Friday, December 18, 2015

Open Letter to David Wilcock, Corey Goode, and All Other Alternative Media and Lightworkers

Greetings everybody, and best intentions to all,

We all know there is a major shift happening, which is coming to its peak soon.
We all know that the faster human consciousness evolves, the faster and smoother this shift will happen, the faster this planet's ecosystems and inhabitants will be healed and free. We all want that.

How exactly do you picture this evolution in human consciousness ?
How does it manifest ?

I think we all agree that it happens as we tap into our true power.
I have seen most of you share studies proving how group meditations reduce crime and increase well-being and peace, in a demontrable way. These results apply to group synchronized meditations.  This is our true power in action, in unity.

I believe that these studies have come out so that we put them into practice.
I believe it is time for us to apply the science and come together to generate an energy field to manifest the shift now. This is how we start tapping into our abilities and heal this planet together.

There is already a worldwide synchronized meditation organized every sunday at 7pm GMT, to visualize the shift happening, the cabal removed from power, the Disclosure happening, and a bright future for humanity :

I know that some of you may have some doubts or disagreements about Cobra's information, who put out this meditation. I personally do not share these doubts and disagreements and working with Cobra has brought me a lot of goodness, but I respect that you can have them. It's totally okay.

I believe this is not an obstacle to meditating together. If you do not agree on some aspects of the meditation, you can simply do it in your own way. The more similar, coherent and synchronized our visualizations are, the stronger the resonance and the stronger the manifestation, and what matters is that we all visualize the cabal removed from power, Disclosure happening, and a bright future for humanity together.
We do not have to agree on absolutely everything to meditate and work together. The Galactic societies out there know and practice this.

You can even forget about the meditation at 7pm GMT and publish your own synchronized meditation, in your own time, visualizing your own version of the shift and liberation of this planet. We can join you. Imagine the power of all of us coming together visualizing the timeline we all want.

We can truly take action together to heal this planet.

Much Love,


  1. Yes! What a wonderful and beautiful idea. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Untwine...this is excellent! We are still meeting and meditating in NYC and I'm constantly trying to create more opportunities for folks here. Thank you so much for everything you do.

  3. Quick note: If you can't meditate because of your time of work etc. Visualize just one simple thing as much as you can with love and excitement - public disclosure (in your present moment). Add to the energy field by telling others about it, DON'T be shy, you would be surprised who will like it.

  4. I am doing the meditation from Germany. Let the whole world stand together. Love and light to all of you. Let the whole people awake to get the truth now.

  5. There are many, many, many groups worldwide -- some tens of thousands to a 100,000+ -- that are doing regular meditations, and various sized groups that have been doing so for decades. It would be so nice know about how many millions are awake and participating in the various meditations. I'm sure we'd be delighted! I wholly support this effort. Thank you. :-)

    1. This is true. There are even millions meditating in some Asian countries like India, Nepal, Thailand.. However it's not the same thing to just meditate, and to do a specific visualization of a planetary timeline for global evolution and liberation. The aims and results are not the same. Specific planetary events need to be supported by consciousness. There are not yet enough people meditating together to visualize and work on manifesting the shift, but it's coming :)

  6. I agree 100% with everything in this article. If someone wishes to truly promote mass meditations, organize your own but ALSO be supportive of others!

  7. Cobra said that the bioimplant has been removed.But some have it even. Suggestion?

    1. Physical ones are removed. Almost all etheric ones are still there. Not for long hopefully

    2. Truly, truly respect and appreciate Cobra and the resistance movement to absolutely no end. Please continue feeding us truth and watch us grow, even in spite of our momentary frustrations. I'm relatively new to the truth and knowledge of the coming Event, though I have zero doubt it'll occur, as I've felt it's coming since age 5. Again, thanks for the love and sacrifice...

  8. i was lost and asking for over 40 years what is going on in the world, what is happening to humanity i think i was introduced to Cobra's website by Divine in 2014 please help to come together and free earth free humanity, those on the top they don't have a problem coming together for their agenda, why don't we come together for our Agenda to free mother earth to free humanity.

  9. Blessings to everyone!Would like all to know that there are many like myself,on thier path/journey that are being guilded by loving energies, showing/telling, myself /others what needed to be done. I have been awake since "2012". We are connecting!Much love!

  10. It is time.
    Thank you Untwine.

  11. Thank you for this awesome letter Untwine, I am interested in this.