Sunday, November 11, 2018

Remember our Heart - Self Clearing - Chakra Opening

The Heart chakra is well known as the center of our energy field, the center point of the torus field and merkaba, our central anchor point for incarnation. The strongest recorded electro-magnetic fields in the body are emanating from there, and it is a portal to connect with the Source from within us. Regardless of what is going on in the world, the Source, the One, is always with us and can always be accessed, it's just a matter of taking the time to do it.

There is a lot of off-centered energy in the collective consciousness of Earth, as the society is designed for people to be centered mostly in their head/mental activity, or lower chakras/survival. This creates a lot of imbalances, distortions, experiences of feeling out of place, off-center, disoriented in the world, disconnected from our true self, etc. 

There is nothing wrong with any chakra, simply the Heart is the starting, merging and balancing point, a portal from where we can remain in tune with the world, and remain aware of energies as they are and avoid illusions more easily (being centered in the head can get lost and confused). The center is always the most important point, and practices to keep the Heart clear and open, with our consciousness centered there, are the best foundation for spiritual practice in my experience. Through the Inner Heart we can feel at home anywhere, embraced in the Oneness of Existence/Source.

Chakras above the Heart could be described as Oneness as singularity, while chakras below the Heart could be described as Oneness as multiplicity. They are two sides of the same coin, but going too far in either direction can become an imbalance and therefore a distortion. The Heart is the union of both sides.
Being centered in the Heart allows to navigate life in a balanced way, not escaping it or not being too attached to it, this is the anchor of the Middle Way as described by Buddha, to live with love, guidance, joy, alignment and orientation in the world.

The Heart is a fractal representation of the suns and stars in space. In any body, whether thats an individual being or a planet or a star system or a galaxy, there is always a torus field with a Heart at the center. Our Heart is our inner sun, our inner star, our inner central sun.

The techniques described below can help to keep us centered, keeping the Heart and other chakras open, and clear the energy field.

As a first step I strongly recommend the Inner Heart technique by Joanna from from the website Heart Star (her website is very awesome). I especially recommend to do this before or together with the technique described below. This Inner Heart technique is simple and yet very powerful and transformational in my experience.

Inner Sun Technique

First take a few moments to relax, breathe into your heart chakra a few times, and center your focus there.

Part 1 :

Breathe out completely and empty your lungs, and keep your lungs empty for a few seconds while you visualize and/or feel bright spheres of golden Light, like bright suns, at your Soul star chakra (20cm above head) and Earth star chakra (20cm below feet) both at the same time. Keep your lungs empty until you can clearly see and/or feel the two golden spheres.

Then breathe in, through the mouth, the golden Light from the Soul star and Earth star both at the same time into the Heart, merging there and forming a bright golden sphere like a Sun in the Heart, until your lungs are full. Now hold your breath with the lungs full while visualizing and/or feeling the bright golden sphere in your Heart chakra. Stay like this  for as long as you feel and then breathe out radiating this Light from the Heart into your whole energy field.

Then when you have breathed out completely, start again the process, repeating Part 1 for at least 3 times.

Part 2 (Golden Apple) :

Then breathe normally again and vizualize a torus field of bright golden Light centered in your Heart and embracing your whole energy field. This is known as the Golden Apple technique. The golden apple is well known in many ancient myths (norse, greek, chinese, etc) as a symbol of immortality, and one of the main meanings of this symbol is a torus field of golden Light.

Keep vizualizing and feeling this torus field flowing, clearing and resetting your energy field, while remaining conscious of your breath, for as long as you feel.

Part 3 :

You can do the cycle of Part 1 and Part 2 once or several times, and stop there if you wish, or you can continue with Part 3.

Visualize and feel big bright golden suns in your Heart and Soul star and Earth star, at the same time. Feel the balance between the 3 within you.

Then send a ray of golden Light from your Heart, filling up your whole central channel (vertical axis along your spine), in both directions to the Soul star and Earth star. 

Then expand the bright golden Light sphere of your Heart in all directions, becoming bigger and bigger until it reaches around you for at least 3 meters, embracing your whole body and whole aura, transmuting all energies in your field into this golden Light. Feel yourself as this big Sun or Star of golden Light, keeping your awareness both at the center in your heart and all around in the periphery of your aura, at the same time.

Other chakras :

The technique of Part 1 and 2 can be used for any other chakra, to clear and open them. 
If you do it in the lower chakras between Heart and Earth star, for example the sacral, in Part 1 breathe from the Earth star and the Heart into the sacral, and then hold the bright golden sphere in the sacral.
If you do it in higher chakras above the Heart, for example the throat, breathe from the Heart and Soul star into the throat, and then hold the bright golden sphere in the throat.
And then in part 2, create the Golden Apple centered in whichever chakra you are working on.

If you do it for other chakras I recommend to start with the regular version in the Heart first.

Simplified version :

You can also just vizualize or feel golden spheres in the Heart, Soul star and Earth star at the same time, and breathe normally. As you breathe in, breathe the golden Light from both Earth star and Soul star into the Heart, and as you breathe out, breathe the golden Light from the Heart towards both Earth star and Soul star. Visualize and feel how the golden Light is also flowing in your whole torus field (the Golden Apple), while you are doing the breathing.

If you feel you can use other colors instead of golden for the whole technique.

Enjoy ☀️
Much Love 💗