Friday, February 2, 2018

Working with Mjolnir

Cobra has recently described Mjolnir as a new technology of the Light forces used to detect and remove dark beings and energies, to speed up the liberation of this planet :

I have been testing, and I feel that it does work, to call upon Mjolnir to help us with clearing and protection down here on the surface of the planet.
Although the technology is new, it seems based on the name that the principle or the ray of energy it is based on, is ancient or rather eternal.

Mjolnir is the thunder which is used by Thor to assert Divine Will. Esoterically this thunder is not just the thunder in the sky, it is a universal energy, the Cosmic electrical Light which is the embodiement of Divine Will, which can be accessed anywhere. It is basically metaelectricity, the higher spiritual aspect which is the Source of physical electricity. Our inner Will is transmitted in our physical body by electrical impulses in the nerves, and Divine Will is transmitted in the Universe by Cosmic Electrical Light.
In ancient times, priests of Thor or Zeus or other equivalents, were calling to the divine thunder for protection, which was not just a theoretical imaginary thing, but a real factual energy to be used.
In the East, there is a well known name and symbol for this : the Vajra or the Dorje, which has also been used similarly.

We can use it by calling upon it, and we can also visualize multiple rays of bright, light blue, electric Light, spinning clockwise in the aura, or in whatever area you would like to help clear and protect. Or you can experiment with it in other ways if you feel guided.

Cintamanis which have been sent to nearspace seem to help establish a stronger connection :

The new technology of the Light forces may or may not fully reach us immediately, but as we keep calling upon it, visualizing it, we definitely establish a connection with its underlying principle, which will strengthen the more we practice it, and also by calling it with our free will we help to attract the technology, to help that Mjolnir will hit the ground sooner, and more harmoniously as we become electrical conductors for it to a certain degree.

Victory of the Light


  1. Archangel Michael's blue flame does exactly what you described with Mjolnir. Both of them are connected then. Blue ray is masculine force of universe.

  2. Thanks very much for this wonderful and interesting insight!

  3. it's really the essence of all spiritual practice. dissolving dualistic tendencies with the clear light of awareness. in tibet the phurba also serves such purpose, it has a piercing quality which emanates from deep within the wisdom heart.
    let us use this power not just for our immediate concerns, but extend its power to everywhere our mind can see. we don't need to be reminded that, as embodiers, we are exposed to and resolve the harsh dualities that the light forces might not directly perceive. eh ma ho!

  4. Thank you for sharing this. Peace, love and light to all. Victory of the Light ❣