Friday, June 19, 2015

Tools for Healing the Anomaly

Through our etheric and plasma implants we are regularly bombarded with primary anomaly.

This anomaly is born out of an accident linked to quantum potentials of randomness, which is absence of design and decisions by the Source.

Source has been progressively re-integrating all anomaly into harmony by use of Divine Will. We all are the Source creator, it is the purest aspect within everything. It is not something somewhere in the sky who's gonna come down one day and decide to change things. All living beings are it, and therefore we have to make the decisions.

Decision power is one of the main key to heal anomaly, by reconnecting with the Source design and the fact that we are it.

Here is a powerful decision i've been repeating regularly, like a mantra :

'I here and now declare and command that all darkness, all negativity and all its consequences are fully banished and transmuted from my whole being, on all time space dimensions and planes, onto eternity. They can never be reconstructed. This is the will of Source and therefore it is law. And so it is.

I here and now declare and command that the true Light of Source is anchored in my whole being to the full extent of Source power, on all time space dimensions and planes, onto eternity. This is the will of Source and therefore it is law. And so it is'

You can use this freely and modify it and apply it as you wish. I also use this in gridwork, in which case instead of saying "my whole being", i say : "this whole vortex, this whole place, this whole house, this whole building, etc". Every time such decisions are made, quantum energy fields are healed from anomaly into harmony.

There are other things that can be applied directly to the implants (see locations of implants in Cobra's articles here and here) : Flowing clean water (shower, oceans, rivers etc), essential oils such as lavender or eucalyptus, all of which clean not only on physical plane. And of course light, violet flame, etc.

You can also use sacred sound frequencies, using specific notes which correspond to specific parts of the body. The effect of this is greatly increased by singing OM along to these notes :

The F note for the frontal lobe :

The C note for the solar plexus :


  1. Thank you Untwine, this is very helpful. Question: If I use this clearing for place/building, do I combine it with the walking in circle (clockwise or counterclockwise) around it such as you describe in the gridwork?

  2. Exactly what I needed. Thank You so much!

  3. Thank you! I recently was guided to your blog.

  4. thanks for this untwine. What is the difference between etheric and plasma implants? Also, more importantly,, are these implants the ultimate source of All of our conditioning and limitations in this 3D reality?

  5. Hello!

    Is something Sound against to this?

    "The implants in the reptilian brain cortex keep the person locked into survival fears and thus susceptible to become a slave worker for the central banking system. "

  6. Synthesis could also be achieved through the mutual understanding between our ego self and higher selves. It requires the constant communication, understanding, and respect from both polarity. As the higher selves understand more of the fears of ego self, the ego self will also, gradually, try to understand the mission they take during this incarnation. They key to this is being honest with our soul. It is through this mutual understanding and respect that both polarity begin to be integrated into each other bit by bit. However, chances are that we may often, consciously or unconsciously, find ourselves once again susceptible to survival fears when we let our ego self express their fears freely. During some of these moments, lots of people find themselves unable to calm down and meditate, nor could they be appeased by their favorite hobbies. It is then unconditional love for our portions of selves might be the antidote, and then we move on and carry on our mission again. The primary anomaly could be perceived as a type of frequency. When our consciousness is raised, we feel invigorated and courageous; when our consciousness is dropped due to mental pressure or fatigue from our physical bodies, we feel depressed and victimized. It is during this drop of consciousness that we find ourselves becoming a victim of the drama again. But if the primary anomaly is a frequency, then it's always there. We barely feel it bothers us when we are in good moods. It's just that we are "much" easily attuned to it whenever things go wrong again.

  7. Hello Untwine!
    For those who now have their Cintamani stones and your technique (which I use daily) , using them in combination with tachyons can be even more potent! See for more details.

  8. Simon Parkes asked to take action on August 15 against CERN.