chalice, divine feminine energy symbol. Many stone circles including stonehenge have a horseshoe shape in the center. The horns of Isis represent the same shape, they correspond to the horns of taurus, zodiac sign ruled by Venus, another aspect of Isis. The ecliptic of the earth and the milky way meet between the horns of the Taurus constellation. This spot is called the silver gate and is a stargate transmitting cosmic energies through this galaxy (see my article here about it).

The boat company that takes people on a tour of the falls is called the maid of the mist, referencing the other Niagara falls, the bridal veil falls. These are references to the famous legends of the ladies of the lake : faeries Viviane and Morgane and others would go on a boat on the lake and open the mist, the veil, opening the road towards the faery realms in Avalon. 
The boat can be seen as a symbol for a wormhole, a door through the veil towards other dimensions and realms, as was pictured in ancient egypt :

The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse, 1888

  The main freemason lodge of canada is in hamilton, a suburb of toronto, on 363 king street west.
The distance between the skylon tower and that masonic lodge is 66.6 km.

The angle between the line going from the Niagara falls to the CN tower and the line going from the Niagara falls to the masonic lodge in hamilton is 51.81 degrees, which is the same angle as the great pyramid of giza.

So i drew lines to have the complete pyramid :

The Niagara falls are formed around goat island :

I could not find anything at the western base of the pyramid, until i saw this other island formed around the river there, south of 1199 Concession 4 west, in Dundas Ontario :

What are the odds ? The exact same shape, both of them located 66.6 km from the CN tower, the three points forming a triangle with the same angles as the great pyramid of Giza.

The main masonic lodge of canada in Hamilton is 15 km away from that second goat island at the western base of the pyramid. So i checked what was 15 km away from the Niagara falls along the base of the pyramid. It's called the rotary park, in the town of St Catharines, pretty significant names :

Again, the same shape.
The goat is a symbol of the zodiac sign capricorn, and this shape is a mirror of the capricorn constellation :

Good morning Cosmos.

Here is goat island near Sydney, Australia, for reference :

So as shown on the map above, we have a map of a pyramid within a pyramid, just like on the 4 towers of metro toronto.

Scott Onstott has made very interesting connections about this :

The CN tower/goat islands pyramid is not as precise as this, but it's still pretty close.

So since we have capricorn there, i checked to see if we have a zodiac wheel in Toronto just like in Vancouver, with the CN tower at the center. The answer is yes.

In Taurus, we have the financial district, just like in Vancouver. Taurus is the sign of Venus, another name for Isis. Everything financial is related to the feminine energy of being nurtured by exchanging with our environment, this is why the $ symbol is two i and two s, Isis, and why there's this famous bull statue in front of wall street.
In the Vancouver financial district, there is an obelisk with the taurus symbol on it, next to the 'dominion building'
In the Toronto financial district, there is this statue called the pasture, at the foot of the 'dominion center', largest shopping mall in canada :

Casa Loma, which means the house on the hill, is in cancer. Cancer is the sign of the house, and its symbol is the crab because its shell is a house. A castle seems pretty appropriate to represent that sign. The camelot reference is also a mirror of the lady of the lake reference in the niagara falls in capricorn, on the opposite side of the zodiac wheel.

The association of the capricorn goat island with the horseshoe shape of the falls is the exact same association as in Vancouver : the crescent neighborhood in capricorn.
Also in capricorn in Vancouver, on queen elisabeth park, there is a fountain that again mirrors the goat islands and the capricorn constellation :

There is a marble chair on the right side of that fountain on that picture, evoking a throne. 
After some powerful grid work in that spot we decided to rename queen elisabeth park the Isis park, to whom the throne symbolically really belongs along with her husband Osiris, as symbols of pure divine masculine and divine feminine energies.

Back in the Toronto area, in leo in the north-west direction, there is a town called lion's head, named after the cliff there that ressembles a lion head :

In Libra, south-west direction, there's a place called humber bay that very much ressembles the libra constellation scales shape, and its correspondence in a human body : the hips (see this article for more info)

There is surely more to be discovered here, but this already gives a pretty good picture of what is really going on. I hope this will inspire locals to go and work on these locations to infuse a more harmonious energy in the grid. Click here for more info about working on the grid of the planet.


  1. Holy crap! I wonder if this pattern is repeated in every city? But these tools of domination can be used for liberation! I for one am sick of living in Galactic North Korea and watching innocents get murdered and enslaved by these scum. Victory of the light!

  2. Funny thing - at Humber Bay (that you have noted as Libra) there is a bridge that spans the river - on the bridge are many 'love locks' people write their initials for themselves and their beloved (girlfriend / boyfriend / mate) and then lock them on the metal bars of the bridge - as a permanent testimony to their love.
    The funny thing is the ruling planet of Libra is Venus - the planet of Love!!

  3. Ps - a Google search shows photos!!
    "humber bay bridge toronto locks"

  4. Wow! Lots of hard work done on this blog with amazing information.
    It's said that Toronto is aboriginal for "meeting place". No doubt! Lots of Toronto's architecture was torn down in the 1970's. Wonder if concealing certain the ley lines has something to do with it.

  5. there is also a n obelisk at Humber river bridge. If memory serves, 2 lions at the base. In fact, all along the lakeside trail is different sun worship type symbols. The CNE grounds I noticed have a golden sun on top of the main building. I loved this article, good work!