Monday, July 23, 2018

Metatron Cube Technique

Here is an energy technique to help clear the aura, balance and integrate our inner aspects and activate our Soul Presence more strongly in our bodies.

First connect with your Higher Self, I Am Presence, and then connect with Archangel Metatron and Goddess White Tara to create 13 spheres which are composed of the White Fire of AN, together with the pearly rainbowy liquid white Light of Harmony (it looks like white opal or mother-of-pearl), both fire and liquid Light mixed together.
These 13 spheres are in you, in the shape of a Metatron Cube. The central sphere is in your heart chakra, and there is one in the brain/third eye chakra, one at the sexual organs, one at the Soul Star chakra, one at the Earth Star chakra, and the rest around you to create the Metatron Cube shape, something like this :

Then visualize another of these spheres in front of your heart chakra, and another in the back of your heart chakra, equally distanced like the 13 others.

Then visualize rays of White Fire of AN mixed together with the pearly liquid white Light, connecting all the spheres together with each other in a grid. Visualize and feel this Light grid in your energy field for some time, transmuting and anchoring Light in your whole aura.

Enjoy 💖✨