Sunday, January 10, 2016

9 Little-Known Facts Based on Solid Proofs That Can Change Your World View

A few examples of obvious 'cracks in the matrix' that can help see through the other side

1. Mainstream history dates the discovery of Antarctica to early 19th century, and its complete mapping to the 20th century. However there are countless maps dating several centuries before, which clearly show very accurate mapping of Antarctica, many of them even show the map of the land underneath the ice :


2. One of the biggest and most powerful country in history (until 1775 roughly), Tartaria, is mostly unknown nowadays, because its history makes the official history of our planet, which is full of lies, impossible. This vast and powerful country is depicted on countless official maps and referenced in many texts from back then :


3. In the late 30s and early 40s, Henry Ford's company was building cars running on hemp fuel, with a shell made of hemp which was 10 times stronger than steel, as shown in this footage from 1941 :

In fact hemp was widely used for centuries until it got outlawed at the same time as cannabis, although hemp is not cannabis, but its close cousin which has no THC in it.
Its widespread use is clearly shown in this 10 dollar bill from 1914 depicting hemp field on its back.
Other alternatives to petrol for fueling cars were introduced back then, as shown in this footage of an electric car in the streets in France in 1942.
The only reason why these alternatives are so rare and less efficient nowadays is because of suppression, lack of funding, etc. Hemp can produce higher quality, cheaper, and environmental friendly clothes, paper, all forms of plastic, housing, etc.


4. Three of the most important and famous power structures in history, the White house in DC, the Versailles Castle in France, and the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, are aligned in an exact straight line. That line even aligns perfectly with the design of Versailles and its water canals :

On top of that, the distance between Versailles and the White House is 3333 nautical miles (99,7% accurate), and the distance between Versailles and the Dome of the Rock is 3333 kilometers (99,6%).
Anybody can verify this in google maps. There are many other similar alignements on our planet.


5. The central district in London, UK, called the 'city', is, just like the vatican, an independant territory that does not belong to the UK. The monarchs of England actually need an authorization from the 'mayor of the city of London' (who is not the elected mayor of London, but the owner of the corporation who owns the 'city') everytime they enter the 'city'.


6. Jim Morrison was one of the most famous musical figures of the 60s as the singer of the band The Doors. His father was actually the general of the US army in charge of the Vietnam war, and of the false flag that started it.
Jim grew up on a military base, just like many other famous musical figures. For example, Frank Zappa's father was "a chemical warfare specialist assigned to – where else? – the Edgewood Arsenal. Edgewood is, of course, the longtime home of America’s chemical warfare program, as well as a facility frequently cited as being deeply enmeshed in MK-ULTRA operations. Curiously enough, Frank Zappa literally grew up at the Edgewood Arsenal [...] The family later moved to Lancaster, California, near Edwards Air Force Base, where Francis Zappa continued to busy himself with doing classified work for the military/intelligence complex. His son, meanwhile, prepped himself to become an icon of the peace & love crowd."

Other famous musical figures with similar cases include the Beach Boys, Crosby Stills and Nash, and many others :
  Many of these musicians were frequently hanging out with the Manson family, including the Rolling Stones, no wonder one of their most famous album is called 'their satanic majesty's request'.
There are many other examples with more recent musicians, all of which show the wide involvement of the MK ultra program in music and other celebrity scenes since the 50s.


7. The Moon and the Sun appear the exact same size in our sky, because the moon is both 400 times smaller than the Sun, and 400 times closer to us than the Sun. This is the reason why eclipses are possible.
Also the Earth turns 400 times faster than the Moon, and the Earth circumference is roughly 40000km. There are many other repeating numbers and synchronicities in the universe.
Source :


8. Wim Hof has become famous recently for breaking records such as staying in extreme cold conditions without changes in his body temperature, climbing mount Everest with no clothes on except a pair of shorts, etc. He has shown that he can change his hormone levels, body temperature, remove disease from his body, etc, simply with the power of his mind and breathing techniques. All of this has been done while being strictly scientifically monitored. What's more, he repeatedly explains that everybody have the power to do this, he's taught his techniques to several people who have then shown the same results under scientific monitoring. All of these accomplishements aren't really new, especially for many traditions from Asia and other shamanic traditions around the world, however this is the first time it has been fully recorded scientifically.


9. There are many archeological facts that make official history impossible. A very striking example is the big pyramid found in Nice, south France. It measured 50 meters high and was estimated to be about 4000 years old. It was destroyed in the 1970s to build a highway. It is well documented in pictures and texts from before then.

Another clear example is the Hypogeum in Malta, an underground complex completely carved out of stones under the earth. It is estimated to be at least 5000 years old, and that more than 2000 tonnes of stones were dug out to build it. When discovered by archeologists, 7000 skeletons were found inside, which were humanoid but had significant differences with the Earth humans as we know them now. All of these skeletons disappeared mysteriously, except a handful which were placed in the museum in Malta and well documented, and then disappeared from the museum in the 1980s.

The Kailasa temple in India was also carved out of rock, only it is much bigger, it is estimated that at least 200 000 tons of stones had to be removed to build it. How that was done is still a mystery.
Another example is this ancient quarry in Crimea showing rock cutting technique much more advanced than anything we have today.

Bonus Fact : Love and Truth are the most powerful forces in creation, and they can solve anything ! Proof for that can't be presented though, everybody have to go make their own scientific tests and experiences.

Liberation Now !


  1. So...

    Hyperborea descendants > Tartaria > Russia

    Given that Putin(s) - plural due to a recent Ben Fulford post - seem to embody the spirit of the older Tartarian culture, it is no wonder that Alexander Romanov (leader of the "Gnostic Illuminati) hates what that man/men stand for.

    When I was in my single digits attending school (maybe up to age 10 or 11), the "Tartars" were identified as the Mongolian Empire...i.e.whay Genghis Khan and his descendants created.

    Now it appears that is a complete historical lie as well.

    I think it is time to do some online reading on well as get a few questions ready for Cobra!

    1. More than one history professor has told me that "official" history is just the most commonly agreed upon lie.

  2. Wonderful list! Thank you!

    I Knew most of items the list, except for Tartaria, but it is inspiring to find in one place and empowering to be remembered.

    I just have one big doubt about the Tartaria story. I thank you for pointing it here and I don´t doubt it, it is very interesting.

    I have one important question or observation about Tartaria. I am not contesting the story of this country and I thank you for telling about it.

    But listening to the video about Tartaria that is on your article, it says that Tartaria was a rather benvolent country and that it was also Russia (I am not contesting that it was benevolent also because the subject is new to me, so ok).

    But VT (Veterans Today) and some others have been talking a lot about Khazarians and Khazaria, which looking at the maps is clearly another country not to be confunded with Tartaria.

    VT says, on several articles by several authors, that Russia once invaded Khazaria because it was evil, centuries ago. And then that, more recently, the bolchevic revolution was a revenge by the Khazarians againt Russia.

    Well here the two stories - Tartaria and Khazaria contradict each other.

    The Tartaria video said the Romanovs from Russia were an evil that invaded Russia. And cites Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia helping saving the world. But then the Tartaria video says that the Russian people wake up to its history and the evil that its there since the Romanov, including now.

    VT says, on the contrary, on many articles, that the Romanov (not angels for sure, but not evil as the Kahzarians also) were deposed by the Khasarians as a revenge for the past. VT also cites Edgar Cayce, but says it is coming trough Putin, because he knows the history and that the Romanovs were taken in a coup (like Ukraine nowadays).

    So if VT is right, the Tartarian video seems to be making the group in charge in Russia not so good. And this seem just a nice desinformation campaign to separate more people.

    Again I am not doubting Tartaria, seems to make sense. It just seems someone, on that particular video, is using a true story (Tartaria), but twisting, changing just a few points of the whole to create division on an important fact for today - the role of Putin and the alliance.

    What do you think about this?

    1. I don't really have the answer yet. My feeling is that VT and the woman making the Tartaria video are both well intended and saying a good amount of truth, but that neither of them are saying 100% truth.

      It happens often that there is both Light and dark within the same bloodline, they always seek to infiltrate each other, so that's one possibility.

      I think it's quite obvious that Putin and the Alliance know a lot about this and that good things are coming through there. I think that Tartaria story played a key role in history. In the middle of all that it's good to remember that in the duality on the surface of planet Earth nothing and nobody is ever black or white, it's always various shades of grey. From 99,9% to 0,1% and everything in between. So it all feels to me to be quite complex and intricate and i don't have a full understanding yet. But it will come :)

  3. I do not see that the stories of Khazaria & Tartaria are mutually exclusive.

    What seems possible is that Tartaria was "transformed" into Russia over time. The Romanovs are clearly part of a branch of the Illuminati via bloodlines, but they changed their allegiance over the course of the 19th century toward a more populist and nationalistic approach. They were still aristocrats who were related via intermarriage to their Western Counterparts, but they effectively stopped foreign from Britain or France during the US Civil War, plus I believe they also did not align with other plans regarding the two-century implementation of global government via 3 world wars.

    Those were also reasons for taking out the Romanovs - they were seen as traitors to the global aristocracy.

    This would mean the Romanov Dynasty still effectively took over Tartaria and absorbed into the country known as Russia.

    Perhaps the goal all along was to destroy evidence of ties to Hyperborea, and the Romanovs were not keeping up with their end of the bargain made for control of Russia.