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The Source/Creator of this Universe is present throughout creation, it is the core aspect of all of us. We all are it. At the same time, it is beyond. It can not be found anywhere, in any time or space in any dimension. The time-space continuum is a creation of Source to explore and mirror itself. The Source is constantly working, improvising, to explore creation.

Creation is based on infinite quantum possibilities. Among these possibilities, we have what is called contingency. Contingency means randomness, it is the potential for things to happen randomly, unexpected, not by design. This means that certain turn of events are not fully the result of Source design, or of the creation of anybody. They simply are random. However they can be influenced and re-created if we use our free will, because free will is the ruling factor in quantum dynamics. This means that despite the fact that Source is perfect onto itself, it is not all powerful within the space-time continuum. But all of us, as fractal representations of Source within that construct, can manifest the will of Source within the construct.

Originally the whole universe lived in harmony, and nobody knew what intentional harm is, simply because it is not part of Source nature. Source can never mean harm, it is absolute pure Love and Harmony.

Art by Erial Ali

However, certain events were happening because of contingency and they were sometimes uncomfortable, for example a comet could randomly crash on a planet. Compared to present circumstances on this planet, this was still very easy to deal with and people were living in Paradise.

About 8 million years ago, certain poweful archangels decided to absorb contingency into their being, to incarnate and take responsibility for it, in order to harmonize it with their consciousness, and remove the uncomfortable aspects of it.

It was too much for them and they could not handle it, they became submerged by contingency, by this potential for things to not be by design. They became disconnected with what is by design, disconnected with Source.

They could not find their way back, and they suffered greatly. The rest of the universe did not immediately know how to respond appropriately simply because by nature, this event was unexpected. Suffering over an extended period of time caused these angels to loose sanity, and they became violent. These are the beings now known as archons, the fallen angels. This is how intentional harm, evil, came to be.

Archons started attacking planets and the Galactic Confederation was organized to counter this. They liberated planets one by one and we are now seeing the end of this story playing out on planet Earth, where archons have acted out their trauma by re-creating similar conditions to what disconnected them in the first place.

Source has now learned that it needs to incorporate some sort of automatic reconnection button into the template of creation, which will be implemented once everything is reconnected and reset.

This is vital to understanding the world we live in. Disharmony was never needed, and everything is bound to be reconnected into harmony simply because it is the true nature of Source Creator.

A lot of programming has been created by archons to justify evil. For example the laws of karma, which state that for example, if I broke my friend's bowl, then the universe will send somebody to break my bowl in order to teach me the consequences of my actions. This means that the universe will then send somebody to break the bowl of whoever broke my bowl, etc. This is totally made up and has nothing to do with true universal law, simply because if it did, nothing would ever resolve and suffering would just escalade forever. The true universal law is forgiveness and grace and this is what has been taught by the teachers who had a true connection. The will of Source is that if somebody does something hurtful, they should receive adequate healing in order for them to embody their true self again. Some re-balancing of the energy between the people involved might be needed, for example whoever broke the bowl can buy another bowl for its owner, or repair it, or do some other kind of service to compensate energetically. Or the owner of the bowl could simply forgive and the infinite abundance of Source would re-balance things automatically somehow, not by taking anything away from whoever broke the bowl, but by providing both of them with whatever is needed. Resources and abundance are unlimited.

Another program states that dis-harmony is needed for us to not be bored, for exploration to be able to occur. This, again, can never work. Creation is based on vibration and musical-type relationships between these vibrations. Now, let's picture the whole universe as one big orchestra. Before playing any music, all instruments will tune together, make sure they are in harmony. If this is not done, if only one of the instrument is out of tune, the whole music will sound off and no creation can be made. Only once all the instruments are in harmony can creation really start, and then the possibilities of exploration of music are infinite. This is how creation works, exploration is only possible when there is harmony.

Another program states that disharmony is needed to teach us about harmony, that we learn lessons from it. This is also not possible. People get this false idea when an experience that makes them suffer pushes them to evolve and make progress in their lives, but what is actually occuring is that problems that have been existing in their lives and affecting them unknowingly for a while are being pushed to the surface of their consciousness by the experience, and by being conscious of it they can finally decide to end it. We can not have free will on something we are not conscious of, so everything has to be made conscious eventually.

The core of healing is for us to be the One Source/Creator again fully, to incarnate it as our whole being. This means to not be victims of events that we didn't design anymore, and this happens by choosing what we want to create, by realizing that in order to really be the One Source, there can be no other authority making decisions for us, since we are it. We already know inside what we desire, what we want to experience, and we truly have the power to create it.

Art by Gilbert Williams


  1. Mahalo. Divinely summed up, compliments :) !

  2. Thank you, my friend for posting this.
    Though, I know much of it, still it's a very exciting article to read.

    I'd like to know; WHO IS THE AUTHOR, please?

    Much Love, and best wishes,

    1. If i do not quote the Source of what i'm saying, then i am the author of my posts.
      However a lot (but not all) of the info in this article, i heard through Cobra, but i wrote it all in my own words.

      My email address is

    2. Dear untwin, thank you for your great service here, I would like to add a comment about this post . If somebody breaks my bowl, I don’t have to wait, somebody comes and breaks my own, after The Universal Dispensation Law to mankind. Now if we make mistakes, consciously or unconsciously we need to call The Law of Forgiveness with deep feeling of regret of that mistake, and we don’t have to pay penalty, waiting for to go through a similar experience affecting our own. Thank you and God bless you.

  3. Dear Untwine, this is the second time I'm asking you:

    How can I contact you, my friend?
    I have a business matter to discuss with you.

    Or if you can, please contact me at:

  4. Hello Untwine,
    I read your post, and then my thoughts turned to the topic of "blessings". Won 't it be wonderful, and a relief whenwe no longer hear "bless you" ? Now hear me our on this. Presently , I use myself , the phrase "May the blessings be" just as Wiccan's and others use "Blessed Be". What I an getting at is , no one says to another, "May you have more air" . That would be silly, in that air is all around us and we can have as much as we want. When we all KNOW and OWN our role, and see ourselves as co-creators, blessings will be in the air, all around us and not something that we feel we do not have enough of or need to wish for. Someday , may there no longer be need for words like Blessings and Hope, because we no longer want for anything that we cannot find a co-creative way to manifest for ourselves. I also look forward to the word "Faith" leaving our vocabulary. It simply isn't necessary when you possess knowledge or knowingness and when truths are no longer hidden.

  5. 8 million years of story playing before the idea of reset/reconnection is arrived at is a pretty long time! I am happy we are nearing the closing of this chapter but am equally sad for the experience.

  6. Oh...Dear...My...Inner-Goddess...head & heart soooo Full of WHOA!!!!

    My Darkness & my Light Salutes You!....have we met before? You & my Higher Self must've played Golf of something. You said in 1 page probably what Madame Blavatsky would've taken MANY & Many more pages to explain.

    For this gift of Truth all I can say is "Thanks!"...for I now have a new appreciation for the concept of "Gratitude"

  7. We are quantum. Untwine, waiting for your direction on east coast grid work. Ready when you are. Blessings.

  8. nothing is accidental. contingencies and anomalies are not "random", random in the sense that no "intelligence" or "will" is behind them. universe is a computer (i.e memory & processor - linear intelligence) which can't create data, it receives data from every bit of consciousness (operator of the computer, "non-linear creative intelligence" which feeds the universe), then the computer processes the data given by every single creature ,then feeds back "electromagnetic waves" which we call creation (our moments). so when a comet hits a planet for example, it's been programmed "Unconsciously" by consciousness of creatures living on that planet (through their thoughts & emotions).

    1. What you are describing does happen but it is not the only factor in creation, otherwise simply there would have been no suffering ever, because Source is not able to create suffering directly, simply because it is not part of its nature, Source is pure love and harmony, it can not create something that it is not. If there was no randomness creating accidents, there would not have been any suffering and any disharmony ever. The will of Source is to mirror and explore itself, and suffering blocks that process, simply because suffering is not mirroring Source, it is not part of it, and exploring suffering is not exploring Source. Certains parts of randomness/contingency are at the root of all suffering : when stress and pressure and interaction with free will was placed upon certain forms of contingency, evil was created, which is what i described in the article, and again it was an accident by definition, it sprung out of a lot of random, non-designed elements. This evil is what Cobra refers to as the primary anomaly in his posts.

    2. Of course the experience of suffering is not exploring the Source, but that’s exactly the very reason behind this suffering, “To Explore What the Source Is Not” . On the soul level (Unconsciously) we made the decision to experience the “opposite of Life, Love, Unity” (so called EVIL), so we could truly appreciate what we really are which is “Love” , so we could truely appreciate the opposite of “EVIL” which is “LIVE” (LIFE) and comprehend what we are Not. Even the so called “primary anomaly” was our own decision.
      If people believe that randomness (or so called contingencies or anomalies) are roots of their sufferings, then again they fall into fear loop, they may think why god shouldn’t protect this universe fully that such randomness could cause us harm in the first place, or what if this randomness happens to me, to my family, to my planet again in future. And then “victim consciousness” programmed by archons gets activated again, and people think that there is no “justice” in the universe which remains the main flaw of their present ideology.

    3. What you are describing is exactly what i explained i do not agree with in the article. Suffering is not needed to explore life, on the contrary it is blocking it.

      It has nothing to do with victim consciousness. On the contrary, to accept your own slavery as part of life is called Stockholm syndrome, which has been programmed into humanity for thousands of years. To say no to it and do everything in your power to end it, is when you stop being a victim. You are the creator and you are pure Love and Harmony, so you create the "justice" you are talking about by manifesting that pure Love and pure Harmony that you are.

      Cobra has explained that the belief system you are describing, of thinking that suffering is needed, people started believing that after having lived in the galactic wars and quarantine for many years. But this is still something very foreign for almost all beings in this galaxy, who are living without it and they explore life really, truly, they explore the universe, they explore joy, they create many good things. Life is vibration, so just like you can't make music with an instrument out of tune, you can't explore life withut harmony. But once the instrument is in tune you can expore and create an infinity of music.

      From my last Cobra interview :

      "U : How many races are directly involved in the liberation of this planet ?

      C : I would say there are hundreds of thousands of different races involved in one way or the other in the liberation of this planet but their operations are not so much focused on humanity alone, they are clearing the anomaly which surrounds this planet, and they are removing the cause of the primary anomaly, the cause of suffering and darkness, they are removing that.

      U : Are they all from this galaxy and andromeda or from other places as well ?

      C : Some of them are from other places as well but beings from this galaxy and andromeda galaxy tend to understand more what is happening here.

      U : Ok. So beings from outside these galaxies, for them it’s very foreign all this drama ?

      C : Also for many beings inside this galaxy this drama is very foreign, actually it’s also very foreign to me because darkness is something that should not exist, it’s something that was never meant to exist, and is alien to most ancient beings in this universe."

      If you believe things are meant to be and set by some external authority, you will just accept anything, and not create anything, only live in condtions set by external factors. If you believe you are the creator then you can create any reality you want. We are all the creator. And we are pure Love. So naturally we will manifest what we are.

  9. Your last paragraph : "If you believe things are meant to be and set by some external authority, you will just accept anything, and not create anything, only live in condtions set by external factors. If you believe you are the creator then you can create any reality you want. We are all the creator. And we are pure Love. So naturally we will manifest what we are." is an incredibly powerful statement. So nicely stated. It seems like it should be in stone on some monument until we all "get-it" and own this truth way down into our toes. Thank you for being of service

  10. I thought the "VEIL" descrambles into or out of "EVIL", or vice versa.

  11. Thank you untwine for all this... perhaps they aren't so evil after all ot in the end, they just have good hearts that were corrupted by the contingency... i... don't hate'em anymore, i hate'em before this... ? Mmm... that's a good question, guess not 'cause i don't know'em yet to form a opinion, i mean, i knew that they affected us puttin' bad thoughts in us just to justify what happened with them... but now, i would extend my hand to them without any hate, just because i can't hate anything that at the beggining were pure good... just pray for them to find redemption and help, MUCH HELP... wich, who is the leader of them? I know there's the Dracos who in the end are the main villains of this space opera; wich in the end... what are the reasons for the Draco to be evil?, Just being evil for the sake of it without any reason?,... and then, there's us, i mean, the Cabal who were seduced by the power the Draco showed'em...

    Just... forgive if i don't sound clear, i'm just tryin' to put all the pieces together, also... i'm spanish, so sorry if there's any error with my english language. Thank you untwine, Cobra... and all those that are working to the liberation not only our planet and/or this galaxy, but the reconnection

  12. Thanks for this article, it is great, and now I am beginning to understand.

    Just one question is still open, as I lost some very loved last year.
    In some way this could be a (suffering) experience creator would miss and be longing for such feelings, maybe compared with somebody (creator) watching "Romeo and Julia", crying tears with the wish to live such in (3-D)reality, though it hurted so much ?

  13. Thank you very much for your great and hard work!!!! ,and above all for letting us know that is the light at the end of the tunel. The end of the tunel is getting wider every single day..... A big kiss in your hearts dearests Untwine,and Cobra!!!!! Much L❤️VE!!!! Thank