Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Implants Clearing Protocol

By Freddy Ground Crew

I will present here a very effective protocol that i have created to support all of the Light Forces in the process of the implants removal, i have created it using my intuition, rational mind, knowledge and connection with my soul combined.

It is important to specify that by doing this protocol/visualization once, the implants will not be removed but by doing it regurarly, we will greatly support the current Light Forces operations aimed at removing those implants permanently. It is also important to specify that we are talking here about etheric/plasmatic implants and not physical ones; as Cobra explained in one of his first posts back in June 2012, physical implants are not an issue anymore:

"There were also physical implants. The physical implants were very popular in Atlantis but were discontinued after the fall of Atlantis happened. There was an attempt to reintroduce physical implants after the World War II with physical biochips that were put into the vast majority of human beings through vaccination programs. This is the main reason why WHO has made vaccination mandatory. Physical biochips reinforced other programming but were successfully completely erased from the human population about two years ago with a special technology that could be operated from a distance, developed by the Resistance Movement. Therefore fears about NWO planning to microchip human population are not based on reality since the population has already been microchipped and those same biochips have also been removed without anybody really noticing."

Before presenting this protocol, i also suggest you to read this other old Cobra post where he explains about the implants and how they work:

I'm also adding some more information about implants that Cobra released recently in the Breakthrough Conference in Naples that are not present in the article above. For example, he mentioned about a fourth implant located behind the neck connected to the spine.

Implant behind the neck: not everybody has this implant but a vast portion of the human population has it; it is responsible for triggering fears and especially the fear of survival.

Two implants on the forehead: all human population have those; those mess up with the thinking and decision-making processes.

Implant on the solar plexus: all human population has it; it is located two or three fingers above the navel. It interferes with the kundalini and sexual energy

Protocol/Visualization :

Visualize to hold in your hand 2 golden light chopsticks; then visualize a solid geometric structure, like the one below for example :

This structure is an elctro-magnetic chamber with the purpose of protecting the implant, so we now intervene on the nodes of it ( A, B, C etc.) by unknoting them with our chopsticks, destructuring the chamber and making it collapse. Once the implant, which is a micro black hole, will be unprotected, we will visualize white bright Light coming from the Source hitting the implant till it vanishes.

I work on each implant independently, once the first implant vanishes i move to the next geometric structure. I suggest to start from the one behind the neck, then the two on the forehead and finally the one of the solar plexus.

You can also do this visualization in unison with your soul mate; in this case, visualize yourself working on your soul mate implants and visualize your soul mate working on yours; when working on the solar plexus one, visualize making Love with your soul mate after the chamber has collapsed, visualize the Light coming from the Source descending on the implant while you Merge with your soul mate.

Victory of the Light,

Freddy Ground Crew



    Communication is the most important way of acting
    outwards. We use verbal communication, communication in a
    Starry language and nonverbal communication with movements
    and touches. That what you express manifests itself. Each
    problem is an unresolved communication with some other part of
    Creation. This problem is solved when you act out the

    Implantotherapy is a technique of clearing the implants
    by the use of communication. It is a very efficient one, but also
    a risky one, because it involves other person who has free will.
    Communication between you and other being can heal you.
    Implants were built in three layers. In the first layer was the
    message of the implant. The second layer of the implant
    triggers a feeling of betrayal. The third layer of the implant
    triggers the denial. And with communication implanted defense
    mechanisms trigger themselves. When you communicate you
    face the implant. This is a technique for the brave ones.
    Triangulation is a technique which can also clear you. You
    direct your consciousness alternatively in opposites. In a certain
    moment the whole mental pattern falls apart. You can do that
    practically by writing down a positive and a negative pattern.
    When the pattern falls apart, you can renew the positive
    affirmation. While using this technique defense mechanisms
    activate also, like escape, like disturbance mechanisms, like
    belief that this technique is not O.K.

    Source: Aurora 2012, p. 160

    1. Thank you for reminding me of this !

    2. Lee.... this sounds intriguing....would you be able to elucidate on the technique(s) ? thank you

    3. It's just an article I came across with. Since I do NOT confirm it with the author, nor do I receive formal training in spiritual science, I may misunderstand all this from the very beginning. Maybe Untwine can help us find out what implantotherapy really is about:

      To find the cure to implants, we must first understand what an implant is and where it comes from. An implant could be perceived as remnants (thought patterns or traumas) coming from a certain group of beings' falsely-believed notions, and the creation of an implant could be traced back to times prior to Galactic Wars, when a group of Archangels decided to delve into contingency, by using a very sophisticated technology, to understand it and better help the One absorb/integrate it. As we all know now, the process wasn't going very well. Once these beings found themselves unable to return to Source, they got panic, and with each gnawing thought of not being able to go home, they gradually lost their sanity, attacked other planets, and later became known as the black magicians: the cabal/Archons/Chimera, and so on so forth:

      These beings' tremendous shock and pain is understandable when we look back at all the ups and downs we've had for the past three years, some even decades, the depression of not being able to return home. Whenever our psychological weak point is exposed, the implants, carrying some of the traumas the beings have received when they were not being able to return to Source, keep instilling into us that "There is no way you can make it home. I can't make it, so you CAN'T, either. And who says we need to go home? Look at all the fun we have down here, and look at the troubles you get yourself into. you can barely save yourself, so why even bother to save the entire planet? You deserve to relax! Come! I'll show you the pleasure here. Forget about all your past just like I did, because we DO NOT need home."

      Every now and then, we have to face inner darkness of this sort, or the so-called: our ego. The implants will not affect us at all, if we do not have inner darkness/ego/fear to lose something. But as long as we are wearing an Earth vessel, we will have this darkness. Ego, however, is not entirely bad, for it is this survival instinct that helps us get through the harsh world of duality. Ego could be conceived as a small portions of ourselves, a child who needs us to understand why they fear and constantly look after him/her during the journey towards home. In the past, the mutation among the Archangels happened so fast that the Source did not know what to do. However, after eons and eons of time, the Source might find out a plausible way to help integrate darkness: through mutual understanding between the Creator and its creation. If we admit we are all creators, and we have the divine intervention to help assist the process instead of waiting passively, we could also start by integrating our own ego, our other portions of selves. And through the communication between our higher selves and ego, the two polarity could gradually merge into one as each side is trying to understand more of the other. A synthesis could thus be achieved. Brotherhood of the Stars are all masters in the integration of light and darkness. Could the synthesis of our higher selves (light) and ego (darkness) be it? Why were Jesus and other Ascended Masters trying to teach us to love ourselves unconditionally? Could this unconditional love also denote the love for our "imperfect" self? Could this also be why Cobra urged us to be honest with our soul if we want to connect more to our higher selves? Who knows. Whatever the truth is, the real problem is that, more often than not we wish not to admit we have this kind of negative feelings. That might be one of the reasons why this technique is a risky one because we can't bear to admit we have this imperfection. What we should know is if the Source/God/Goddess can see through the real beings behind our imperfection, why can't we?

  2. great, will practice this one. thank you. also reposted it

  3. Very Nice.... I, independently 'broke' or did something to another chakra recently where I was given instructions by my higher self on how to Burn off or 'Flame retard' a certain type of parasite using a "Visual type" exercise.

    May I ask....why Golden chop-sticks? why not a Golden Buzz-Saw or say a Light-Saber?

    I do see where you're going - the Implant is in 4-D Only our Astral Body can see it. Can you actually Pin-Point in this diagram WHERE the Black Holes are Please! (pic of the energy centers on a dude)
    Here he shows the Quantum Energetic structure on the Astral Plane - Do I have to manipulate these at all?

    This is all very interesting - thank you. AM I to assume that once the implant is closed (Destroyed) it can not be "re-opened" or activated. I gotta admit - I tried a bit of this in my "own way" and instant felt a RUSH of energy & felt light headed ('fevery) for a bit. Approximately HOW LONG do I need to keep this up for?

    I suggest a Golden robotic claw that can pierce the structure, Pry it apart, & use other claws to spread it apart & open - While producing an Golden Electronic charge for Defense - Maybe some 'Blue Fire for Back-Up' because I as a man with tools likes "Over-Kill"- lol

  4. Please help me remove inplants. I am especially wanting the one behind neck gone