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Workshop Update - Los Angeles

Workshops in Greece and Switzerland were successful, thanks to all who participated for the Light.

I will give other workshops in other countries later this year, in the meantime there is still some room left for the workshop in Los Angeles on the 15th of April for those who are interested :

If you have questions about this, or would like to organize a workshop in your area, you can email me at

Victory of the Light

Sunday, March 18, 2018


Much of the mystery school practices of Ascension have to do with rebirth. This is a spiritual rebirth, not a new cycle of death and reincarnation, but a rebirthing of the Soul directly into the same body. Birth, essentially, is a radiation, a ray of Light sent from the Soul which densifies and manifests the bodies of the personality (mental, astral, etheric, physical). In reincarnation cycles on Earth, as this ray of Light is sent from the Soul and the body is born, there is much interference and programming and coloring of this ray of Light, by the surrounding circumstances, the patterns of the parents and surrounding culture, etc. All this has nothing to do with the true nature of the Soul, as it filters, programs and conditions the personality.
So, mystery schools have practices of rebirthing the Soul, bringing down the Light of the Soul in a purer environment, birhing it directly from the Goddess divine mother, free from negative and programming patterns, creating a space for the pure presence of the Soul to be anchored.

For this reason, the initiates were calles 'twice born'.

In advanced societies on liberated planets in the Universe, most races have integrated this to a degree where it is as natural to them as having running water in our homes. They have spiritual technology to manifest bodies which they can model however they like and anytime they like very easily. Death and reincarnation do not exist for them, they live an existance in accordance with the truth that they are an eternal Soul, that really never is born, and never dies. Bodies are only the clothes they wear, the vehicles they are driving to navigate the lower planes (physical astral etc).

These rebirth ceremonies are attuned with nature and are found encoded in much of the ancient myths especially in ancient cultures of the eastern meditteranean area, so much so that they have shaped much of modern indo-european language, phonetics, and symbolism. Similar process is also found in other cultures. I will give some examples of this below to give an idea of it. Remember that words and phonetics are sounds, and sound is a natural manifestation of frequency. The universe is frequency, and sounds have original archetypal meanings, beyond what may be the distorted mental association built around them in modern cultures. This is important to remember when we study phonetics. Also remember that symbolism is everywhere inside and outside of us, the Universe is essentially symbolic and fractal, and the purest symbols are both theoretical and practical. Also please remember that ancient myths, symbols, and the mystery practices behind them, were very cleverly built and had several paralel layers of meaning, I am only giving examples of meaning and interpretation, not a complete decoding of all aspects involved.

Let's start with the name of an ancient Goddess, Har. Harlots were originally priestesses of Har, and the Harems were their temples. These priestesses gave rebirth ceremonies to the higher initiates. Bitch was also a name referring to them and had originally a positive meaning.
Phonetically bitch is almost identical to the beach and this is not random. Remember that the Goddess names Aphrodite and Morgan both mean 'born from the sea' :

Born from the sea
Born from the see
Born from the eye
Born from the I
Born from the I Am - the Soul

At the beach, we also find the harbor, phonetically derived from Har. Also derived from Har, we have the words harmony, hearing :

Both vocal chords and the eye have vesica pisces shape, like a yoni (also like a fish as we will see below).
Harmony is also the 4th divine ray of Light which we can invoke like the Violet Flame or the White Fire of AN. The ray of Harmony has a pearly white color, with soft rainbow hues like mother-of-pearl, or white jade or opal. The pearl is the offspring of the oyster, and phonetically the oyster is Ishtar because of its yoni shape, so the pearl is symbolizing the Soul rebirthed.

And also the word harvest comes from Har, harvesting the seeds, which can be in this context the semen (sea men from the harbor). This will make more sense when we look at the Eleusian mysteries below.

Now let us move to the famous myth of Isis and Osiris. To sum it up, Osiris was killed by Set, cut into 14 pieces which were spread around the land. Isis gathered all the pieces, but she could only find 13, the 14th piece was Osiris's phallus which was thrown in the river and swallowed by a fish. So Isis made a new phallus made of Gold, and put all the pieces back together, and she sang a magic song which revived Osiris.
This is not a litteral story, but an allegory of rebirth. One of the main key to understand ancient myths in any culture is that they are allegories and such deities represent aspects of the Soul, or aspects of the Universe for example a plane of creation. Of course the Gods and Goddesses are also real beings, and this expresses profound truth : aspects of the Universe are conscious entities, they are cells of the the Universe which is a living organism, and such ascended beings are One with the archetypes and divine qualities and Universal consciousness. As a mystery unfolds in our life (mystery is my-story), the deities/divine qualities manifest through us, as we too are part of the One, the living organism of the Universe. Only when we remember such truths, then we stop oversimplifying and misunderstanding the myths, and we can see some truth in it.

So, one way of understanding this myth, is that Osiris is the Soul, incarnating as a personality. As it incarnates in the personality planes, it gets fragmented by anomaly, here symbolized by Set killing him. So Isis, here symbolizing at the same time, the Divine Mother, Universal feminine aspect, and the Goddess and the priestess doing the ritual, is putting all aspects of the fragmented Soul presence back together, by rebirthing it. The phallus was 'swallowed by a fish' :

And she sings a magical song which revives Osiris. We have seen above the Goddess associations with hearing, harmony, the vocal chords. In some versions of the myths, the sun God Ra is then born also from this act, so the sun is the son of Isis. Phonetically, all these words are very similar : Solar, Sol, Soul, Sun, Son, Song. This is also not random, this is because in the myth they are equivalent. They all symbolize the offspring of the Divine Mother, the rebirth of the Soul directly by the Goddess achieved by the ritual. Also the new phallus was made of gold, and gold is a classic symbol of the Soul, the golden color is like the Sun/Sol/Soul, and practically gold has crystal-like properties which help connect with the Soul (phonetically : gold, god, good).
In the myth, the outcome is that Osiris remains in the underworld (here symbolizing the non-physical planes), and Ra reigns in the visible (physical) world. Osiris and Ra are two aspects of the same Soul, Osiris is the Soul which remains in the non-physical planes, Ra is the radiation of the Soul which has been birthed into the physical world.

Now let us move on to the ancient Greek Eleusian mysteries. They are based on the myth of Goddesses Persephone and Demeter, which were celebrated during festivals occuring in the Eleusis temple in Greece during the equinoxes. To summarize the myth, at the Spring equinox, Persephone is captured by Hades the God of the underworld. At the Autumn equinox, Demeter, the mother of Persephone, looks for her daughter, and finds her again at the Eleusis temple. They agree to a compromise where Persephone will live half of the year in the underworld with Hades and half of the year in the upper world with Demeter.

Again, this is not litteral, it is an allegory of the journey of the Soul. As I wrote in my last posts, the Spring equinox is the birth of life into the visible physical world. In the myth, Hades, the underworld,  symbolizes the lower planes, and Persephone represents the personality (etymologically the word personality comes from Persephone), in other words she symbolizes the ray of Light from the Soul incarnating in the lower planes, so at Spring equinox Persephone incarnates. Demeter symbolizes, at the same time, the Universal feminine mother aspect, the priestess doing the rebirth, and the Soul that has remained in the higher planes. In the beginning, she can not find Persephone, symbolizing that the personality and the Soul are disconnected. At the Autumn equinox, as I wrote before, life is raised back from the physical to the non-physical planes. So, Demeter finds Persephone again during that time, meaning that the personality and the Soul are reconnected together, in this myth this is the rebirth. This is also why Autumn is called the Har-vest. Initiates in the Eleusian mysteries would enter the sacred cave near the Eleusis temple, practice the rebirth ceremony inside, and come out with freshly cut branches of barley in their hands, symbolizing that the har-vesting had been done.
The outcome in the myth is that Persephone will now live half of the year in the underworld with Hades,  and half in the upperworld with Demeter, which symbolizes that the initiate who has been reborn is now linking both worlds, Soul and personality, he becomes a channel between the two. A symbol for this channel is the snake, the cobra, the kundalini, the snake is the channel which is connecting polarities together.

The name Demeter, means Dea-meter, Dea is Goddess, meter is measure/counting, the word count phonetically is also the cunt (which is the yoni, same etymology as country from where plant life is born, as Demeter is also Goddess of agriculture), meter is also matter which etymologically means mother, because matter is not dead and unconscious, matter and spirit are the same thing, they are the One living universal organism, matter-spirit is our real mother-father with whom, as eternal Souls, we are One. And meter, to count, is also geometry and mathematics, which means that sacred geometry and mathematics are the essence of spirit-matter, as the initiated Pythagoras was teaching.

I will finish with a quote by the Count of Cagliostro (who was fully initiated into these mysteries) :

"I am not of any time or place. Outside of time and space my spiritual being lives its eternal existence, and if I plunge into my thoughts by going up the course of the ages, extend my spirit towards a way of life far from what you perceive, I become the one I desire. Participating in the Absolute Being, I regulate my action according to the environment around me. My name is that of my function and I choose it, as well as my function, because I am free. My country is the one where I momentarily fix my steps.
 Date yourself from yesterday, if you wish, by raising yourself up with years lived by ancestors who were strangers to you; or of tomorrow, by the illusory pride of a greatness which will perhaps never be yours; I am the one who is. Like the southerly wind, like the brilliant light of noon, I come towards the north, toward the mist and the cold, abandoning everywhere in my path some parcels of myself, dismembering myself, diminishing myself at each station, but leaving you a little clarity, a little warmth, a little strength, until I am finally stopped and fixed definitively, at the end of my career, at the hour when the rose will flower on the cross."

Victory of the Light

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Spring Equinox-Easter-Ishtar - Return of the Goddess

As I mentioned in my last post, the Spring Equinox is a powerful moment for Goddess energy, when new life is birthed by the Goddess :

"There is one step in the cycle which is especially important for Goddess energy : the Sunrise, Spring Equinox. The Goddess is the one who is birthing new life in all sorts of ways possible.
Etymology and phonetics have left many clues about this. This is the time of Easter, which is Goddess Ishtar. The sun rises in the East, along with the East Star/Ishtar : Venus is the first star to rise in the East in the morning, which is why it is called the EastStar, or also was called Lucifer (that word originally refers to Venus), which litterally means in latin, the Light bringer, because the Goddess Venus brings the new life like the planet Venus brings the new Light in the morning. The word morning, from germanic morgen, is another Goddess name : Morgan LeFay. Morgan etymologically means born from the sea, the water of the new life being birthed, just like the Greek equivalent for Ishtar/Venus is Aphrodite, which also litterally means born from the sea."

The time of Easter is at the Spring Equinox, as it was in the ancient Celtic calendar, named after their Goddess Ostara or Eostre, who are names or aspects of Goddess Astara/Isis/Ishtar/Venus/Aphrodite.
The egg obviously symbolizes this new life being born, especially as the egg shape is based on golden proportion. The rabbit symbol has several layers of meaning, one of them is that there is a rabbit shape on the Moon (who transmits Goddess energy) :

This new life being born is also the Return of the Goddess herself. So I would like to invite people to do the Return of Goddess meditation on the Spring Equinox, 20th of march, at the moment of their sunrise and/or anytime :

This can be done in addition to other synchronized meditation which will be posted on We Love Mass Meditation blog, for the exact time of the Equinox.

Victory of the Goddess 💖