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Charlie Hebdo - Year 01, Visions of the reset since 1972

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I wanna say a word for Charlie Hebdo, who were victims of an obvious false flag attack recently, an attempt to create violence and hopelessness in France.

I was born and grew up in France, and that newspaper used to be taken out from the shops by the cops early morning. Happily it hasn't been for a while but it was still quite attacked. Reading them actually played an important part in my awakening in my teenage years.

Especially a very beautiful vision that the great artist Gébé, who was part of Charlie Hebdo, had in 1972. That vision is called Year 01, which means the reset, the shift, the golden age. The vision he had is very very close to the Event, the shift as was envisionned by many others, it's a collective vision. This vision depicts everybody stopping to work, and the whole system stopping. Then, they restart with a society of freedom, no more authority, no more money, food freely distributed everywhere, no more weapons, and people finally living their lives purely in the way they want it, a global awakening.

I know that somehow, things are turning towards this vision. It is very real, it will happen, and i wanna share some of it with you here.

English translation :

"Year 01

They did it !

Collective aspirations becoming resolutions from the first day of Year 01, applicable as understood agreements based on free will collaboration of everybody living, from this day on.

Resolution 1

We stop everything

Resolution 2

After some time of complete stop, productions and services that we absolutely need will be the only ones to be restarted. These probably will include : drinking water, electricity to read at night, and the national radio to say "This is not the end of the world, it's Year 01, and now here's some information about celestial mechanics"

Resolution 3

Individuals will not consent anymore to delegating their power, therefore all forms of authority and hierarchy will lose their power and reason for existing, naturally and painlessly.

Resolution 4

The stopping time will be used by everybody to acquire the sum of knowledge that has been accumulated before the 1st day of Year 01. This sum will be considered necessary to be able to decide what to do next logically, in terms of future collective actions.

Resolution 5

While the knowledge is being digested, the creative reflexion will strive to define coherent objectives that would justify the re-use of some of our big mess (factories, laboratories, etc), while we totally abandon any harmful and non-recyclable activity (weaponry, for sure).

Resolution 6

During the stopping time (5 years ? 20 years ?), the big mess will be maintained as it is just in case."

English translation : (follow the black string from top left corner, to the other end of the string)

"There are those who are on TV, and those who watch it.
Those who write newspapers, and those who read.
Those who make the music, and those who listen.
Those who do sports, and those who watch.
Those who move and say, and those who shush and atrophy.
Those who show, and those who imitate.
Those who make the sun, and those who lie in it.

There are those pedaling in the system and those who entertain them, who inform them just enough, who politicize them just enough, who relax and excite them just enough, just enough to make the work bearable, just enough to make them feel like there are other things than work, so that they get the impression that they are alive.

Pull the black string, and it will be Year 01."

"Sensual awakening

One warm morning, a rock, warm, voluptuously warm.
The evening, on television, a pompidou (french president back then)
Since that day, i don't have any president or anybody else above me anymore.
We shouldn't confuse liberty and carelessness.
The stone of prisons, do not make the same flower bloom within me.
Neither does the stone of schools, the stone of military reserves, or the stone of factories.
I went back there, there were people.
"the team of nice, we remind you, wins 2 to 0…"
If i had told them about the rock, would they have understood ?
Maybe if it came from the radio they would have :
"One day, a warm morning. Not today, right now you're trapped in your digestion, in watching the sports, in catching flies on a sunday afternoon. Come back on a beautiful warm morning, by yourself, flexible, free and wild… From the tip of your fingers, caress a warm rock, let yourself float forward. If, at the end of it, nothing happened, come back, slowly, and start again. Time has stopped. A flower is blooming in your belly, you are reborn…FREE
You might prefer water, skin, what matters is that you bloom. That you feel this liberating sensation, that will make you look at TV, and your boss, like a dreamer, uncatchable."
The boss : - You're a dreamer huh ? Get your hands off of my desk !
Free man : - The hand thing i can explain you, i don't know if you'll understand, next week-end you can try, if it's warm."

You can find the full book, in french, here :

They also made a full movie out of this vision, you can watch it here with english subtitles :

 Year 01 lives on.
Vive la resistance.
Victory, and breakthrough of Love are happening.

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  1. Wow, nice words! Stop everything, just stop. Look around at this crazy world that only serves control freaks and so "no more!" Let's touch the water and the rocks on our skin until we feel the bliss of being again. Then, and only then, start our new world from that place only.