Who Am I ?

I realized many people reading this blog may want to know a little bit about who I am. That's a good question...
You can call me AntoAn, or Untwine. I'm not my names, nor my body, nor my feelings, nor my thoughts, not even my Soul. These are just temporary forms we take. I am the awareness watching it all, I am the Ocean of Oneness, Love, Existence itself, flowing through a little body. This is the same for everybody and everything else.
This is, as far as I can see, the truest statement about myself that I can make.

I do not believe that it is useful for people to know personal characteristics about me, what I look like, what I've done in my life, in order to relate to my posts. I would much rather people to have their own inner reflection about my posts, to take what resonates with them and leave the rest, to make it their own, without any biased association with me personally or with the source of my informations. It is better to reflect on the message for its own value.

Anyway, I have deep strong connection with dolphins and whales and other watery beings of Light, which I remember and experience since earliest childhood. My home is the universal ocean. I'm a musician, researcher, traveler, etc. But as I said, none of what I've done, do, or will do, makes me who I am.

I am just on a journey to realize Oneness fully, all the way down in all dimensions and densities, bit by bit.

I post what I feel, not necessarily what I have mastered yet, but it is what I genuinely practice, experience or perceive in that moment. 
And this is gonna change and evolve with time. As they say, 'Contradictions come with growth and evolution. There is no growth without contradiction. And in the big picture, seeming contradictions become complementary'.

I explore everything without dogmatic attachments, to the best of my ability. This life remains a mystery, meant to be experienced fully now. Mystery is my-story.

You can get in touch with me at : untwine1@yandex.com

Best wishes for all,
highest alignment on this journey 🐬💕

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