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AN Conversion

AN conversion is a major process that our whole reality is going through. It is the process through which the Source, the One original creator, is bringing the whole of creation back into unity.

The universe was created as a reflection of the One in which the One is exploring itself. The One is omnipresent in the universe, and yet at the same time it is beyond. The universe is only a mirror image of the One, which was created with a basic template : quantum dyamics. Quantum dynamics is a system in which the created matter oscillates between all possible potentials. The main factor that determines which potential manifests is Will.

The One is by definition perfect, whole and absolute. Perfection and wholeness means that everything is designed with purpose. However, by creating a system of exploration of all possible potentials, a potential was logically created as an opposite to purpose : randomness, also called contingency :

This universe that we are in now, as we have experienced it so far, is a result of combining both the One and contingency, purpose and randomness. Evil happened accidentally as a result of interaction between will and contingency. Accidents were possible in the universe because the universe is not the pure One, it is only a mirror image of it, and that image is not fully exact because it contains contingency, and therefore the One is not all powerful within the realms of the universe. Evil is a momentum in which will is submerged by contingency, loses connection with the Absolute, gets turned inside out, and starts to be used for the opposite purpose of what it is originally meant for. This is why 'evil' spells 'live' backwards.

As part of the exploration process of all posible potentials, the universe was divided into several planes/dimensions (physical, plasma, etheric, astral, etc), each containing various proportions of contingency :

In this graphic, the higher the plane is, the less contingency it contains. All existing creation is created first on the highest plane, and then trickles down the planes one by one. All physical matter has come down through all the planes before becoming physical.
 The dotted line in the mental plane is the so-called Buddhi Manas membrane, which marks the shift where the amount of contingency becomes so high that reality is transformed quite strongly. Below that dotted line, evil has been possible. Above that dotted line, there is not enough contingency for evil to be possible, so these higher planes were always realms of pure Light and Love.

Matter trickles down the planes in the form of codes of Light flowing through, containing the information about the Divine Will. The more contingency is present in a plane, the more this flow of Light is filtered. Therefore the lowest planes in which we now reside (physical, etc), have only received filtered Light, not the full spectrum, especially on this planet where evil has reinforced these filters. Therefore the reality we have experienced here contains a lot of distortions and does not correspond much to the original Will of the One.

The One is pure Light and Love and does not have any evil in its nature, and therefore did not intend for evil to ever happen, it actually did not even imagine that it could happen. When seeing that the accident of evil happened, the One created a system to correct the anomaly, transmute all evil back into Light, and reconnect all contingency back with Divine Will. This system is the AN conversion.

The AN conversion is a system of direct transmission of Light that bypasses contingency filters, and therefore transmits the flow of Light in its fullness, all the way down the planes. This allows the Divine Will to be transmitted by Light, into the densest matter of all planes, transmuting, healing and reconnecting all reality back with the One. This AN conversion system progressively transforms the universe into a reality where the One is all powerful. When the AN conversion is complete, the universe will be an exact mirror image of the One.

This AN conversion system was anchored on this planet on the 4th of April 2012 :

and became fuly operational on this planet on December 21st of 2012 :

The main anchor for the AN conversion is the AN stargate, located in the central star of the belt of Orion. The original accident that created evil happened in Orion, and therefore that constellation became the central point for transmutation of darkness. The AN stargate was always a portal of Light, and it is through this portal that many souls came down from the planes above the Buddhi Manas, down to the planes below it. These souls are the so-called star seeds, who came with the purpose of helping to anchor the Light in the lower planes, and transmute duality back into Oneness. Each star seed holds keys for the AN conversion.

During their incarnations on Earth, star seeds have built many mirrors of the belt of Orion throughout the planet, to connect with the AN stargate :

The AN conversion will effectively end duality and transform our whole reality into a universe of pure Light and Love, where Abundance, Joy and Bliss are the state we exist in unconditionally. We are anchors of the AN conversion through the use of our free will to choose the Light. By doing so we align the quantum reality so that it can receive AN conversion, progressively healing all of creation. We can connect with the AN stargate in meditation, and also use the primordial sound AN, much like we use the sound OM, to invoke the AN conversion.

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  1. Beautiful... thank you for this awesome piece, Antoine!

  2. Untwine, is AN pronounced as in "man" or in "wand"?

  3. Once again, Antoine, you offer us much wisdom.

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    absolutely brilliant post

  5. A wonderful article of explanation, peace and reassurance. Thank you.

  6. I agree, very well explained and the graph is very helpful as well.

    One small comment. The phrase " This is why 'evil' spells 'live' backwards " only makes sense to an uni-lingual anglophone and therefore is very limiting and should not be used.
    A similar strategy was used years ago, again only making sense to anglophones involving the words 'sun' and 'son'. This gimmick is not possible in most other languages but English!

    1. English is not my first language and I have travelled a lot to see that there are similar things in all main languages, often not with the same literal word but they exist, there are many actually, because behind the making of all main languages there were always occultists who knew certain things and shaped the language according to that, sometimes for dark, sometimes for the Light, and it is good to expose this to consciousness.

    2. Thank you! Love, light and gratitude.

  7. thank you very much for this article. i am blessed to have found this article/info/insight , a very helpful and inspiring one, for a searcher like me. thank you very much. please continue to share these wisdom . bless you . - Alvarado,An (philippines)

  8. Hello Untwine,

    Thank you so very much for this article. I found it incredibly informative.


    Is there a connection between desire and the AN conversion?

    Desire is to want. Will is to act.

    Desire strengthens will. If will is submerged (suppressed),the contingency (randomness)overrides our desire. How would we strengthen our desire which would appear to allow us to will ourselves free (with the help of the Light forces)?

    Desire is the spark of life. We must feel to desire (want). So if we strengthen our empathy, love of self and others, will we literally balance out the contingency whereby will(our desire/love of self and others) is no longer submerged by the contingency? Is this how we help our benevolent family remove the anomaly?

    Once again, a heart felt thank you.

    1. Blimey that's a good point on desire's relationship to contingency I think.

  9. とても懐かしいです。AN変換は私達の贈り物であり、私達はまたそれを受け取ろうとしているのですから。

  10. This is so beautifully explained. Antoine, thank you. You are one great warrior of the light 🌟

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  12. Thank you so much for this wonderful article. I really feel I understand AN conversion much better now Untwine

  13. Yes, this starseed is choosing the Light and is looking forward to the AN conversion..
    Can't wait for our universe to transform in a state of pure Light and Love, with Abundance, Joy, and Bliss!!

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  15. Thank you for this understanding. You have connected so many dots for me.

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