Friday, December 14, 2018

Flames of Light and Liquid Light

Flames of Light, such as the Violet Flame, White Fire of AN, and the blue flame of Achangel Michael, have been widely known and used in the last few decades on Earth. However the use of Liquid Light is not so widespread.

Flames of Light and Liquid Light are higher dimensional energies which are the origin of physical reality. For example, golden Light is the substance from which physical gold (and other golden crystals) are created, gold litterally is densified golden colored Light. The same applies to silver, and many crystals, and actually the same applies to all physical matter, as it is known in physics that each different atom has different frequency, and these frequencies correspond to colors, so all physical atoms are manifestations of densified frequencies of various colored Light.

When we use these colored Light in meditation, visualization, intentions, etc, something real and factual happens in our higher bodies (4D 5D and above, or in other words etheric, astral, Soul etc), these colored Light are transmitted by the higher bodies which is having a direct effect on these planes (etheric astral etc) and an indirect effect on physical reality, because matter is always flowing between physical and other planes in both directions.

A practical example of this is that the regular use of golden Light can help to attract physical gold. However it is good to understand that the real energy of gold and golden color is not really about mainstream financial affairs but instead its essence is about transmitting the energy of Higher Self/Soul, like a Sun or a Star, and this is the original reason why it was used widely by ancient cultures.

Using colored Light in the form of flames or liquid adds a specific elemental quality to the energy. In some cases it is very beneficial to not use only flames of Light, and to balance them with the use of Liquid Light. Especially for people with sensitive energy field that can become tired and overloaded by of a lot of stimulation and strain from modern lifestyle, Liquid Light have a more gentle, soothing, nurturing, feminine quality just like physical water has, which can be very beneficial to balance the stimulation and clearing of flames of Light.

Many colors and combinations can be used beyond the famous ones like Violet Flame, in plain Light or flame or liquid or a mix. Here are a few examples.

Liquid Rainbow Light is a very powerful energy which has many many benefits and is used a lot by many cosmic beings and star family. It is very good to help create consciousness of Oneness, to transmute and heal among many other benefits.

White pearly liquid Light has a very potent divine feminine presence, gentle nurturing energies of harmony and peace and Goddess archetype such as Tara and Quan Yin. This is a very good combination and complement with the White Fire.

Bright aqua colored Liquid Light is also very soothing and healing, with energies of innocence and joy and togetherness.

There are many more and everybody is free to experiment with them, as various possibilities can suit different beings at different times.

✨ Enjoy ✨

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Workshops in Switzerland, Glastonbury UK, and Japan

‘Presence and the Rebirth of Love Workshops’
by AntoAn and Star

We will be giving a new series of workshops in various countries starting in January 2019. These are designed and conducted together by me and Star, who is dear Soul family to me and with whom I've been working closely together since 2012 in various ways, including for inspiration for this blog. She has a lot to share which has helped me and many others over the years, and we are very happy to present these new workshops together. You can learn more about her work here :

These workshops will contain mostly practical energy exercises, done individualy, or in pairs and groups. We will talk a little to explain the process but we will avoid too much theoretical talking which can be forgotten or missed easily, and instead we will maximize the time for practical applications and experiences, which can create much deeper transformation and understanding.

These practices incorporate together all aspects of our being in a coherent way : Soul/Spirit presence, mental, emotional and feeling, energy work and visualizations, and gentle physical movement. Involving all aspects of ourselves allows deeper experiences and transformations. This can include meditation, breathing, dancing, group hugs, etc, all incorporated together.
The practices are accessible to all and allow each one to have their own experience in their own way safely. They have several purpose :

- Becoming more and more aware of the inner presence and guidance from our own Soul or Spirit, which is the One/Source within us

- Clearing our energy field and chakras, and centering in the Heart

- Deprogramming deep belief systems, releasing stress and old trauma energies

- Rediscovering our own natural spontaneous Soul expression, to move in the world and connect with other beings more consciously

- Generating more Light and Love in ourselves and in our connection with others, which can then be shared with the planet

This can then benefit all aspects of our lives. Participants can keep using the exercises and tools practiced in the workshop, or draw inspiration from them in their own way, for their individual spiritual practices and local group meetings.

All workshops will be done in vortex area with nature energies to support our process.

First we will be in the beautiful little village of Stein Am Rhein, Switzerland, on January 12-13. To sign up please visit this page :

Then we will be in Glastonbury, UK, on January 26-27. To sign up please visit this page :

And then we will be in Nara, Japan, another vortex point with rich history and natural energies, on February 9-10. To sign up in Japanese please visit this page :

Or in English here :

All who come with a genuine loving intention are welcome, we will be happy to see you there.

Number of seats are limited and previous workshops were often fully booked, so we suggest to sign up in advance as much as possible.
For a detailed programme you can visit this page :

If you would like to invite us to do a workshop in your area, or for any other request, please email :

Wishing much Love and Peace to all ✨💕🐬🕊💕✨