Saturday, January 31, 2015

Getting Ready - Meeting People in Your Area

As you may have seen on Cobra's blog we have entered the breakthrough phase, and things are accelerating. Now is the time to get ready. I would like to highlight a few main points, and offer a structure for people around the world to find people in their area, communicate with them, and organize events.

Many lightworkers share Love in their daily lives and this is great. However, as quantum physics have proven, working together in cohesion in space and time amplifies the effect of our work, and our collective power becomes greater than the sum of our individualities :

This applies to the Weekly Liberation Meditation, working on the ley line grid, and any other type of work you wish to do together.

You can read some basic steps and suggestions here about what to do to prepare :

To do all this work effectively, requires that we work together physically. Plus it is a relief for everyone to find people that we can resonate with, and many synchronicities can happen.

You can find the list of local groups on all platforms here :


  1. Taiwan/Chinese-speaking areas:

  2. Thanks for your great work Untwine!

  3. Oops, now what? Just wrote my comment and now it's gone! Very strange. Anyway, I'd like to get in touch with the location Tonge in The Netherlands, I'm a newbee here, but not to the Event. I don't choose to use Facebook, so I need to get around that. Thanks for your help!


  5. Thanks for this informative video. Your guidelines on finding people around the world and communicating with them are very beneficial my dear. Well, usually I have to meet lots of people in the meeting rooms. I feel quite comfortable talking to strangers.

  6. Greetings All

    Thanks Untwine . I've been doing grid work quite awhile now,,with awesome results,,physical manifestations ,,,visible light ships,,,majikal earth spirits encounters,,etheric level,,,animal visitations ,,,Angelic physical meetings,,,,Orbs of Light,,,Whilst running energy the tube of toris ,,,,,soul star ,earth star,central column of light swirling around outside of energy field,running blue light from alcyon through sun to mother earth ,light coming back up with rainbow light from soul star going onto grid,,Cobra med. very powerful. I am here at the Space Coast ,Kennedy Space Center Fl,,, looking for others in my area too assist in anchoring light within and through out Gaia. wwwmasteringalchemycom ,,Anrita Melchezidek very helpful

    love n light


  7. Malaysia Team:

  8. Your article resonated with me and explained what I was just guided to do for the first time!
    I live in Alberta Canada and the mountains in Nordegg Vision Quest have been calling me.
    I was guided to something very similar with the addition of adding a guardian to the portal.
    Thanks for this

  9. thanks for sharing..Amazing stuff continues the good work.

  10. How do I keep from falling asleep when I'm in meditation every time I meditate I fall fast asleep is there any help for me please.

  11. I realise I'm suffering the same symptoms!! Uncontrollable drowsiness and falling asleep unwillingly !!