Friday, April 29, 2016

More Cintamanis Available

I now have a new batch of Cintamani stones to distribute. They are all tachyonized by Cobra and non polished, not cut, left in their original state. We have made a point of making these available for the most affordable price possible considering our own costs (yes we have not received the St Germain trusts yet either), and also rarity and power of the stone. Most of this money will go to support more projects for the Liberation and part of the money from this sale will also go to help some of our contacts Lightworkers who are struggling financially and energetically and who have been actively helping for the Liberation.

For those who have not seen, they only appear black because physical eyes do not always see everything properly. This is what it looks like through Light, violet-gray/brown-pink color :

Not all stones have the same degree of transparency because they have various compositions (sometimes stones are fully transparent, sometimes partically, sometimes not at all), because they are pieces of a meteorite that came from Sirius, and melted and glassified upon impact on Earth, but they all have the same essence. Each stone is a unique individual with a very ancient and wise presence. They are many millions of years old, they are older than duality and they have witnessed the whole unfoldment of duality while always keeping their purity, as they can not absorb any negative energy or be programmed, so they keep their original pure presence. Since I started working with them and giving them to people, I have seen them facilitating many breakthroughs and inspirations.
You can read more about them here :
There are several sizes available :

3-6 gr : 50 euros :

6-10 gr : 100 euros

10-15gr : 150 euros

I also have very few stones above 15 gr, prices for these are individual, please email for request.

I also have stones below 3gr that we are selling in sets of 7. These are to be placed in the shape of a 6 pointed star mandala with 1 in the center, like this :

This creates a very powerful activation, you can leave it in your living space, on your altar, and they are also especially good to bring when you are doing energy work on the grid or other kinds of ceremonies.

50 euros for 7 small stones of 0,5-1,5 gr each
100 euros for 7 stones of 1.5-2.5 gr each

To place an order, please send an e-mail to, and tell me the size you want. If you want a more transparent one, let me know and I will accomodate on a first come first serve basis.

I can also wrap them in pure copper wire to be worn as a pendant upon request, for an extra 15 euros :

Victory of the Light


  1. Hi im wondering if placing one of these in the earth where i live would be more beneficial for everyone than a piece of myself for personal use?

    1. Depends where you live, many stones have been buried already, and if you keep the stone with you you will be the transmitter for the energies also. Please email me at

  2. thank you untwine. i just emailed you also about gifting

  3. Hi what is the expected delivery time if I live in Connecticut?

  4. Untwine, how much is a single cintamini stone with copper wiring? Thanks so much. Ashton

  5. Thanks for '6 pointed star mandala'. Activation is really very strong. I have it also combined with the Pleiadian Stargate. - Very strong effect.