Friday, December 22, 2017

Workshop in Budapest and around the World

I will be giving a one day workshop in Budapest, Hungary on January 20th. All who are genuinely seeking the Light are welcome. It will be organized with my brother Smaly7 :

Hungary is one of the main anchors of Light for Europe, there was a strong Atlantean civilization here in ancient times, and there is powerful Light templar and Saint Germain presence. There is also now one of the most active and harmonious lightworker group in the world.

The workshop is for people who would like information, tips and techniques to dedicate themselves more to the Light, bring more Light to their lives and be stronger anchors of Light for the planet. In last few years I have traveled to 25+ countries around 5 continents to bury Cintamani stones, and have experienced and observed many situations, meetings, cultures, teachers, along the way. Recently I have done much research and experimenting with certain knowledge and techniques and as a result, me and some close friends have experienced powerful breakthroughs. I now feel the purpose to share this with more people.

The program of the workshop will be separated in two parts. The first part will be sharing more theoretical informations, basic principles of creation of the universe, relation with the Source, various planes of creation (etheric, astral, etc) and what they correspond to, and how this relates in practical ways to manifestation process and our connection with our Higher Self.
The second part will be about practical techniques of preparation before Ascension work, to help re-establish a more direct connection with the Soul and purify ourselves, which can assist in all areas of our life, and make us a stronger anchor to help the Light. Be aware that some of these techniques can be intense and require some dedication, as they can trigger profound changes.

You can sign up here :

I am also preparing other workshops in other countries and will announce them later on this blog. If you would like to organize a workshop somewhere please email :

Victory of the Light


  1. good to hear! i would love to come to a workshop and since i have been traveling in asia for 3 months i can only come to one if it was in the US.

  2. Where in Hungary is the green art (portal) in the second photo above?
    Would love to be back to the motherland but right now I will have to wait for a workshop maybe in the northwest US:) Blessings and Victory of the Light