Saturday, June 30, 2018

Friday 13th July New Moon - Sirius Isis Alignment - Return of the Goddess and Sacred Union

The next New Moon will be a very powerful alignment and portal for Goddess and Sacred Union energies. It will happen on Friday the 13th, which is originally a day to celebrate the Goddess (Freya/Venus day), and number 13 has many resonances, 13 Venusian years, 13 mon cycles, etc. The original Light Templars were celebrating that day as they were carrying mystery school heritage passed on by Magdalene, and were guardians of the sacred Temples. So Friday 13th is also related to Templar timeline for the final and complete Return of the Light on Earth.

On top of that, during this New Moon, both the Sun and Moon and the asteroid Isis will be cunjunct in our sky with the star Sirius, which is Isis and Ashtar's origin and main anchor. The moon will also be at that time near its closest point to Earth (Supermoon), and there will be a partial solar eclipse.

We suggest to do the Goddess meditations at the time of this New Moon at 2:47am UTC, Friday 13th July :

We also suggest that you gather together with your local group, create a ceremony, and include Sacred Union between masculine and feminine, male and female, tantric energies, in any way you feel guided.
You can learn more about all this including the astrology involved during this period, and get some inspiration, in this great video by Lalita Karoli and Lindsy (gratitude to them 💖) :

You can also use this powerful decree for Kundalini activation by Demetra (gratitude to her 💖) :

You can also listen to this new 432hz Pythagorean music I recorded, anchoring Sirian dolphin energies (gratitude to them 💖) :

💖 Much Love 💖


  1. Thank you Dear Heart! Thanks for posting it in good time so that Sisters & Brothers around the world can plan their gatherings & ceremonies! Lovely video by Lalita Karoli and Lindsy! Much gratitude also for the beautiful Sirian Ocean music.

  2. The Music is pure awakening! Thank you so much, dear Antoan! <3

  3. powerful time... let's be conscious of this time and integrate and embody more of this light available to us now... thank you Untwine