Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sound Healing Music and Tools

These are extracts from my new CD composed of 12 original tunes.

All audios are created in 432hz and Pythagorean 'music of the sphere' tuning, which are proven to correspond to sacred geometry such as the flower of life, and to be the most harmonious frequencies found everywhere in nature. The music was also composed by connecting with beings of Light and various star systems.

You can buy the whole package by clicking here, where you will get an instant download of the music in mp3 :

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A very professional 28 pages scientific study has been published showing clear reducing of inflammation, stress levels and other symptoms by listening to the frequencies I'm using only three times, for 35min each time, in a period of 7 days. You can read the whole study here :

I have measured sounds of wolf howling, whales and dolphins singing, amazonian shamans singing from their inner knowledge, and they were all using those frequencies. These frequencies have also been used by ancient Egyptians, traditional Indian music, classical music before the 50s and many others.

You can learn more about the 432hz tuning here : 

And about the Pythagorean tuning (also called just intonation) here :

There are 12 notes in music (the 7 whites and 5 blacks on a piano keyboard) so I've created one audio for each key, therefore providing the full spectrum of frequencies.

It is highly recommended to listen on correct speakers or headphones in order to hear the whole range of frequencies.

Although the ears are connected to the whole energy body, it is also recommended to listen with speakers if possible in order to allow the sound to go fully through your whole body, aura and space.

The booklet is also included in French / Le livret est inclut en Français également

Enjoy !


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  2. Hello!

    It is music is healer?

  3. Hi Untwine,

    I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying this music. I bought the package back in April 2015 but didn't start listening in earnest until recently. Now I have this music playing constantly, and it's all I have been listening to. The music creates a deep peace, is remarkably uplifting and energizing, and goes right to my heart. Thanks so much!

  4. I love to listen to this music when I am going to sleep or need a quiet time. It brigs me so much peace and lets me feel the more important thoughts that may come through. Thank you so much