Presence and the Rebirth of Love Workshops

Workshops by AntoAn and Star

Everything will be conducted in English, and translated into the local language.
Details of the programme are subject to slight changes.
If you would like to invite us to do a workshop in your area or for other requests, please email :

DAY 1:

Morning : 

Opening Intentions & Meditation

Welcome and Group Greeting from the Heart

Meditation - Recognizing the Inner Presence of the Soul/Spirit

Moving the Body with Awareness and Soul Presence

Human Connection with Awareness - Eye Gazing, Group Hug, etc

Planes of Creation (etheric, astral, etc) - How they work and their purpose

Inner Heart Meditation - Heart Opening, Living from the Heart


Afternoon :

Energy Catharsis and Kundalini Awakening

Energy Release Exercises

Clearing the Inner Personal Lie Exercise

Group Breathwork

Practicing Self-Love

Rainbow Spiral Dance

DAY 2:

Morning :

Opening Intention & Meditation

Greeting from the Heart Group exercise

Inner Presence of the Soul Exercise

Manifestation Process and Setting Intentions

Mirror Effect of Negative Experiences & Protection Techniques

Energy Release Exercises

Human Connection from the Soul


Afternoon :

Deprogramming Relationships & Sexuality

Holding Loving Space For Each Other

Paradox Reality and Inner Discipline

Self Love Practice - Qi Gong

Rose to Rose Group Meditation

Rainbow Ocean Group Meditation

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