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I think that a much needed element at this time to help us achieve liberation in the fastest way possible is to bring back ethics to our attention. In recent decades, especially since 1996, the energies have been more intense which tends to push people into survival mode, and in these conditions the mere idea of ethics often has been "flung to the winds". However our well-being is very much connected to ethics being applied personally and collectively. I of course am not claiming to have always acted perfectly. However what really matters is to recognize a better way and practice it, so I will suggest a few points that I find important :

1. Respect the free will of others. This is most important, and should be done in all contexts, for small or big things, for every sentient being. We have learned that the Light forces always respect free will seriously in this way, for example they will only assist us personally if we request it with our free will. Even our own Higher Self only connects with us if our lower self cooperates. They may invite us, but will always leave us the choice. This is a behavior that should really be adopted by all, and includes also criticism, small or big, outspoken or silent. Let us all leave people to live their lives, and make our own choices for our own life, it is not our job to manage what other people do, we can never be responsible for somebody, the best service to do them (and ourselves) is to fully respect and allow them their own sovereign will. This doesn't mean we become 'doormats', we maintain our own will, discernment and way of life, simply we only apply that to our own selves. If what somebody does affects us negatively, we can just move away. Let us simply do the best we can and show what we believe to be the best by our own example.

2. We are One. Yes, this sentence has become cliché in some contexts, and that is because it is sometimes spoken without applying what that really means. We do not exist in an isolated reality, we are all part of one organism. Living an isolated way of life, only ever thinking of personal survival, personal benefits, personal enlightenment, imagining that we can just save ourselves and forget about the rest, has driven individuals and communities to ruin time and time again. Some of the most enlightened beings such as Buddha who have attained high levels of consciousness, will not go further towards Source until all sentient beings are liberated, they remain at this level to help. The suffering of some has a real impact on the whole since we truly are all one organism. I am not talking about sacrifice, I am talking about understanding that helping the whole is helping all including ourselves, and that is where energies should be directed. One of the best questions to ask is, 'What is the most beneficial thing I can do ?'. In such times we are in now, such questions bring answers very quickly, because there are many beings of Light looking for some humans who are willing to help.

3. Correlation is not causation. In other words, do not draw conclusions too hastily. Just because two elements appear connected doesn't necessarily mean that we can establish a link of cause and effects. For example, you may observe that the number of ashtrays in somebody's house tends to increase the more they smoke, so we could be tempted to say, the more ashtrays, the more the house owner smokes, but this doesn't work, somebody might not smoke at all and use ashtrays for guests or discarding fruit seeds. This would be good to keep in mind when out in the world to discern things. This world of duality is very much subject to illusions, many who are sensitive to energies are falling for dark astral/emotional, etheric or lower mental tricks, for example certain 'channelers', 'healers', 'psychics', 'medium', etc. Somebody may really perceive things, but just because something we see or hear is beyond the physical, doesn't mean it's automatically and absolutely true. One may be able to see or feel the etheric or astral or lower mental, and these planes can appear very magical compared to the physical, and one can get distracted by all that is happening there, forgetting that these planes are not the Higher Self, they are still subject to illusions, and guidance or information coming from there, whether it's coming consciously or subconsciously, isn't necessarily originating from the world of Higher Self, no matter what it may appear. Through self-purification, training, self-honesty, bringing all aspects of self into balance, and above all connecting with the inner presence of the Higher Self, then much better understanding comes.

4. Tune into the inner presence of the Higher Self. The following can help : if you observe your senses, your desires, your emotions (in other words the astral body), you may notice that they can tend to rule your actions. But you may also notice that there is another aspect within you, who is beyond this and is the observer who can control your actions, for example if your senses desire something but you know inside that it is not the right thing to do, then you are able to stop yourself, and in that process distinguish your astral body (what the senses desire) from a higher aspect of yourself, realizing that you are not the senses but the observer, and if you choose to do what the observer/higher aspect is saying, then you are evolving and connecting more with the Higher Self. One may think at first that it is the mind, the thoughts, who can make a better choice despite what the senses are saying, and while that is true to some extent, the mind is yet another vehicle and not the Higher Self presence. We can see this by observing our thoughts, and therefore realizing that there is another presence within who can observe the thoughts, and if there are thoughts we know aren't beneficial then we can discard them, and choose better thoughts, and we can mould the mind however we choose in this way. And then we can realize that we are the observer, the one who can choose to mould the mind, and not the thoughts/mind itself.

This process can help to tune in more and more with the real Higher Self, de-identify with the vehicles, and by choosing to follow what the Higher Self says, and always bringing our attention back to it, we get a real inner sense of differentiating right from wrong, as the Higher Self is the only presence who can ever truly know right from wrong, the personality alone (lower mind, emotions, desire, physical body) is by definition selfish and needs to be merged back with Higher Self. Then our actions will be much more positive, and we will be more and more available for receiving the powers coming from the Higher Self to work in our lives.

5. Discern and know for yourself. I will quote here Buddha according to HP Blavatsky : "we must not believe in a thing said merely because it is said; nor traditions because they have been handed down from antiquity; nor rumors, as such; nor writings by sages, because sages wrote them: nor fancies that we may suspect to have been inspired in us by a Deva (that is, in presumed spiritual inspiration); nor from inferences drawn from some haphazard assumption we may have made; nor because of what seems an analogical necessity; nor on the mere authority of our teachers or masters. But we are to believe when the writing, doctrine, or saying is corroborated by our own reason and consciousness. "For this," says he in concluding, "I taught you not to believe merely because you have heard, but when you believed of your consciousness, then to act accordingly and abundantly.". 

Let us not let our minds atrophy, waiting for little drips of understanding handed to us by a few people, because no definite liberation can ever come this way. Let us study and practice things for ourselves as deeply as we can and then we will be able to do much more as a collective.

6. Self honesty. One key here is to learn to dissipate astral/emotional and lower mental illusions. These are sometimes called glamour, and it is important to understand that the emotional/mental idea of a quality is not necessarily the same as the quality itself. I will quote here Alice Bailey's book, 'Discipleship in the New Age volume 1' : 

"I will enumerate a few of the more general glamours for you, leaving you to make any needed application and expansion of the idea from the individual to humanity as a whole. 
2. The glamour of aspiration. Those thus conditioned are completely satisfied and pre-occupied with their aspiration towards the light and rest back upon the fact that they are aspirants. Such people need to move onward on to the Path of Discipleship and cease their preoccupation and satisfaction with their spiritual ambitions and goals. 

3. The glamour of self-assurance or of what might be called the astral principles of the disciple. This is the belief, in plain language, that the disciple regards that his point of view is entirely right. This again feeds pride and tends to make the disciple believe himself to be an authority and infallible. It is the background of the theologian. 

4. The glamour of duty. This leads to an over-emphasis of the sense of responsibility, producing lost motion and the emphasis of the non-essential. 

5. The glamour of environing conditions, leading frequently to a sense of frustration, or of futility or of importance. 

6. The glamour of the mind and of its efficiency and its capacity to deal with any or every problem. This leads inevitably to isolation and loneliness. 

7. The glamour of devotion, leading to an undue stimulation of the astral body. The man or woman thus glamoured sees only one idea, one person, one authority and one aspect of truth. It feeds fanaticism and spiritual pride. 

8. The glamour of desire with its reflex action upon the physical body. This leads to a constant condition of fighting and of turmoil. It negates all peace and fruitful work and must some day be brought to an end. 

9. The glamour of personal ambition. 

There are many other glamours, both individual and world-wide, but these will serve to indicate a general tendency." 

A good way to discern, is to check whether we have a mental and/or emotional attachment to the quality or situation, or if we are able to let it go if needed. If there is an attachment, it is likely an illusion/glamor, because the lower mental and the astral have to be detached and in calm receptive state for the true quality or situation to occur, simply because the lower self can not generate it, it can only receive it from the Higher Self. The lower self is like a lake reflecting the landscape on its surface, and the Higher Self is the real landscape. If the waters of the lake are agitated, the landscape can never be seen properly.
Illusions are usually maintained by the personal self to hide suppressed emotions, so by letting go of the illusion we then can become aware of the emotion, release it and choose a better way. This is especially important at this time because the dark use all unresolved emotions and thoughts, make them bigger, use them to create conflicts and use them as magnetic attractors for negative situations to occur in people's lives. Purifying ourselves is always the best and the only definite protection, and a much needed preparation for a more evolved life. If the situation is not an illusion, we will then be compelled into clear detached constructive action by the inner presence I was mentioning in point 4. 

7. Seek to merge polarities. Avoid thinking, talking, feeling, acting, etc, in ways that polarize situations, pushing further apart opposing points of view and energies. Separation of opposite polarities is a product of anomaly, while Source presence brings them in Oneness, therefore by our behavior we fuel either one or the other. In time, when properly purified, all opposites complete each other and unify. If the situation is not ready for this, then it's better to put it aside and at least to not push it further. 

For example, replace :

"serving others vs serving yourself" by "serving the One/Source/Light/Love/Life"

"taking care of yourself vs receiving help" by "playing your part in the orchestra of life"

"saving the world vs healing myself" by "healing the One/Life"

"getting rid of the dark and we will be happy" by "all who have lost their way will heal and all will return to the Light"

"the wounds of somebody vs the wounds of somebody" by "unique insights and contributions we can bring together" 

"the desire of somebody vs the desire of somebody" by "win win solution" 


This is not an exhaustive list, but I believe these few key points, when really practiced, can be very helpful to manifest a reality of Light individually and collectively, our ethics thus manifesting aest-ethics.

Victory of the Light

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